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Welcome to Parents Night! Please grab one of each paper up front and find your childs seat Take a look at the letter written to you and please respond.

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1 Welcome to Parents Night! Please grab one of each paper up front and find your childs seat Take a look at the letter written to you and please respond back Enjoy viewing the projects and activities we have been working on Mrs. Converse 3 rd Grade Room 110

2 About Me Teaching – Tenth Year Education – Walsh University Family – Husband (Jason) is a teacher at Hoover High School, Kayden is 4, and Addison is 1½ years old

3 Daily Schedule School Day 8:10 a.m.School Doors Open 8:20 a.m.Morning Tardy Bell 8:40 a.m. Vike Time 9:10 a.m.Math 10:30 a.m.Morning Snack* Please provide a healthy snack for your child daily; lunch is not until 12:45 10:40 a.m.Language Arts 12:00 p.m. Specials (See Below) 12:45 p.m.*Lunch and Recess* (12:45-1:25) 1:25 p.m.Science 2:05 p.m.Social Studies 2:45 pm Daily Planners 2:55 p.m.Dismissal to Buses*Restroom Breaks Specials Schedule 12:00-12:40 Daily Day 1 – Art Day 2 – Music Day 3 – Gym Day 4 – Library or Spanish

4 Classroom Volunteers Copy Helper Project Helper Everyday Math Differentiation Day Helper Opportunities to donate items for projects, celebrations, and activities Treasure basket donations PTA

5 Discipline Plan Name: ________________________________Date: ____________ I had to move a clothespin today because I did not make a good choice. The rule that I broke was: ___ 1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. ___ 2. Be respectful. ___ 3. Be responsible. ___ 4. Be kind and use nice words - encourage. ___ 5. Help others and be generous. ___ 6. Raise your hand to speak – do not interrupt. ___ 7. Always use good manners (Please, Thank you, Excuse me) ___ 8. Be a Character Champion. ********************************************************************************** The step I am on is (circle):Teacher Signature: #1Warning (Yellow)_______________________ #2Miss 10 minutes of Recess (Orange) #3Miss All Recess (Red)Parent Signature: #4Meeting with Principal and Parent (Purple)________________________

6 Reading Friday – Vocabulary Words sent home – please study over the weekend, books can go home Monday – Introduction to story, grammar review, read story with your child (optional) Tuesday – Vocabulary review, guided reading or listening of story, comprehension review Wednesday– Continue story as a class, comprehension page for grade Thursday – Vocabulary Quiz - graded, comprehension activities, grammar Friday – Scholastic News, Review reading skills from story Daily Three – implemented later on

7 Spelling Sitton Program Word Preview – look for words missed in planner (Pre-Test Spelling List) Activities – lessons reviewing skills, rules, and spelling patterns Workbooks – practice skills Cloze Story Word Test and Sentence Dictation (Spelling Test) There is no Spelling List, however there are Core Words students should know by the end of third grade Go to Sitton Spelling - Go to East Lansing Public Schools - Click 3 rd Grade - Have Fun!

8 Everyday Math Problem-solving approach based on every day situations Frequent practice of basic skills / Revisits concepts frequently Meets the COMMON CORE STANDARDS Number and Numeration Operations and Computation Data and Chance Geometry Measurement Reference Frames Patterns, Functions, and Algebra Assessments: Practice grades will be taken throughout the week on daily practice Achievement Grades: End of each Unit Self Assessment Oral Assessment Written Assessment Open Responses

9 Everyday Math Family Letter – KEEP THIS!!! The family letter will be sent home at the beginning of each unit. This letter explains the skills being covered in the unit, ideas to practice the skills, and the ANSWERS to all of the homework. Please keep it until you receive the next units letter. Homelinks – Homelink is the name of the worksheet that will come home for homework. The skill(s) on the homelink correlates with what we worked on that day in class. Your child will have math homework almost every night. I encourage you to check your childs homelink with the answer key provided in the family letter. Then help your child correct any mistakes they have made on the homelink.

10 Other Subjects English – cursive begins in October Science/Health - self-contained Life Science (Habitats, life cycles, Adaptions) Earth and Space Science ( Rocks, minerals, soil) Physical Science (Motion, Force and Energy) Science and Technology Scientific Inquiry Scientific Way of Knowing ( Observing and Recording, Careers) Social Studies - self-contained Unit 1: Geography Unit 2: Local Government Unit 3: Economics Unit 4: North Cantons Heritage Unit 5: Immigration/Migration Unit 6: North Cantons History Unit 7: Stark County *Charts, Graphs, and Maps studied within the Units. Also included are Thinking Skills and Study Skills. Class discussion will be an integral part of the learning process. * State Standards are covered in all subject areas*

11 Homework/Communication Please check and sign planner each night Assigned Monday-Friday (math) Tests and Quizzes will be announced at least two days in advance Assist child as needed with homework, particularly math and spelling Spelling Take Home Tasks Spelling words and practicing flashcards are encouraged on a daily basis Encourage 10-15 minutes of reading each night Book Orders (will be coming)

12 Grading Pinnacle Internet Viewer – you will get information and codes Grading Scale (attached) A = 92-100 B = 83-91 C = 74-82 D = 65-73 U = below 65 Reading, Math, Writing A, B, C, D, U Science/Health, Social Studies E, *M*, SN

13 Assessments Letter grades, (+9/10) T - we did it together Checkmark/Star – checked together Math Homework – please check answers on Home Links family letter, which is sent at the beginning of each unit Please Sign & Return – usually a D or below (try to review with your child)

14 Upcoming Events Reading Achievement Test: Monday, October 1 st Conferences: Tuesday, September 25 th & Tuesday, October 2 nd Picture Day: Monday, September 10 th Fall Family Fun Night: Thursday, September 20 th Classroom Visitation 5:30-6:30 Outside Picnic until 7:30

15 Questions??? Please fill out the information sheet and return tomorrow (note any medical concerns - allergies) Thank you so much! Have a good evening! See you during Parent/Teacher Conferences

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