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Review for 2 nd six weeks Common Assessment 6 th Grade.

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1 Review for 2 nd six weeks Common Assessment 6 th Grade


3 Describe the energy conversions that take place in a hair dryer. Electrical to kinetic, thermal and sound

4 Describe the energy conversions in a battery. Chemical into electrical

5 Describe what happens during photosynthesis. The plants use light energy to produce new substances with chemical energy.

6 What is the best definition of energy? Energy is the ability to do work.

7 What is a producer? Is the 1 st organism in a food chain

8 What is a herbivore? They eat only plants

9 What is an omnivore? They eat both (plants and animals).

10 What is a carnivore? They eat other animals.

11 What would happen if all the carnivores were removed from an ecosystem? The herbivore population would increase

12 Describe the correct energy transformations in a working toaster. Electrical to thermal

13 What type of energy do apples provide when they are eaten? Chemical energy

14 Food chain: Shows the flow of energy as each organism eats the one below it

15 Food Web: Shows that energy flows in many directions through an ecosystem.

16 Describe the energy conversions that takes place in a solar heating system used to warm up a building. Light energy to thermal energy

17 Examples of conversions from chemical energy to thermal energy –Food is digested to regulate body temperature. –Charcoal is burned in a barbeque pit. –Coal is burned to boil water.

18 Roller Coaster: Greatest Potential Energy at the top of the biggest hill. Greatest kinetic energy at the bottom of the biggest hill.

19 Renewable Resources: Solar Water Wind Geothermal Biomass

20 Nonrenewable resources: –FOSSIL FUELS (FFCON) Coal Oil Natural Gas Nuclear Energy

21 The energy in coal can ultimately be traced to____. The sun

22 What percent of the United States energy use comes from fossil fuels? –About 80%

23 Nuclear energy: –Is generated when the nucleus of a radioactive element splits.

24 Trees are part of the renewable resources

25 Energy Pyramid:

26 Energy is ____ at the higher levels of the energy pyramid. lost

27 Energy flows from the grass to ________.

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