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Mrs. McNutt Team 7 White Reading & Enriched Reading.

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1 Mrs. McNutt Team 7 White Reading & Enriched Reading

2 Graduated from Malone College with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education, grades 1-8 20 years teaching experience: first, second, fourth and seventh grades in the classroom; all grades for private tutoring (mostly Wilson Reading); Title 1 reading teacher for 7 years Trained in the Wilson Reading System and Primary Literacy Academy





7 We will polish those skills necessary to make your child a lifelong reader. I hope your child comes to love reading as much as I do! At this level, children are READING TO LEARN! Our literature studies will include: mythology, short stories, drama, O. Henry, poetry, non- fiction, roots /prefixes/suffixes, novels, propaganda, irony, point of view, science fiction…

8 Reading Test Date: April 25, 2012 We will be completing exercises individually and in groups to prepare for this very important test. Some skills that will be emphasized include: context clues, word analysis, summarizing, drawing conclusions, characters, setting and plot, comprehension Buckle Down workbooks will provide additional practice & support!

9 Among the Hidden (reading classes) The Lightning Thief (reading classes) The Westing Game (enriched reading) The Red Pyramid (enriched reading) Students will need to have these novels for class use! Books may be purchased at local bookstores or online (Amazon…), borrowed from a friend, etc. The Lightning Thief & The Red Pyramid will be read SOON (with mythology); the other novels will not be read until January. A letter was sent home on Sept. 6 th with more details.

10 Homework is an important part of the learning process. I will never assign busy work homework. If I assign homework I feel it is valuable and necessary to reinforce skills we are practicing and learning in class. No weekend homework will USUALLY be given! Homework is always checked for completion and is often worth 5 points. These points add up quickly. Some homework will be collected and graded. Incomplete assignments will be recorded in Pinnacle with a zero. Partially finished work will earn partial credit. I will notify parents of excessive missing homework. Students will also pay a fine ($5.00 M.A.D. money) for missing work.

11 Homework Information Teachers on our team update our homework daily. STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE THEIR PLANNERS DAILY!!!!!!!! The homework is recorded each afternoon before 3:00 on our homework hotline: 330-497-5604 CODE 7300 Homework is also posted on my GOOGLE CALENDAR daily. Check out the NCMS webpage for a link. Tests, quizzes & major projects will be listed on the TEAM calendar (separate from daily HW)

12 Absent ? Please call the school to report your child absent. If you do this, there is no need to send an absent note to school the next day. This is a new procedure at NCMS. Students are responsible for getting their make-up work from the teachers (and turning it in). Check the homework hotline or website for starters, then see the individual teachers upon returning to school. Whatever was assigned prior to the absence should be turned in upon the return to school. This is also the students responsibility. We are happy to get absent work ready if your child is out two days or more. Please call the school to request work.

13 Make Appropriate Decisions! Students will have the opportunity to earn money when making appropriate decisions within our team (including homework, responsibility, honesty, etc.). A variety of rewards and privileges can be earned!! Students will be fined for choosing to not follow team or class expectations. Our goal is to help students develop self- discipline and responsibility in a positive manner.

14 STEPS The STEP plan is followed by all 7 th grade teachers. Steps are usually given if a student goes into debt in the M.A.D. money program ($15 or more) or for more serious actions. Students will receive a step notice & detention form(s), which must be signed by a parent and returned the next day. Please see the team handbook in your childs binder for more information on our step program. This can also be found on our team webpage.

15 REWARDS/PRIVILEGES We LOVE to reward positive behavior and good choices here on Team 7 White: Team meetings and activities Free time/games in Academic Assist Auctions (to spend that M.A.D. money!) Candy or other treats Giving out more M.A.D. money AND MUCH MORE!!

16 Grades will be placed into one of two categories: practice or achievement Practice grades will encompass homework and class work that is practice (20% weight). Achievement grades will include tests, quizzes and projects (80% weight). Student passwords will be coming home soon! They are the same as last year-with a number 1 added at the end.

17 I am very excited to have your child in my classroom this year! I truly believe communication is critical in order for children to succeed. We are all on the same team! Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns. E-mail works very well for me-I check it daily. My email address is: You may also call the school and leave a message for me. I will return your call as soon as


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