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Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. –Move the mouse to the bottom of the.

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2 Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. –Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to return to the game board. –When you have a daily double, you must click on Daily Double logo to go to the question screen. –At the beginning when introducing the categories, simply hit enter or click the mouse or next slide to scroll through the categories. –If you dont remember the answers, I recommend having another computer with a board with answers on the screen or a piece of paper duplicating the board with answers in the boxes. On the show, the answers to do not appear on the screen.


4 Bill of Rights

5 Establishment Clause

6 Free Exercise Clause

7 Freedom of Expression

8 4 th Amendment

9 14 th Amendment

10 Bill of Rights Establishment Clause Free Exercise Clause Freedom of Expression 4 th Amendment 14 th Amendment $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000

11 h $ 200 Bill of Rights This group refused to ratify the Constitution unless a Bill of Rights was added.

12 The two general freedoms covered by the 1 st Amendment. h $ 400 Bill of Rights

13 h $ 600 Bill of Rights The number of Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

14 h $ 800 Bill of Rights The two clauses,listed in the 1 st Amendment, that deal with religion.

15 h $ 1000 Bill of Rights The five freedoms listed in the 1 st Amendment to the Constitution.

16 His letter to the Danbury (Connecticut) Baptists spoke of a wall of separation. h $ 200 Establishment Clause

17 In 1947, the SCOTUS allowed this (to parochial schools) as a religiously neutral activity. h $ 400 Establishment Clause

18 The case, in which SCOTUS created a test to determine establishment, including the notion of excessive entanglement. h $ 600 Establishment Clause

19 Landmark SCOTUS decision (1962) in which a nondenominational prayer was ruled to be unconstitutional. h $800 Establishment Clause

20 h $ 1000 Establishment Clause As a result of the 1992 decision in Lee v. Weisman, this may not be offered by a member of the clergy at graduation.

21 h $ 200 Free Exercise Clause The SCOTUS distinguishes between these two in regard to the free exercise of religion.

22 h $ 400 Free Exercise Clause As a result of the decision in Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972), adherents to this religion may leave school after the 8 th grade.

23 This was recognized as NOT having free exercise protection in Reynolds v. United States (1878). h $ 600 Free Exercise Clause

24 This church was allowed to continue the practice of animal sacrifice as a result of a landmark SCOTUS decision. h $ 800 Free Exercise Clause

25 In this case, SCOTUS ruled that religious beliefs do NOT exempt an individual from obeying valid laws that apply to the general population. h $ 1000 Free Exercise Clause

26 h $ 200 Freedom of Expression Flag burning is protected by this 1 st Amendment freedom.

27 h $ 400 Freedom of Expression Written defamation of character.

28 The SCOTUS justice who associated dangerous political speech with falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater. h $ 600 Freedom of Expression

29 A form of speech, such as flag burning, where words are not used to convey a message. h $ 800 Freedom of Expression

30 The Act Charles T. Schenck was accused and convicted of violating in the case of Schenck v. United States (1919). h $ 1000 Freedom of Expression

31 h $ 200 4 th Amendment The decision in this case, in 1961, incorporated the exclusionary rule.

32 h $ 400 4 th Amendment In the case of Weeks v. United States, the Court first established this principle.

33 h $ 600 4 th Amendment This allows illegally obtained evidence to be used, in exception to the exclusionary rule, if it would have ultimately been discovered anyway.

34 h $ 800 4 th Amendment This must be shown for an arrest warrant or a search warrant to be granted.

35 h $ 1000 4 th Amendment The good faith exception, to the exclusionary rule, was established by the Court in this case.

36 h $ 200 14 th Amendment In this 1833 decision, the SCOTUS ruled that the Bill of Rights only applied to the federal government.

37 h $ 400 14 th Amendment In this 1963 decision the right to an attorney, in state trials, was selectively incorporated.

38 h $ 600 14 th Amendment The SCOTUS first incorporated basic liberties in a 1925 decision involving this man, accused of violating a New York sedition law.

39 h $ 800 14 th Amendment In this 1954 decision, the Equal Protection clause of the 14 th Amendment was interpreted to mean that separate but equal is inherently wrong..

40 h $ 1000 14 th Amendment The two Amendments that contain a due process clause, protecting life liberty and property.


42 Separation of Church and State

43 With this 1993 Act, Congress attempted to restore free exercise rights to Americans, which had been lost in the Courts Smith (peyote) decision.




47 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Notes The font for the question slides is Enchanted; (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) –1. Go to Edit and Replace… –2. In the Find box, type CATEGORY 1 (all caps, or whatever category is listed) –3. In the Replace box, type the new category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS) –4. Click Replace All... To use the Daily Double: –1. Choose which dollar values to set as Daily Double CURRENTLY SET AT FOURTH CATEGORY FOR $1000 –2. Link that dollar value to one of the Daily Double slides –3. Link the logo of the Daily Double to the question

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