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Company Overview AIAA TCM February 15, 2011 Company Overview, 01.11.

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1 Company Overview AIAA TCM February 15, 2011 Company Overview, 01.11

2 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 1

3 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 2 Gulfstream Expanding Savannah Facilities New $500M, 7 year facilities expansion announced November 15, 2010 to position Gulfstream to take advantage of the next economic growth cycle –Creating 1,000 new jobs –New facilities in the northwest quadrant of the Savannah airport –Renovations to current Savannah facilities –Expansion of the Research and Development Center (RDC) Campus

4 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 3 Gulfstream Product Line 3,400 nm (6,297 km) at M0.75 G500: 5,800 nm (10,742 km) at M0.80 G550: 6,750 nm (12,501 km) at M0.80 3,000 nm (5,556 km) at M0.75 G350: 3,800 nm (7,038 km) at M0.80 G450: 4,350 nm (8,056 km) at M0.80 7,000 nm (12,964 km) at M0.85 3,400 nm (6,297 km) at M0.80 G150, G200 range with 4 passengers / G350 – G650 range with 8 passengers G150 shown with optional Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

5 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 4 Product Line Comparison G150G200G350G450G500G550 L45XR L60XR CL300CL605G5000GEX-XRS CL850 F2000DX F7X F900DX Gulfstream Bombardier Dassault Hawker Beechcraft Increasing Aircraft Capability and Price Existing Line and Announced Products Cessna Premier H400XP H4000 Mustang, CJ1,CJ2 Cit X Sovereign XLS+ L40XR Lineage 1000 Embraer H900XP H750 F2000LX G650 CJ3,CJ4 Legacy 500 Legacy 450 Aircraft in development L85 Phenom 100 Phenom 300 F900LX G250 Legacy 600 Legacy 650 G7000 G8000

6 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 5 Advanced R&D Programs Gulfstream is a leader in advanced technology research Committed to significant investments in support of new and existing aircraft development to excel in leading edge technologies Advanced Technologies include Flight Deck Vision Systems Flight Controls Cabin Environment Completions Manufacturing Composites Supersonic

7 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 6 Worldwide Presence Presence on six continents with 44 facilities

8 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 7 AIN Product Support Survey 2010 * Large cabin support of aircraft of all ages Gulfstream Product Support receives top ranking - eighth year in a row Best in Market* Gulfstream (Large Cabin) Cessna (Citation) Gulfstream (Mid-cabin) Bombardier (Learjet) Dassault (Falcon) Hawker Beechcraft (Hawker) Bombardier (Challenger) Boeing (BBJ) Hawker Beechcraft (Beechjet/Premier 1/H400XP) Bombardier (Global)

9 Company Overview, 01.11, Page 8 Summary Broad product line Best product support worldwide Leader in advanced technology for enhanced safety Financially strong for continued investments in all aspects of the business Over 50 years of experience Moving confidently into the future

10 Barriers to Automation of Aircraft Production Steve Ritchie Feb 15, 2011

11 Why Automate ? More Repeatable Processes Improved Quality Environmental Benefits –Paint & Sealant applications Health & Safety Improvements –Ergonomic, Repetitive Strain Syndrome Reduced Labor Content and Cost Limited and Shrinking Skilled Workforce Competitors Worldwide are Investing

12 Challenges High Capital Cost - $Ms – typically only justifiable with new program Low Production Volumes Intricacy of Product Design Limits Access Accuracy and Repeatability of Robots Fastener Types and Specs Product Evolution vs Clean sheet Certification and Inspection / Validation Flexibility for Change –Programming / Tooling vs Human Labor Content is Small % of Cost 2D Engineering Data Automation vs Design for Manufacture

13 Significant Progress on G650 Machined Components replacing Sheetmetal –Better repeatability improves aircraft assembly time Integrated Panel Assembly Cell (IPAC) –Frame attachment to skins –Fuselage joining straps Robotic Trim and Drill on Empennage Assembly (Fokker) Automated Tape Layup –Composite Horizontal Skins Automated Electrical Harness Testing Mortise & Tenon Furniture – CNC Routing Leveraging Engineering 3D Data in Manufacturing

14 Brotje IPAC Machine for G650 Fuselage Panels Attaches Frames and Splice Straps Install 32,000 fasteners Drill 24,000 pilot holes Drill 4,000 full size holes Accuracy +/ Investment approx. $6.5M

15 Robotics Actively Benchmarking use of Robotics in Aerospace over last 3 years by Advanced Manufacturing team Discussions and site visits with Robotic Integrators –Kuka Systems –Electroimpact –Brotje Potential Applications being reviewed –Drilling of sub-assemblies –Fastener installation –Paint application –Fillet Sealing

16 Industry Observations on Robotic Applications Significant Progress been made in Recent Years –Acquisition Costs have reduced –Accuracy and Repeatability have improved Standard 0.025to typical –Integrated Programming within Delmia PLM products iGRIP module for Robotics –Incorporation by Tooling / Equipment integrators Implementations in several Aerospace companies –Fokker –Spirit –Premium Aerotech –Airbus

17 KUKA System for Vertical Assembly Potential Single Sided Fastener installation ROM cost $1.8M including tooling Robot on Modular Pallet to allow use in other work cells

18 Summary Gulfstream is actively implementing various forms of automation based on overall business benefits Product Design is a Critical Enabler to Leverage Opportunities Off-the-shelf accuracy of Robots requires additional Alignment system overlay to achieve Aerospace accuracies / tolerances –Typically need.010 to.015 (IPAC 0.005) Load and Function Capability of Head is limited –End effectors developed for specific applications Application requires Highly Repeatable activities –Hard to cost justify for low production volume –Pallet mount systems for use in multiple cells Gulfstream will continue to explore potential applications for automation

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