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Ben and Me By:Robert Lawson Courtney Humbert Antonio Ganios Kyle Swartz.

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2 Ben and Me By:Robert Lawson

3 Courtney Humbert Antonio Ganios Kyle Swartz

4 Setting Philadelphia- in Old Christ Church. England- London France- Passy, and Paris

5 Problem Amos doesnt have a home.The reason he doesnt have a home is because his family was running out of food. Since he was the oldest and most responsible, they made him leave.

6 Main Characters Amos is the oldest out of 25 other siblings he has. His parents named the children from A-Z, starting with Amos and ending with Zenas.

7 Main Characters Continued Ben is a scientific man. He is known for being a scientist, inventor, printer, editor, author, soldier, statesman, and a philosopher.

8 Solution Amos found an apartment. He went upstairs and there were two rooms. There was a dark room with snoring, and the other room had a man sneezing. Amos choose the room with sneezing. Benjamin Franklin was in there and Amos and Ben became good friends.

9 Amos goes and lives with Ben.Amos goes and lives with Ben. They invented the Franklin Stove.They invented the Franklin Stove. Ben goes swimming and a dog attacks Amos.Ben goes swimming and a dog attacks Amos. Ben and Amos published The Almanac.Ben and Amos published The Almanac. They got interested into electricity.They got interested into electricity.

10 ...Continued They invented the lightning rod. Ben and Amos go and do an experiment to see if lightning and electricity are the same. Ben and Amos go back to Philadelphia. Amos and his family threw a party for Ben.

11 Historical Fiction The book Ben and Me is historical fiction. Historical fiction is a story mostly fact, but partly fiction.

12 Protagonist Amos is the protagonist because he was the leader of attacking the white mice.

13 Antagonist The antagonists were The White Mice. They were holding Sophias children and her husband hostage in a jail cell.

14 Picture Page

15 Famous Quotes Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. The cat in gloves catches no mice. He that goes a-borrowing goes a- sorrowing. Fools make feasts and wise men eat them.

16 Conclusion Ben is about to turn 81 years old and he was starting to dislike his old fur cap. Amos went out and bought Ben the finest beaver hats that could ever be made. On the stroke of midnight, all the mice gathered around Bens bed and they all sang Happy Birthday to him.

17 What we thought...

18 Review 4- excellent 3- good 2-o.k. 1- not that good


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