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Green Engineering PC Committee Meeting 5 January 2011 Jason Slagle Valerie Lyons.

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1 Green Engineering PC Committee Meeting 5 January 2011 Jason Slagle Valerie Lyons

2 2 Agenda Dinner Introductions Recap 2010 Meetings and Activities Membership Roster Organization Website 2011 Activity Plan New business 0

3 3 What is Green Engineering? Biofuels Renewable Energy Energy Conversion Efficiency Airframe Efficiency AIAA Conferences & Literature Recycling Operations Climate Monitoring

4 4 Sample Green Engineering Programs Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions & Noise (CLEEN) GE Ecomagination Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (ADVENT)

5 5 Charter The purpose of the Green Engineering Program Committee (GEPC) is to promote a holistic, systems approach to improved energy efficiency, sustainability, renewable energy and cradle-to- cradle design. GEPC serves as the AIAA focal point for all green aerospace-related programs and technologies, and works synergistically with the appropriate technical committees to assure that the AIAA membership is adequately informed about all aspects of this critical aerospace activity.

6 6 GEPC Meetings ASM 2009 Green Energy Technology Working Group Kickoff JPC/IECEC 2009 Green Engineering Working Group Meeting October 2009 Green Engineering Working Group Meeting ASM 2010 Green Engineering Working Group Meeting July 2010 Green Engineering Working Group meeting JPC/IECEC 2010 Green Engineering Program Committee proposal ASM 2011 Green Engineering Program Committee meeting GEPC holds face-to-face meetings at ASM and JPC/IECEC Additional meetings (telecons) are held in April and October

7 7 2010 GEPC Activities Hosted a panel session at ASM – Renewable Fuels: Are Biofuels the Future Fuel for Aviation? Identified liaisons for various related committees Recruited members from the Technical Committees Held a Technical Session at JPC – Green Energy Conversion Technologies Coordinated sessions for conferences (ASM, JPC, etc.) Held a Panel Session at JPC – Moving Forward with New Energy Policies Reviewed and contributed to two Key Issues for the Public Policy Committee Proposed a transition from Working Group to Program Committee Authored a year-in-review article for Aerospace America Hosted an Invited Session for ASM 2011 – A Systems View of Energy Efficiency Successfully transitioned from a Working Group to a Program Committee

8 8 Identified a liaison to the Public Policy Committee Worked integrally with the new PPC Energy & Environment Subcommittee Reviewed and contributed to two Key Issues for the Public Policy Committee 1. Climate Monitoring 2. Alternative Fuels & Energy Efficient Aviation Systems Public Policy / Congressional Visits Day

9 9 GEPC Trends Over the past year, interest in alternative fuels, energy efficiency and the environment has grown substantially. Numerous conferences had green as a central theme, including JPC, Inside Aerospace, NASAs Green Aviation Summit, and many more. Coordinating the AIAA activities to ensure all areas are addressed, while minimizing overlap, will remain a key challenge for GEPC. Ref: calendar/20100908.htm

10 10 What do you want to get out of this committee? 10 minutes...write your responses on your namecards GEPC Exercise

11 11 GEPC Membership Roster Jason Slagle (Co-Chair) Valerie Lyons (Co-Chair) Ashwani Gupta Anthony Gross Bob Winn Craig Day Stephen Johnson Raymond Best Michael Piszczor Danielle Soban Roger Hartman Nathan Hicks Franz-Josef Uahlen Satish Mohleji Essam Khalil Bill Lear Robert Dougherty Bruce Walker Ramkumar Parthasarathy Subramanyam Gollahalli Peter Hollingsworth Harout Ayvazian David Lilley Eliza Sheppard 24 members...and growing!

12 12 Example PC Member Expectations Stay in Communication: · Attend your appropriate subcommittee/working group meetings (reference matrix on roster workbook) · Notify PC and Subcommittee Chairs if you are unable to attend · Notify PC Secretary of changes in phone, email, etc. Participate Actively: · In any combination of two subcommittees, conferences, or working groups · Be the major contributor/leader of at least one of these activities Provide Support As: · Conference Session Chair (Annually) · Reviewer for Outstanding Papers · PC Mentor · Contributor to PC Newsletter · Contributor to AA Highlights article When the Opportunity Arises: · Submit PC Member Nomination

13 13 Example TC/PC Organization (Chair Down) Chairman (YOU) Secretary Membership Committee Liaison Activities Standards Student Activities Conferences Publications Awards Public Policy Procedures Committee Education Steering Committee Vice Chairman or Chair-Elect Focus Area Subcommittee Focus Area Subcommittee Standard/Guide WG Technical Panel Short Course WG Position Paper WG Technical Panels/Working Groups

14 14 GEPC Website Calendar of events and files are available on website Looking for a good webmaster

15 15 What are the top three activities the PC should focus on in the next year? 10 minutes...Write your response on your namecard. GEPC Exercise #2

16 16 2011 GEPC Activities Submit completed annual report by Jan 25th Create sessions for JPC and other TBD conferences Complete TAC committee self assessment spreadsheet Recruit members from the related Technical Committees Author a year-in-review article for Aerospace America Characterize key challenges for green in the aerospace industry Coordinate sessions for conferences (ASM, JPC, etc.) Review and contribute to Key Issues for the Public Policy Committee Others??? Complete activities list with brainstorming list


18 18 The Green Engineering PC…Why Now? World-wide attention has become focused on sustainability and the need for new approaches to energy generation & utilization. Greener Aviation & Alternative Fuels named top two emerging technologies for AIAA involvement. Individual facets of green technologies represented sporadically in the technical committees, but there is no central focus & systems thinking approach. A PC, with its inherent systems point of view, flexibility of approach, and access to a wide range of expertise, offers AIAA such a focus that would broadly benefit the membership. Other professional organizations are ramping up their involvement in green activities. AIAA needs a clearly defined focal point & should work to become a leader in this growing domain.

19 19 Scope Serve as the focal point and interface between AIAA and the green technology community, including DOE, EPA, NOAA, and complementary professional societies. Characterize the critical challenges for green technologies as applied to aerospace systems. Identify rapidly advancing & emerging technologies that support improved energy efficiency and sustainability. Support AIAA public policy forums / initiatives and provide a liaison to the Public Policy Committee. Coordinate and focus green activities across the technical committees to develop / support conferences, workshops, position papers, panel sessions and technical sessions. Co-sponsor relevant conferences and events with other professional societies. Identify champions for new green initiatives within AIAA.

20 20 Objectives Help shape the vision, direction and policy for future energy and aviation systems. Promote sustainable and renewable aerospace-related energy systems. Advocate cradle-to-cradle design and system-level optimization of complex energy conversion systems. Provide a forum in which industry, government, and academia can discuss solutions & approaches in an informal, non-competitive environment. Promote and support conferences, workshops, sessions and technical publications in the area of aerospace-related green technology. Provide efficient and effective knowledge transfer to the AIAA membership. Ensure all relevant aspects of green technologies are represented in the technical committees and conferences.

21 21 Program Committee Update 1. What were your major activities during this past year, e.g., conference tracks, sessions, workshops, etc.? Position papers? Other? 2. How many members do you currently count as active? 3. How many face-to-face meetings, or telecons have you had during this past year? 4. Did the PC participate in Congressional Visits Day this past year? 5. Anything else that I should be aware of as to the activity and impact of the PC during this past year?

22 22 CRITERIA A. Effectiveness of existing TC B. TAC governance C. LiaisonsD. No. of TC meetings each year and how active are the TC members E. Special tasks by TC METRIC ITEMS FOR EACH TC EVALUATION A 1. Membership balance analysis A 2. Create/update a charter A 3. Number of foreign members (optional) B 1. Succession planning B 2. Training C 1. AIAA TCs C 2. Local or Regional AIAA Chapters C 3. Other Professional Organizations ( i.e. SAE, ASME, etc. ) D 1. No. of Members that attend D 2. No. of TC members that actively work on your TC subcommittees E 1. Professional short courses E 2. Higher Educational Programs (Graduate and Undergraduate) E 3. K-12 Educational Programs E 4. Community Programs Publications: E 5. Books E 6. Design Guides E 7. News letters/Bulletins E 8. Journal Articles E 9. AIAA papers E 10. Aerospace America Articles Awards/Scholarships: E 11. Student (Graduate & Undergraduate) E 12. Young Engineers E 13. Lifetime achievement E 14. AIAA service Congress Contact: E 15. Participate in Congressional Day Visit Importance order 11111 No. of Metric Items 2 plus 1 Optional Item 23215 Points per Metric Item 55555 Max Value of Metrics 10 plus 5 Optional10151075 Max Percentage Evaluation Metric 7 plus 2% extra29510 TOTAL = 92.5 TC: GEPC A. 15 pointsB. 10 pointsC. 15 pointsD. 7.5 pointsE. 45 points Percent Eval each TC 9 2 9 3.75 6 Total = 77% Green Engineering PC

23 23 Attend meetings (at least one face-to-face)

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