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Structural Dynamics Technical Committee Fall 2013 Meeting Hampton, Virginia October 11, 2013 Attachment 11.

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1 Structural Dynamics Technical Committee Fall 2013 Meeting Hampton, Virginia October 11, 2013 Attachment 11

2 Meeting Agenda 2

3 State of the TC 3 TC Membership Type Regular (40) – TAC recommends 35 max. International (8) Associate (5) Employment Type nearly evenly split Academia (17) Commercial (19) Government (17) Structural Dynamics is a diverse and vibrant TC

4 State of the TC 4 AIAA Membership Type Member (6) Senior Member (21) Associate Fellow (21) Fellow (5) Disciplines Aeroelasticity (17) Loads & Dynamics (19) Rotordynamics (1) Vibration and Shock (11) Environmental Test (4)

5 State of the TC 5 Subcommittees (#members)/Chairs Chair:Paul Taylor Vice-Chair:Bruce Willis Secretariat:Emmett McDonald Awards (8):Ray Gordnier Conferences (29):John Kosmatka Education (25):Andy Brown Liaison (10):Bill Welsh Past Chairs (2):Teresa Kinney Publications (10):Todd Griffith Standards (12):Teresa Kinney Website (4):Veresh Wickramasinghe SDM Long-RangePeretz Friedmann Planning Rep.:

6 6 State of the TC AIAA Budget Issues 2013 Budget Shortfall 2 Conferences Canceled 20% Drop in Conference Attendance 2014 Budget Cuts Only 1 Meal per TC/PC No Breakfast at TC/PC Chair Training No Travel Subsidies to TC/PC Chair Training No TAC Special Initiatives Funding for TCs/PCs Various TAC Meeting Meals Eliminated

7 Secretariat Attendance Please check & initial the roster Please verify your contact information on the roster Please indicate subcommittee & technical interest choices Review Spring 2013 SDTC Meeting Vote on Approval of the Spring 2013 SDTC meeting minutes SDTC Budget $3,289.53 (Balance on April 9, 2013) ($66.91) Stephanie Wilson for Education Outreach Reception ($2,000.00) Media Fusion (DVD Conversion to Website Project) $1,222.62 (Balance on Sept 9, 2013) Attachment 17

8 Structural Dynamics Awards Committee Members: Ray Gordnier, Chair Lucas Horta Carlos Cesnik Inderjit Chopra, Vice-Chair Peretz Friedmann Paul Taylor Jonathan Cooper John Kosmatka

9 SDM Award Committee Report Committee Members Structural Dynamics TC* *Chairs Committee Dr. Lucas Horta*, NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Raymond Gordnier Air Force Research Laboratory Materials TC Dr. Biliyar Bhat NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Dr Joseph H Koo The University of Texas at Austin Structures TC Prof Chiara Bisagni Politecnico Di Milano Robert M Taylor Optimal Structures, LLC Most Recent SDM Award Recipient (2010) Dr Charbel Farhat Stanford University

10 SDM Award Committee Report Award Criteria Technical Contributions # of books, # of journal Papers, etc Leadership/Service Standing in their respective institution, Positions held in support of the AIAA mission, Education # of students impacted by nominee, Seminars, Keynote speeches Professional Record Prestigious positions held within his/her organization, scope of work, people willing to fund his/her work, … Honors Peer recognition during his/her career Each award committee member evaluated the candidates on a scale of 0-5 with 5 being the highest award. Each committee members award scores were totaled. Each committee members scores were tabulated and a telecon was attempted The telecon was not able to happen but the outcome was clear

11 SDM Award Committee Report Awardee For outstanding contributions and innovative integration of smart materials into both air and space vehicles ranging from flexible satellite components to morphing aircraft structures. Dr Daniel J Inman University of Michigan

12 Awards Available from AIAA Senior Member Recipients - Individuals who have demonstrated a successful professional practice in the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics for the equivalent of at least eight years, or who have at least eight years of continuous professional membership in AIAA. Associate Fellow Recipients - Individuals who have accomplished or been in charge of important engineering or scientific work, or have done original work of outstanding merit, or have otherwise made outstanding contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics. Fellow Recipients - Individuals of distinction in aeronautics or astronautics who have made notable valuable contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics.

13 Awards Available from AIAA Structures, Structural Dynamics, & Materials Award Recipients - Established in 1967, the Structures, Structural Dynamics, & Materials Award is presented to an individual who has been responsible for an outstanding sustained technical or scientific contribution in aerospace structures, structural dynamics, or materials. It is not presented in the years that the Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize, AIAA-ASC James H. Starnes Award or Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity are presented. This biennial award (even numbered years) is generally presented at the AIAA Science and Technology (SCITECH) Forum. Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity - The AIAA Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity recognizes outstanding contributions to the understanding and application of aeroelastic phenomena. It commemorates the accomplishments of Prof. Holt Ashley, who dedicated his professional life to the advancement of aerospace sciences and engineering and had a profound impact on the fields of aeroelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics, aeroservoelasticity and multidisciplinary optimization.

14 Awards Available from AIAA Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize Recipients The Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize was established in 1994 and is presented to a single nominee (which can be an individual or small team of up to 4 contributing individuals) for a specific achievement or body of work (perhaps extending over a period of years) that became significant during the immediate past 15 years. The Prize is presented every four years generally at the AIAA Science and Technology Forum (SCITECH).

15 Publications 15 Year in Review Article for Aerospace America Again, for 2013, 600 word limit and one page for SDTC 6 contributions this year from SDTC members Status: Awaiting proof from Editor Thanks for contributions!

16 Publications 16 SDTC Newsletter Status: Draft circulated among Publications Subcommittee; newsletter format converging with expectation to collect member inputs in near future Targeted Section Topics: Feature Article, Chairs Corner, Committee by Committee reports, Student or Member Spotlight, Calendar of Events, Book or Journal Review But desire flexibility to add new sections or omit sections as needed Frequency?? 2 per year? Quarterly? Contact: D. Todd Griffith,

17 Best Practices 17

18 18 DVD has been converted to a website : I have been working with Lisa Bacon at AIAA to get links and intro pages established on the AIAA Education webpages. The website is linked to the SDTC webpage, and is updated to the current site. Working with Media Fusion to update a couple errors on the website. All bills related to the website have been paid. Website Outreach Project Status

19 19 Link on AIAA Kids Place Website

20 Education 20 Courses update Structural Dynamics class cancelled due to lack of registrants. Other class offerings also cancelled Problem may be associated with funding rather than lack of interest. Perhaps interest will be greater for next SDM which will have more participants who may not already consider themselves well versed in SD.

21 Educational Outreach 21 Our Outreach Event in Boston went very well, and we had about 100 students attend. I have not heard from Stephanie or Andy about an Outreach Event for SciTech, so I assume due to the condense schedule we will skip having one this year.

22 22 SDTC Liaison Subcommittee Report SDTC Meeting Hampton Va Friday, 11 October 2013

23 23 Bruce Willis – Structures TC Curt Larsen – NDA TC Ramesh Malla - ASCE Stephen Rizzi – RASD Conference Raymond Gordnier – Applied Aerodynamics TC & Fluid Dynamics TC Brent Whiting – Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop Vit Babuska – Adaptive Structures TC Ken Griffin – Design Engineering TC Bill Welsh - AHS Matt Allen - IMAC Liaison Subcommittee Members

24 Structures TC Liaison, Bruce Willis The Fall 2013 StrTC meeting was held on 17 September, 2013, at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX. Reconvening their Procedures Subcommittee - Revise their TC guidebook to document TC processes and procedures under the NEM. Establishing a NEM Subcommittee – A transition team to get NEM information and reminders to the TC. Dr. Alex Bogdanovich will be the 2015 SDM representative. Need a liaison to the new Spacecraft Structures TC (formerly Gossamer PC). Disappointment expressed about new name causing confusion and taking from Structures TC. TAC ignored suggestion to add Lightweight. Sergio Pellegrino is the Chair of the SSTC and is planning to hold their TC meeting on a different night from StrTC & SDTC so those folks can visit (goodwill gesture). Education Subcommittee completed a student Design Competition, and is planning an Outreach event for SciTech 2014.

25 Applied Aerodynamics TC Liaison, Ray Gordnier Workshop Briefings: John Vassberg discussed the Drag Prediction Workshop success. DPW5 session at this conference is Jan 7th with multiple workshop participants involved with each presentation. Rich Wahls and Kelly Laflin are his co-chairs. Jeff Slotnick reported on the High-Lift Prediction Workshop. The first workshop was in 2010, the 2nd is the weekend before the San Diego conference. DLR high lift configuration. They are anticipating 75+ people to attend, and may need a larger space. Kenrick Waithe discussed status and plans of the Low Boom Prediction Workshop occurring Jan 11th, 2014. See his PowerPoint presentation for details.

26 26 The Design Engineering Tech Committee is now in the process of ramping back up on their education outreach to perhaps include a scholarship. This had lapsed while they compiled their newest (out this last spring) revision (Revision 6) to the Aerospace Engineers Design Guide. Design Engineering TC Liaison, Ken Griffin

27 27 AeroVelo Team Wins AHS Internationals 33-Year-Old Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – July 11, 2013 – AHS International, the worlds premier professional vertical flight technical society, congratulates AeroVelo, Inc. for winning its Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition for the first time since the Society established it 33 years ago. A panel of vertical flight technical experts – the AHS International Human Powered Helicopter Competition Committee – thoroughly reviewed the design and flight testing of Toronto, Ontariobased AeroVelos Atlas human powered helicopter, as well as data from its June 13, 2013 flight. Based on that review, the committee has verified that the Atlas flight met all of the requirements to win the competition and its US$250,000 prize. AeroVelos Dr. Todd Reichert piloted and pedaled the Atlas on that flight inside The Soccer Centre in Vaughan, Ontario. The requirements to win the AHS Sikorsky prize were for an aircraft using only human power to fly for at least 60 seconds, reach an altitude of at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) and remain hovering over a 10 by 10 meter (32.8 by 32.8 foot) area. The full competition regulations, as well as past news updates, videos and other information, are available on the AHS International website, The AHS Sikorsky Prize challenged the technical community to harness teamwork, technical skills and cutting edge technologies to meet requirements that were on the ragged edge of feasibility, said AHS International Executive Director Mike Hirschberg. It took AeroVelos fresh ideas, daring engineering approach and relentless pursuit of innovation – coupled with more than three decades of advances in structures, composites, computer-aided design and aeromechanical theory – to succeed in achieving what many in vertical flight considered impossible. We congratulate the Atlas team on its incredible success. AHS Liaison, Bill Welsh

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31 69 th Annual AHS Forum Phoenix Az, May 21-23, 2013

32 Website 32 Several updates performed to reflect current information Updated menu and added the hyperlink for Outreach Project Navigation links on top correctly works only for IE Some links do not work for FireFox or Chrome browsers Developing a members Profile Page, including pictures Please provide a members profile page created in PowerPoint - Sample provided by Bruce Willis Send profile pages to Please send an email to Viresh if you want to upload or update any information on the website

33 33 Sample Page

34 Aerospace Design and Structures Technical Program Chair & 55 th SDM General Chair Carlos E. S. Cesnik Department of Aerospace Engineering University of Michigan 55 th SDM Technical Program Chair John B Kosmatka Dept of Structural Engineering University of California, San Diego

35 Introduction 22nd AIAA/ASME/AHS Adaptive Structures Conference 16th AIAA Non-Deterministic Approaches Conference 15th AIAA Gossamer Systems Forum 10th AIAA Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Specialist Conference AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference 7th Symposium on Space Resource Utilization 32nd ASME Wind Energy Symposium AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference January 13-17 2014 Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center National Harbor, Maryland SciTech 2014 55th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference 52nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting

36 Conference Location Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center National Harbor, MD (Washington, DC) Along the shores of the Potomac River, downriver from Washington, D.C. and across the river from Alexandria, Virginia 2,000 guest rooms, 478,000 square feet of meeting space, 45 parallel sessions Seven restaurants

37 Organizing Committee 55 th SDM

38 Organizing Committee

39 Aerospace Design and Structures Week Planner

40 Aerospace Design and Structures Week Planner Abstract Cut-Off Score: 3.11 Abstract Acceptance (SDM Conference wide): 87% Comparison: 86% Boston, Denver, 83% Orlando, 75% Honolulu

41 Session Layout Fewer Concurrent Sessions

42 Hotel Layout Level 3 Level 2

43 Hotel Layout Level 2 SDM Keynote Ballroom (400 seat capacity) SDM Technical Paper Sessions (9 rooms) (60-90 seat capacity)

44 Critical Dates October 15Upload Website Opens December 12Upload Website Closes Student Paper Website Closes December 31Student Paper Finalists Announced January 12Student Paper Judging (Sunday) January 13-17SciTech 2014

45 Future SciTech Locations SciTech 2014 – Gaylord Resorts National Harbor, MD January 13-17, 2014 SciTech 2015 – Gaylord Resorts Orlando, FL January 5-9, 2015 SciTech 2016 – Manchester Hotels San Diego, CA January 4-8, 2016

46 Thank you for your support of the new SciTech 2014 Forum - Carlos Cesnik and John Kosmatka Any Questions? Contact John Kosmatka ( Carlos Cesnik (

47 Conferences 47 Brent Whiting, AIAA SDTC John Kosmatka, Technical Chair Aerospace Design and Structures Hampton, Virginia October 11, 2013

48 Conferences 48 Summary for AIAA ADS - Structural Dynamics Abstracts Total:93 Moved/Withdrawn:3 Reviewed by 35 SDTC/Friends: Rejected:13 Accepted:77 Acceptance Rate:85% Cut-Off Reviewers Score:3.08 out of 5.0 Sessions16 Special Sessions 2 (included)

49 Conferences 49 Session Layout for AIAA SciTech 2014 - Structural Dynamics

50 Old Business Future SDM Planning Committee Reps Subcommittee Succession Planning Nominations Subcommittee for Officer Elections? 50

51 51 Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference YearSiteHostGeneral Chair Technical Chair Primary Rep.Secondary Rep. 2006Newport, RIAIAA-MTCThomas GatesRajiv NaikCarlos CesnikJohn Kosmatka 2007Honolulu, HIAIAA-STCSteve EngelstadMike HyerJohn KosmatkaRay Gordnier 2008Chicago, ILASMEPrabhat HajelaTony WaasRay GordnierBruce Willis 2009Palm Springs, CAAIAA-SDTCDale PittCarlos CesnikBruce WillisRick Lind 2010Orlando, FLASCESankaran MahadevanRamesh MallaRick LindJoe Slater 2011Denver, COAIAA-MTCRajiv NaikGreg OdegardJoe SlaterJonathon Black 2012Honolulu, HIAIAA-STCSteve RussellSteve Clay Jonathon Black / Ken Griffin Robbie Robertson 2013Boston, MAASMETony WaasAjit Roy Robbie Robertson / Ken Griffin Brent Whiting 2014Wash., D.C.AIAA-SDTCCarlos CesnikJohn Kosmatka Brent Whiting / Ken Griffin Anubhav Datta / Rob Scott 2015Orlando, FL 2016San Diego, CA SDM Planning Reps

52 New Business Spring meeting on Wednesday night at SciTech 2014 Adjust Fall SDTC meeting? July/August? Officer elections coming up at Spring meeting Vice-Chair (Chair Elect) Secretariat other? 52

53 Open Forum Any additional discussion not yet covered? 53

54 SDTC Fall 2013 Meeting Adjourn!! See you in National Harbor, 2014 54

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