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Chapter 4, Section 2 Population Geography.

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1 Chapter 4, Section 2 Population Geography

2 What are some factors that have contributed to world population growth?

3 Population Statistics
_______ Rate– number of live births per people per year ______________ Rate (Death Rate) – number of deaths per 1000 people per year Rate of _____________ _____________ (Population Growth Rate) – difference between Birthrate and Mortality Rate Birthrate – Death Rate = Rate of Natural Increase

4 Population Statistics
Fertility Rate – the average number of children that would be born per woman If all women lived to the end of their childbearing years If all women gave birth according to the rate at each age Current replacement rate is ___ children per woman Infant Mortality Rate – the number of deaths among infants (_____ year of age or younger) per thousand live births

5 Population Pyramids Shows _______ and ___ distribution of a population
Allows geographers to examine how events affect the population of a country or region _______, _______________, epidemics, etc. Shows population proportion Young People (0 – ____) Working People (15 – _____) Elderly People (60 +)


7 Horizontal Axis – Percentage / number
What it Looks Like Vertical Axis - Age Groups Elderly dependents Working population Young dependents Horizontal Axis – Percentage / number

8 How to Read a Population Pyramid
Read the title (Country, City, or Racial Group) Comment on general shape of the pyramid Note the proportion of people in various age groups Note the gender ratio Interpret the data

9 Pyramid Shapes ___________ Growth _________ Growth __________ Growth
*The shape of each pyramid is controlled by: Births Deaths Migrations

10 Rapid Growth

11 Title: Shape: Proportion: Gender Ratio:

12 Slow Growth

13 Title: Shape: Proportion: Gender Ratio:

14 Negative Growth

15 Title: Shape: Proportion: Gender Ratio:

16 Migration Movement of humans from one area to another
___________ – to leave one's native country to settle in another ___________ – to come to a country of which one is not native Caused by push-pull factors


18 Population Density The average number of people that live in a measurable area Shows how heavily populated an area is Found by dividing total _________________ in an area by the total __________________ they occupy Things to remember: Population density can change over time Can be misleading due to uneven distribution

19 Carrying Capacity The number of people a piece of land can support
Increased due to: Fertile Soil Abundant Resources Technology Wealth _________________ occurs when the given resources of a piece of land can not support the number of people living on it

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