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Advertising Marketing I.

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1 Advertising Marketing I

2 What is the Media Media: The agencies, means, or instruments used to convey messages to the public

3 Print Ads Print-Advertising in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, and billboards.

4 Print Ads

5 Print Ads

6 Social- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Broadcast- Companies can advertise nationally on network television or on local television stations. Radio advertisers can carefully target their audiences when they select the station on which to broadcast their ads. Internet- The form of advertising that uses either or the World Wide Web. Specialty- Relatively inexpensive useful items featuring an advertisers name or logo; also called giveaways or advertising specialties Example: Books, Pencils, tee shirts, magnets, bags, etc.. Social- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

7 Advertising The average city dweller is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages every day. Advertising is A form of non personal promotion in which companies pay to promote ideas, goods, or services in a variety of media outlets.

8 Types of Advertising Promotional Advertising: Advertising designed to increase sales. Institutional Advertising: Advertising designed to create a favorable image for a company and foster goodwill in the marketplace Mass Advertising: enables to react large numbers of potential consumers with their message

9 Advertising Planning It is important for each company to make a specific plan when it comes to advertising. They need to select the appropriate advertising media, the time or space in which ads should appear to accomplish their marketing objective. Why is this important?

10 Advertising Rates Marketing I

11 How to determine cost


13 Things to consider when calculating cost
Audience Frequency Time or length of time National Local

14 Creating an Ad campaign
Marketing I

15 What is an advertising campaign?
A group of advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities that are designed as part of a coordinated advertising plan to meet the specific goals of a company.

16 Create a plan Identify the target audience Determine objectives Budget
Develop a message Select the media Evaluate the campaign

17 Ad Agencies An independent business that specializes in developing ad campaigns and crafting the ads for clients.

18 Types of Ad Agencies

19 Types of Ad Agencies

20 Assignment For the next class each student needs to bring in 2 different types of magazines. Obviously these need to be school appropriate. Without the magazines you cannot complete the next assignment.

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