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Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. –Move the mouse to the bottom of the.

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2 Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. –Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to return to the game board. –When you have a daily double, you must click on Daily Double logo to go to the question screen. –At the beginning when introducing the categories, simply hit enter or click the mouse or next slide to scroll through the categories. –If you dont remember the answers, I recommend having another computer with a board with answers on the screen or a piece of paper duplicating the board with answers in the boxes. On the show, the answers to do not appear on the screen.

3 Participation in the American Political Process

4 Miscellaneous

5 Miscellaneous Redux

6 Early Political Parties

7 The Electoral College

8 Minor Parties

9 Critical or Realigning Elections

10 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Redux Early Pol. Parties Electoral College Critical Elections Minor Parties $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000 1000$1000

11 h $ 200 Miscellaneous The number of Amendments which have been added to the Constitution.

12 The type of election in which the highest voter turnout occurs. h $ 400 Miscellaneous

13 h $ 600 Miscellaneous An example of participatory democracy in the United States, where all citizens (18+) in a community have the opportunity to make policy directly.

14 h $ 800 Miscellaneous Lawsuits brought on behalf of all citizens in similar situations. Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka (1954) is an example.

15 h $ 1000 Miscellaneous This is the original purpose for creating government.

16 While Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, he issued rulings greatly expanding the power of the national government. h $ 200 Miscellaneous Redux

17 The right to make and enforce laws within a set of territorial boundaries. h $ 400 Miscellaneous Redux

18 In Federalsit #10, Madison/Publius argued that these are undesirable but inevitable in a free nation. h $ 600 Miscellaneous Redux

19 When opinion polling, this allows all folks in a geographic area, an equal chance of being selected for participation. h $800 Miscellaneous Redux

20 h $ 1000 Miscellaneous Redux AH-NOLD California governor Gray Davis was removed by this, allowing AH-NOLD to become the Governor of California. On the Campaign Trail…

21 h $ 200 Early Political Parties This party, formed by Thomas Jefferson, was created to unseat those no- good Federalists.

22 h $ 400 Early Political Parties He was George Washingtons Secretary of the Treasury and was one of the fiercest proponents of a strong central government.

23 He was President during the Era of Good Feelings. h $ 600 Early Political Parties

24 The President of the common man, he was the first man to become President who was from the west. h $ 800 Early Political Parties

25 This minor party held the first presidential nominating convention in 1831. h $ 1000 Early Political Parties

26 h $ 200 The Electoral College This vote is required to win the Presidency of the United States.

27 h $ 400 The Electoral College The number of electoral votes held by the great state of Ohio.

28 One of two elections in which the House of Representatives chose the President of the United States. h $ 600 The Electoral College

29 h $ 800 The Electoral College The Amendment that gave D.C. voters that right to vote in Presidential elections.

30 The total number of electoral votes in the Electoral College. h $ 1000 The Electoral College

31 h $ 200 Minor Parties Minor parties of this type care more about principle than they do about winning.

32 h $ 400 Minor Parties Started in 1854, this is the only minor party ever to achieve major party status.

33 h $ 600 Minor Parties The Free Soil Party and the Prohibition Party are examples of this type of minor party.

34 h $ 800 Minor Parties One of the two elections lost by the Republican Party between 1896 and 1928.

35 h $ 1000 Minor Parties The Populist Party is an example of this type of minor party.

36 h $ 200 Realigning Elections This man garnered only 39.9% of the Popular Vote (the lowest in U.S. history) and still became President.

37 h $ 400 Realigning Elections In the self-proclaimed Revolution of 1800, this red- headed Virginian became President of these United States.

38 h $ 600 Realigning Elections An example of a bolter or factional party, this minor party may have cost the Republicans the 1912 election.

39 h $ 800 Realigning Elections This party died out, making the 1860 election a critical election.

40 h $ 1000 Realigning Elections Beginning with this election, the Democratic Party would dominate the Presidency and the Congress until IKE came home from Europe.


42 Presidential Elections

43 With the decision in this case, the SCOTUS cleared the way for George W. Bush to become President of the United States.




47 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Notes The font for the question slides is Enchanted; (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) –1. Go to Edit and Replace… –2. In the Find box, type CATEGORY 1 (all caps, or whatever category is listed) –3. In the Replace box, type the new category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS) –4. Click Replace All... To use the Daily Double: –1. Choose which dollar values to set as Daily Double CURRENTLY SET AT FOURTH CATEGORY FOR $1000 –2. Link that dollar value to one of the Daily Double slides –3. Link the logo of the Daily Double to the question

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