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National Honor Society Information Meeting

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1 National Honor Society Information Meeting

2 Congratulations! You have been invited to attend this meeting because you have a 4.0 or higher grade point average. This is the first step in the selection process!

3 Background Information about National Honor Society
(It’s the HONOR Society…. not HONORS Society)

4 What is National Honor Society?
National organization founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals Four objectives: --to create enthusiasm for scholarship --to encourage development of character in the nation’s secondary school students --to promote leadership --to encourage service

5 Over 12,500 chapters across the nation
Hoover High School Chapter was established in 1939 Present membership, : 83 No quotas…no membership “cap”

6 Is National Honor Society for you?
If you become a member of National Honor Society, you must: attend monthly meetings (7:00 a.m. first Tuesday of the month) participate in an ISP (Individual Service Project) complete a required # of NHS-sponsored service activities each semester participate in the spring chapter service project

7 NHS Individual Service Projects (ISP)
Windsor Nursing Home Chairperson Humane Society Chairperson Kids’ Christmas Party Chairperson Hoover Historical Society Tree Decorating Chairperson Puppy Chow Sales Chairperson

8 Other Individual Service Projects
Freshmen Mentoring Ohio Reads Peer Tutoring Buddy Project Stark Sharks Coach

9 NHS Yearly Chapter Project
Super Service Saturday Project Chapter-wide service day for all members includes: ceiling tile painting…public library service…building clean-up…Humane Society visits… Project Linus blanket making…volunteering at ReStore…fund-raising for chapter charity…Bingo party and other activities at area nursing homes … The SSSP is an entire day of volunteering culminating with dinner and evening service activities.

10 Please note and remember…..
There are no inactive memberships! athletes, post-secondary students, Aultman Academy students, artists, International Baccalaureate students, musicians, cheerleaders…. EVERYONE who is inducted into the membership of National Honor Society is required to attend meetings and participate in NHS activities.

11 National Honor Society (It’s the HONOR Society,
Now…..what’s next? Becoming a member of the Hoover High School National Honor Society (It’s the HONOR Society, not Honors Society)

12 Tenet: a principle or belief
The Four Tenets of NHS Tenet: a principle or belief Scholarship Character Leadership Service

13 I. Scholarship You are here at the Info Meeting, so…..
you have already completed the first step toward NHS membership by earning a 4.0 (or higher) g.p.a. Congratulations!

14 II. Character Character is who you are when no one is watching…
(It’s already established!)

15 How is “character” determined?
Hoover High School teachers complete confidential evaluations of student character. Teacher evaluations are based on classroom contact, extra curricular activity participation and personal observation.

16 III. Leadership Leadership includes being elected or selected to work as: a club officer a chairperson for a committee a representative on a church, parish, or school council a marching band squad leader

17 (More Leadership) concert band section leader choir officer
Student Council representative Leadership Camp Youth Staff member

18 (Still More Leadership)
Scout Patrol leader class officer

19 Aultman Hospital volunteer
IV. Service Service includes volunteer activities for which you DO NOT receive any type of compensation such as a salary or school credit. Examples of service activities include….. unpaid peer tutoring Aultman Hospital volunteer

20 (More Service) volunteering at Pegasus Farm teaching Sunday School
volunteering at St. Luke Nursing Home working at a Habitat for Humanity house volunteering at the public library

21 (Still More Service) church related mission trips
volunteering at elementary school carnivals helping with Eagle Scout projects

22 A Final Note….. Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege, not a right. Members are expected to uphold the four tenets of the organization ….. Scholarship Character Leadership Service

23 And now, on to….. the Student Activity Packet!!!
Due Date: by 3:00 p.m. Wednesday Nov. 27, 2013 please type…please type…please type…please type

24 Yes, this is like the previous slide !!!
very important…………..very important Activity Packets should be returned to Mrs. Rankin in the Library Media Center by 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013 please type…please type…please type…please type

25 The NHS Student Activity Packet gives you the opportunity to document
examples of your leadership abilities examples of your own service to the school and community

26 Tips about the Packet For best results, type the requested information! You are one of over 160 grade eligible students… present yourself in the BEST way possible. Watch for grammatical errors and whatever you do… USE SPELLCHECK!!!!!!!!!!

27 One more thing….. Before you turn in your spell-checked, well-written, neatly typed Student Information Activity Packet….. make a copy for your own records! (Remember: you are filling out information for the National Honor Society not the honors society!)

28 For Your Information The National Honor Society
Student Activity Packet is available on the NHS Homepage. Use the Files Page link. Access this site through the Activities Section of the Hoover High School Homepage

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