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BYU Rocket Team Special thanks to:

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1 BYU Rocket Team 2009-2010 Special thanks to:
Boise Discovery Teens Club Jeff Smith Dr. David Fullwood

2 Outline About the Competition About the Rocket Nose Body Fins
Flight Plan Electronics Deployments Simulations Motor Recovery Plan

3 The Competition Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (June 17, 2010) Sponsored by ESRA Goals: Design, build, and launch a rocket to reach 10,000 feet AGL Minimum 10-lb payload Closest to 10,000 feet wins Rocket must reach at least 5000 feet and not exceed 12,000 feet to receive points for altitude

4 Last Year One successful Launch Learned lots of basics
Most components were pre-fabricated

5 This Year Still learning the basics
Manufacturing most components “in house” Building off of last year’s design

6 Design Overview Nose Cone Body – 1: Payload Coupler 1: Nose Drogue
Body – 2: Chute Storage Body – 3: Motor and Fins Coupler 3: Tail Drogue Coupler 2: Altimeter Coupler 1: Nose Drogue

7 Nose Design Manufacturing Integration
Ogive shape will provide the best aerodynamics for our anticipated velocity (760 ft/s) Contour based on last year’s design Manufacturing Created a wood form on a lathe Currently preparing form for pre-preg layup Integration Coupler 1 will be rigidly fixed to the cone Nose cone chute will attach to the nose cone bulkhead

8 Body: Part 1 – Payload Bay
Body section will fit on to coupler 1 and be rigidly fixed to coupler 2 Payload Requirements Must weigh 10 pounds (competition rule) Must be fit inside body tube (design team) Payload Design Modified RC aircraft (Firebird) Deploy payload with main chute (~1,500 feet) Remaining weight will be sand Testing

9 Body: Part 2 – Chute Storage
Integration Body section will fit on to coupler 2 and be rigidly fixed to coupler 3 Main chute will attach to bulkhead 3 Main chutes will be stored here Manufacturing Rolled carbon fiber 5 harness pre-preg Cut to 46 inches


11 Body: Part 3 – Motor and Fins
Motor will be housed here Manufacturing Rolled carbon fiber 5 harness pre-preg Cut to 46 inches Integration Tail Drogue will attach to bulk head 4 Motor will mount inside body part 3 Body part 3 will slip fit over coupler 3 Slots will be cut for fins Fins will attach to the bottom

12 Fins Trapezoidal Design Manufacturing Integration
Aluminum plate (1/8”) Will be water jet cut to desired dimensions Integration Tabs will fit into body tube slots Fins will be anchored with epoxy and mechanical fasteners

13 Flight Plan - Overview Launch
Deploy drogue chute before 10,000 feet (“zipperless” rear separation) Apogee should be very close to 10,000 feet – then fall about 8,500 feet Deploy main chute, nose cone and payload at 1,500 feet Recover all parts within 2 hours

14 Flight Plan - Electronics
AIM USB Altimeter ($115) 2 Deployments: Main parachute Drogue (apogee or user defined) Two 9V batteries for redundancy Our uses Deploy brake system and drogues (drogue setting) Deploy main parachute (main setting) Purchased 2 for deployment redundancy

15 Flight Plan – Electronics (cont)
Electronics Bay will be inside coupler 3 Pressure sensor holes will line up using a ‘belt’ of body tube material Wires from altimeter attach to Davey Fire Electric Matches (low current). Gunpowder inside Silly Pipe end cap ignites to pressurize body tube and eject recovery system.

16 Flight Plan – Simulations

17 Motor Minimum launch height must be >10,000 feet
M-motor will work ($750) Cessaroni L1115 will be used for test launch (7,000 ft AGL) 4,908 N-sec Impulse (Full L) Test Launch (May 22, 2010) With Utah Rocket Club Must be UNDER 10,000 ft FAA waiver NAR L2 Certification required

18 Recovery Plan Rent a 4x4 and small trailer
Make sure we have at least 2 people at the competition

19 Schedule Right Now Test launch – 5/22/2010
Fabricate Components Purchase Parts/Expendables Assemble Rocket Test Sub-systems Test launch – 5/22/2010 Competition launch – 6/17/2010

20 Questions?

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