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Communication Technology. What is Communication Technology?

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1 Communication Technology

2 What is Communication Technology?

3 Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another.

4 Examples of Communication Technology are Phones Digital Transmission Media Analog Radio TV Photography Art Hand signals Smoke signals Writing

5 Ex.

6 How TV works The scanning and reproducing discs are At the transmitter in this mechanical system, the studio is in total darkness. A light emanates from a lamp behind the disc and, projected through the holes set in the spiral on the outer edge, scans the features of the subject's face.

7 How Radio works At the radio station, an electrical signal is sent to an antenna -- the antenna converts the electrical signal into an electromagnetic wave.

8 Digital Technology in Radio Digital radio describes radio technologies which carry information as a digital signal, by means of a digital modulation method. The most common meaning is digital audio broadcasting technologies, but the topic may also cover TV broadcasting as well as many two-way digital wireless communication technologies. The acronym radioinformation digital signaldigital modulation wireless communication Digital radio describes radioradio

9 Satellites

10 Analog


12 TV

13 Photography

14 Art

15 Hand signals

16 Smoke signals

17 Writing

18 Jobs

19 Weather Man

20 Cellphone designer


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