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Reading Vocabulary Review Part 1. Choose the best answer for each reading definition.

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1 Reading Vocabulary Review Part 1

2 Choose the best answer for each reading definition.

3 An educated guess. A tentative explanation formed from a set of facts. conclusion personification hypothesis authors purpose 1

4 A word having a meaning opposite to that of another word. Like wet and dry. antonym suffix synonymprefix 2

5 A collection of facts or numbers from which you can draw a conclusion. conflict data hypothesisopinion 3

6 The close or last part of something. The result or outcome of an act. conclusion personification evaluate cause and effect 4

7 To solve the problem or find a solution in the story. excerptresolve opinionconflict 5

8 A list of names, subjects, or keywords that tell where the subject can be found in that book. indexsuffix headingglossary 6

9 Letters that are attached to the front of a word. For example: un- mis- pre- resolvesuffix prefixsynonym 7

10 To judge carefully. To rate something or tell your opinion. plotfact narratorevaluate 8

11 A list of specialized words with their definitions and is often found at the back of a book. antonymindex table of contents glossary 9

12 A series of steps taken to accomplish an end. A way of accomplishing something. factconclusion opinionprocedure 10

13 A personal belief or judgment that is NOT founded on proof or certainty. factopinion datasynonym 11

14 A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis. (I could sleep for a year!) similehyperbole metaphorprefix 12

15 A list in the front of the book that shows divisions, chapters, or articles found in that book. indexprocedure Table of contents glossary 13

16 Two words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings. (For example: blue and blew.) suffixhomonym synonymprefix 14

17 To end in a particular way. The outcome that answers: How does it end? plotclimax resultsummary 15

18 A word having the same or nearly the same meaning. Like stole and took. synonymhomonym hyperboleantonym 16

19 This is the problem in the story. It is the struggle between characters or forces in the story. resultconflict summaryprocedure 17

20 Letters that are attached to the end of a word. (For example: -ly -less -ful) similesuffix metaphorprefix 18

21 This is the relationship between 2 things when one thing makes something else happen. opinion personification conflict cause and effect 19

22 Knowledge or information that is based on real things and can usually be proven. facthypothesis opinionprocedure 20

23 So how did you do? Should you try again?

24 Be sure to know these words! You will be tested on them!

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