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“Our Dream is a World Free of Poverty”

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1 “Our Dream is a World Free of Poverty”
The World Bank Group Overview at a Glance “Our Dream is a World Free of Poverty”

2 Mission Statement To fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results To help people help themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity, and forging partnerships in the public private sectors To be an excellent institution that is able to attract, excite, and nuture committed staff with exceptional skills who know how to listen and learn

3 ABOUT THE WORLD BANK There are six regions in the Bank i.e. AFR Africa
EAP East Asia & Pacific SAR South Asia ECA Europe & Central Asia MNA Middle East & North Africa LCR Latin America & Caribbean

4 Networks and Sectors Energy and Infrastructure Human Development
Agriculture and Rural Development Environment and Social Development Poverty Reduction PREM Finance & Private Sector Development Information Solutions Group Quality Assurance Group Operations Evaluation Group Resource Management Group Procurement Financial Management


6 TYPES OF APPOINTMENT Regular Jobs at the World Bank can be accessed through the JOB WORLD Other Programs: Junior Professional Associate (JPA)Program Young Professionals Program (YPP) Bank Internship Program (Summer & Winter) Website:

7 Job World What is JobWorld and how does it affect me?
JobWorld is the way the Bank, IFC and MIGA are handling the creation and filling of job vacancies. It affords you as an applicant an on-line way of making known your interest in a particular job. 2. Ok, I'm ready to apply for a job - where do I start? The "Applicant's Workbench" from the JobWorld's main Web page is the entry to all applications. Typically you will start your job application process by looking at the list of "open" jobs for job(s) you think you're qualified for.

8 Job World Contd….. 3. What is an "open" job? Can't I apply for a job at any time? JobWorld is a formal means of making public (advertising) a manager's need to fill a job requisition, i.e. job. One of the many steps in this process is to actively accept applications from potential candidates for a specific period of time, e.g. 14 days. During this period the job is said to be "open" and one can submit his or her application for the job. Prior to the open date the particulars of the job have not been finalized and thus the job is not ready for advertising. After the end of the open period the next stage of the job fulfillment process must be started which typical does not have any provision for accepting additional applications. 4. What are these "Job Categories"? I thought the Bank was promoting the "one-staff" concept which seems a bit counter to placing people in "Categories". The "Job Categories" are a historical way of grouping the several hundred jobs into more manageable "chunks". People are encouraged to apply for all jobs that they are at least reasonably qualified for as

9 Job World Contd….. listed in the individual job requirements, i.e. "Duties and Accountabilities" and "Selection Criteria". Of course application does not  guarantee acceptance but is the required first step. 5. I’ve found a job I want to apply for. What is the next step? Assuming you’ve selected the job from the list, scroll down until you see the Apply for this Job “button”. Click on the button to enter your application. The JobWorld Login screen will pop-up asking you for your id and password, which you must successfully enter before proceeding. Website: Website Link: To access Job World: Click into Resources for: Click into Job Seekers Click into Open Positions

10 Junior Professional Associate (JPA)Program
Two-year, non-renewable, term appointment JPAs cannot apply to other positions in the Bank during their contract nor within two years of termination, except if selected for the Young Professionals Program Applicants can not have reached 29th birthday at Entry on Duty JPA positions are ungraded Fixed entry level salary at the lowest range of level GD ($38,180 net of taxes) for appointments to the Washington duty station. JPAs appointed to Country Offices receive an equivalent competitive local salary on the NCS system - minimum of the salary range for grade GD (INR 399,000 net of taxes)

11 Junior Professional Associate (JPA)Program Contd….
The JPA program is not a point of immediate entry to a career within the Bank. All JPAs terminate employment on graduation. As such, expectations of both the hiring manager and the candidate need to be discussed and clearly understood at the outset. WebsiteLink:

12 Young Professionals Program (YPP)
The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is a starting point for careers in The World Bank Group for highly qualified and motivated young people skilled in areas relevant to Bank's operations. Open Ended appointment Grade level F Applicants must be 32 years of age or less on January 1, of selection year Confirmation between months, after two rotational assignments and acquiring permanent position YP office gives standard SRI for all participants on Program Website Link:

13 Bank Internship Program (Summer & Winter)
The Internship Program is open to students who are nationals of the Bank's member countries Short Term Temporary Appointment Ungraded Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate study program (Masters level or PhD before and after the internship) Contracts may not be extended beyond their assignment or converted to any other employment type Duration of assignment is typically between 1 to 4 months

14 Bank Internship Program (Summer & Winter) Contd….
This Program typically seeks candidates in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social science (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, private sector development, as well as other related fields. Fluency in English is required. Prior relevant work experience, computing skills, as well as knowledge of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese are advantageous. Most internships are located in Washington, DC, and are a minimum of four weeks in duration. Internships are available for: Winter (December - February); and Summer (June - September) Applications for the Winter Program are accepted September 1 through October 31; and from December 1 through March 31, for the Summer Program. Interested applicants submit their CV on-line at (and go to the Bank Internship Program Page).

15 Bank Internship Program (Summer & Winter) Contd….
Website: ( Website Link: India Website Link:

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