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Region 4 Report May 8, 2013 James Walker Region 4 Director.

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1 Region 4 Report May 8, 2013 James Walker Region 4 Director

2 2 Region 4 has Seven Professional Sections

3 Current Member Numbers as of 1 April 2013 – first time below 2000 (difference from 11 November 2012) Professional Student Educator Associate (not updated) Albuquerque 378(-5) 53(-8) 29(+1) Holloman/Alamogordo 18(-2) 2(+1) 6(+0) Houston 707(-37) 189(-2) 105(+10) North Texas 451(-3) 94(+4) 78(+1) Oklahoma 88(-4) 144(+31) 58(+1) Southwest Texas 228(-14) 98(+11) 54(+3) White Sands Space Hbr 52(-3) 92(+4) 16(+0) No section assignment 25(-2) 20(+3) 40(+0) Region 4 Total 1947(-70) 692(+44)386(+16) Comment: large WSSH is due to relatively new student section at NMSU.

4 Membership in Region IV 4

5 Professional Member History: in 1996, Region 4 had 2087 members; today it has 1947; little change of 16 years (7% down)

6 6 Region 4 Section Chairmen (new in red) Albuquerque: Mike Ross, Sandia, Albuquerque Holloman/Alamogordo: Kody Sparks, USAF, Holloman Houston: Daniel Nobles, NASA, Houston North Texas: Adnan Yucel, Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Oklahoma: Jamey Jacob, OSU, Stillwater Southwest Texas: Brian Ewensen, San Antonio White Sands Space Harbor: Stephen McDougle, NASA

7 7 Regional Deputy Directors (new in red) Career & Workforce Development: Derby Sun, Ft. Worth Education: Gary Turner, Odyssey Space Research, Houston Finance: P. A. Cox, SwRI, San Antonio Honors and Awards: Shirley Brandt, Houston International: Douglas Yazell, Houston Membership: Ellen Gillespie, Houston K-12 STEM Outreach: Gar Bering, U. of Houston, Houston Public Policy: Tom Moore, SwRI, San Antonio Technical: Open Young Professionals: Open

8 RAC Telecon Participation (1 since last RSAC) We had a telecon on May 2, 2012: 2 of 7 Sections represented –Houston: Daniel Nobles –North Texas: Phillip Crawford Deputy Directors (7 on the call) –Education: Gary Turner –STEM K-12: Gar Bering –Honors and Awards: Shirley Brandt –Career and Workforce Development: Derby Sun –Membership: Ellen Gillespie –International: Douglas Yazell –Public Policy: Tom Moore Director/Staff: James Walker, Chris Jessee, Jayant Ramakrishnan (incoming)

9 Section Activity Section Activity level 2011/2012Officers/volunteers Houston Monthly section meetings and more Active officers Albuquerque Monthly section meetingsActive officers North Texas Monthly section meetingsActive officers Oklahoma Three meetings/year with ASME Jamey Jacob is active chairman and point of contact (for many years) Southwest Texas No profession meetings, active in STEM K-12 (winning educator award this year) Chairman took job and Texas A&M, vice chair planning to step in Holloman/Alamogordo This year they did not hold their annual technical symposium Typically they ask one of their rotating, junior officers to chair section. White Sands Space Harbor Currently not holding meetings but submitting annual reports Stephen McDougle is the point of contact (for many years).

10 Section Award Money One of our larger sections, after Janes webinar, sent an email to their officers suggesting the not sub awards applications since there was no money. It is that time of year where we write up the annual report and apply for awards. However, there is a new twist. "Large" sections do not get any monetary award if they win an award. Therefore, I am not to inclined to write up any award forms. However, if you would like to for your individual [specialty], please let me know and I will get you the form. Another of our larger sections, when I asked them, said they planned to still submit awards applications out of trying to have a good attitude (with a sigh). 10

11 Reception in Grapevine The three persons in Region leadership who attended the reception in Dallas really liked it. They felt it was great to meet people in person and make new connections. I had hoped for more attendance since it was in Texas, but for those who attended it was great. 11

12 My biggest concerns today/Student Paper Conference My #1 concern last year was the student paper conference Phillip Crawford of Waco, Texas, took it on after he and I talked at length at the January reception. With the help of Adam Huang (U. Arkansas) and Daniel Nobles (Houston) they put it on at Baylor, University on short order. Successful event – included tours of test stands at Space X and hangers (with two 747s) at L3. Space X also contributed funds to support. 18 students attended, 13 presentations (U. Arkansas, Texas A&M, U. New Mexico, U. T. San Antonio). Future Student Paper Conferences: –2014: Albuquerque (travel costs will be high, they are looking at fundraising) –2015: Houston As an aside, I sent an email to all region members asking for paper judges and we got a large response, both oral and electronic – perhaps over 50 volunteers. My section, Southwest Texas Section, a historically strong and award- winning section is not as active as it used to be (there were even local sections of both ARS and IAS when AIAA formed).

13 Southwest Texas Educational Outreach 13

14 From Houstons Horizon Editor (Douglas Yazell) Hes been running (for free) ads for the Heinlein estate to sell a new printing of collected works. He wants to contact all section newsletter editors to see if they will run those ads. 14

15 15 Backup Slides

16 16

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