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Diagnostic Requirements (HB 3) North Cantons Response.

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1 Diagnostic Requirements (HB 3) North Cantons Response

2 Grades 1 - 2 All districts are required to use diagnostics in reading, writing and mathematics this school year. If a district made AYP last year (we did), then the district is allowed to choose which diagnostic measures to administer to our children.

3 North Cantons Interpretation Reading Because of the use of Dibels throughout the 2007-2008 School year, this data will be used to fulfill the reading diagnostic requirement. Assess, revise instruction, teach, assess, re-teach.

4 North Cantons Interpretation Writing We (North Canton) currently do not have a district-wide writing diagnostic assessment. We are therefore required to use ODEs assessments or develop our own. Our own assessments must align with the standards and be a predictor of future success on state mandated achievement tests. Choose a date and give the writing screener whole- group (by classroom, or grade level team). Re-assess the children who are not on-track before the end of the year.

5 North Cantons Interpretation Mathematics We (North Canton) currently do not have a district-wide Mathematics diagnostic assessment. We are therefore required to use ODEs assessments (diagnostic, screener, or short screener) Do not use the short screener early in the year. Few questions with multiple steps/ concepts will be challenging for students.

6 Embed the individual diagnostic or screener questions into your daily curriculum. Reassess the children who are not on-track after you re-teach the needed material.

7 Grade 3 Requirements Reading Achievement test. Math Achievement test. Writing diagnostic (or screener) –Administered large group. –Choose the best time as a team or individual class. –On-track results to building principal by the end of the year.

8 We Need… To track individual students to predict their achievement levels on future high-stakes tests. To develop baseline data for specific grade levels within our learning community to see how our curricular programming benefits individual children and… To learn how a struggling learner stacks up against his/her peers (as well as the state mandated standards driving our instruction.)

9 North Cantons Expectations Complete some level of diagnostic assessment for each child in your classroom. Strive to teach and assess individuals within small groups. Record the level of achievement for each child and turn it in to Matt Ile by the end of May. Inform the next teacher using comprehensive anecdotal records on the childs transition form. Use the indicator/ diagnostic correlation charts to continually assess your children throughout the year. Allow these assessments to guide your planning and instruction.

10 Individual Indicator Assessment Use the Curriculum Maps organized by quarter. Every Screening and Diagnostic activity was correlated with the essential indicators. When looking to assess the children on these indicators, use this addendum to the curriculum map. (I called it the indicator/diagnostic correlation chart. It is linked to my homepage)

11 More Questions Visit Matt Iles homepage for ODE diagnostic testing links. –FAQs, Talking points –AYP explanations

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