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Reading Vocabulary Review Part 2. Choose the best answer for each reading definition.

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1 Reading Vocabulary Review Part 2

2 Choose the best answer for each reading definition.

3 A figure of speech in which 2 unlike things are compared using like or as. similemetaphor excerpt hyperbole 1

4 The main topic of a paragraph that tells what all the sentences are about. plotmain idea climaxgenre 2

5 A chart or list of vocabulary words and their definitions found in a story or article. table of contents selection idiomword bank 3

6 A person who writes poems. narratorgenre personification poet 4

7 Words that show how 2 things that are not alike are similar in one important way. excerptsimile metaphoridiom 5

8 A type of writing. For example: biography, fantasy, fiction, nonfiction. genrepoet conflictprefix 6

9 Someone who tells a story. mood personification narrator authors purpose 7

10 An item or name used to identify something or someone. plotgenre headinglabel 8

11 A passage or segment taken from a longer work. resolveword bank suffixexcerpt 9

12 Words used to indicate or show the speakers attitude or feelings. poetmood personification selection 10

13 Why did the author write the story? To persuade, to inform, to entertain? headingmood personification authors purpose 11

14 Something in written form that tells a story or provides information. plotgenre passagesimile 12

15 The title, subtitle, or topic that stands at the top or beginning of a letter, chapter, or graph. genresummary evaluateheading 13

16 This is the turning point of the story. It begins to reveal how the conflict will be solved. themeclimax metaphorsummary 14

17 This is an important idea expressed in the story. It is the main idea behind the story. resultmood conflicttheme 15

18 An expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of its words. (Its raining cats and dogs.) idiomhyperbole metaphorsimile 16

19 Sentences or facts that support and provide more detail about the main idea. opinionmood personification supporting detail 17

20 The series of events or the action in the story. Its what happened in the story. plotgenre selectionsimile 18

21 A figure of speech in which an idea, object, or animal is given the qualities of a person. metaphoridiom personification authors purpose 19

22 One or two sentences that tell the main points of the story. plotclimax headingsummary 20

23 So how did you do? Should you try again?

24 Be sure to know these words! You will be tested on them!

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