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Medical Technology By Melissa G. Jackie G. Lizette P. Stephanie M.

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1 Medical Technology By Melissa G. Jackie G. Lizette P. Stephanie M.

2 What is Medical Technology ? Medical technology refers to the diagnostic or therapeutic application of science and technology to improve the management of health conditions

3 MEDICATION AND HEALTH Technology will play a even more important part in your future for example : Medicine what would you rather do die or drink medicine? Take your pick!!! You can either drink the medicine well, you dont necessarily have to, there is also another way. By getting the medicine injected. this or this

4 Some examples of medical technology are: X-Ray Machine CT Scanner Dialysis Machine Radiation therapy Machine

5 X-Ray Machine The machines used to take X-ray pictures produce X-rays with energies of around 120,000 electron volts. The X-rays used for cancer treatment are much more powerful, with energies of between 2 million and 20 million electron volts...

6 CT Scanner A sinus CT exam is used to both diagnose sinus disease and to look for a narrowing or obstruction in the sinus drainage

7 Dialysis Machine There are two main kinds of dialysis used: peritoneal and hem dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis can be done in the home, by the patient, either alone or with a helper. Peritoneal dialysis uses the body's peritoneal membrane, inside the abdomen, to infuse a glucose-based solution into the abdominal cavity.


9 Radiation Therapy Machine Both internal and external radiation therapy can be used as: Curative therapy, where the goal is to eliminate all signs of cancer.





14 Some medical technology jobs are: Radiologist Biomedical Equipment technician Pharmacologist

15 Biomedical Equipment Technician Biomedical Engineering services on site at a hospital, including preventative maintenance, repairs and calibrations, on assigned medical equipment

16 Pharmacologist Pharmacologist Pharmacologists are specialists who develop and test drugs for medicinal use. Their scientific method involves analyzing chemicals and other substances to identify. Most pharmacologists specialize in one of several areas of pharmacology.Pharmacologist

17 Radiologist are medical professionals who use x-rays and other forms of radiation technology to diagnose and treat illnesses of the human body.

18 Physician A person licensed to practice medicine; a medical doctor.

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