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APG Vocabulary Review Click and jump in; dont be bashful!

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1 APG Vocabulary Review Click and jump in; dont be bashful!

2 The voters that any particular elected official represents. Once youve made your guess, click on this nut-job to see if you are correct.

3 A small group of people controlling a particular policy area; includes select members of congressional committees, administrative agencies, and lobbying groups.

4 Racial separation that comes about as a result of private social practices.

5 Racial separation enforced by law.

6 Specific list of Congressional powers included in Article I of the Constitution; system in which a constitution lists what a limited government is allowed to do.

7 People at a national party convention with the power to help select candidates for office; representatives who see their job as giving the majority what it wants.

8 The removal of laws that keep two ethnic groups apart.

9 Opinion written by a court minority that rejects both the court's decision and its reasoning.

10 When different political parties control a house of Congress and the Presidency.

11 Federal system in which national powers and state powers are clearly separated. Also known as layer- cake federalism.

12 Constitutional provision giving Congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper." Used to justify wide expansion of government authority. The Greatest Buckeye in History

13 Indirect system for electing the U.S. President. Means that the winning candidate may not have received a majority of votes nationwide.

14 Fifth Amendment requirement that government compensates owners appropriately when taking private property for public use.

15 Benefits promised by law to individuals or families meeting certain requirements.

16 Proposed constitutional amendment that promised women equal rights; narrowly missed ratification.

17 When everyone is given the same chances to succeed by public policy but the law does not guarantee that everyone will be equal.

18 When a law is more concerned with minimizing differences between groups or people at the end of the process.

19 Courtroom ban on evidence obtained improperly.

20 Presidential promises to other nations that do not require Senate approval; not binding on future administrations.

21 Passed in 1971 and subsequently amended, this law limited how much money individuals and organizations could give to candidates for national office.

22 Created in 1974, this agency monitors national elections and provides matching funds to qualifying candidates. Click on this Vermont Whack Job. The Screamanator

23 The national government's banking system used to implement monetary policy.

24 When Senators delay a bill by giving marathon speeches; only stopped with a cloture vote.

25 Free use of the mail provided to incumbent legislators so that they may keep in touch with their constituents.

26 When a person is tried twice for the same crime; forbidden by the Fifth Amendment.

27 Constituents

28 Iron Triangle

29 De facto Segregation

30 De jure Segregation

31 Delegated Powers

32 Delegates

33 Desegregation

34 Dissenting Opinion

35 Divided Government

36 Double Jeopardy

37 Dual Federalism

38 Elastic Clause

39 Electoral College

40 Eminent Domain

41 Entitlements

42 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

43 Equality of Opportunity

44 Equality of Result

45 Exclusionary Rule

46 Executive Agreement

47 Federal Election Campaign Act

48 Federal Election Commission

49 Federal Reserve System

50 Filibuster

51 Franking Privilege

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