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AIAA Central Florida Section Council Meeting Randy Allen, Chair 11 November 2010.

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1 AIAA Central Florida Section Council Meeting Randy Allen, Chair 11 November 2010

2 2 Agenda Past Events Upcoming events Action Items Subcommittee Updates Miscellaneous

3 3 Past Events Navigator Executive Advisors presentation Career Development Principles Lessons learned… Historic Aerospace Site Dedication St. Pete Museum of History: AIAA/FAHS Alan Lowrey, Jerry Lutz, CMS Ortega, Randy Allen Flight 2014 event… Anyone interested in a design-build tandem seat/gear electric powered motor glider project? Neil Cosentino (813) 251-4669 Gene Hammond Aeroelasticity/Flutter Analysis Lessons learned…

4 4 Upcoming Events E-week (20-26 February 2011) Clints feedback Dominated by Civil Engineers Would need to invest time/effort to have influence Engineers Week Award Application 1 nominee from every society for each of the 8 awards See XLS file in folder: AIAA/Eweek/2011 Prefer to embrace our own Honors & Awards CD-adapco Star-CCM+ Training Training in November (postponed) Student training is on-going

5 5 Upcoming Events Aerospace Sciences Meeting / Career Workforce Devt Wednesday, 5 January (Marriott World Center. Grand Ballroom 8b) Panels (Resumes, Interviews, Career Transition, Financial Positioning, Skill Development) We need starter questions… Need panelists (HR reps, hiring managers) Invited Byron Eddins… Navigator Executive Advisors (outplacement services) are on-board Disney (Imagineer) hiring manager is on-board Need volunteers for logistics, etc at ASM CFS approved Dutch Driver as the Keynote Need to craft a story for local advertisement

6 6 Upcoming Events Byron Eddins Date: Thursday, 20 January Topic: Systems Engineering Time: 1730-2100 Location: Lockheed Martin, Sand Lake Need About the Presentation… Need About the Presenter… Survey Monkey for security purposes Need to order food, drinks, etc. Invite INCOSE

7 7 Action Items The BVI/VI Scholarship UCF and UF each will receive $500 Ts and Cs (ideas) AIAA Student Membership for minimum of one year (2nd year dues paid) Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in an aerospace program at UCF or UF Face-to-face interview with University Chapter officer (rubric) GPA requirement 3.6/4.0 (Transcripts?) Submit an essay (500-1000 words on Career Goals) Three references? Student branch requirement, community service involvement Accept applications in the Fall, award in spring Scholarship is not renewable (and does not have to be awarded) Note: To be extended to incoming freshmen the following year Asked Waheeda (UCF) for feedback (looks good)

8 8 Action Items Future Presentations/Presenters Propulsion engineer (Feb) Alan Marshall, ATK, chemical rockets (Tom) Adapting Aero to Sys Eng / Prog Mgt Tom Bargnesi, LM Deputy CNO Aviation Stan Arthur Airframe vibration, active damping, and measurement systems Andrew Joslin to find speaker Buddy Sessoms Piper jet (UCF grad) Helo pilot Sheriffs Dept

9 9 Subcommittees UCF (Yunjun Xu/Chris Penny) Paul Suhler (12 Nov) From RAINBOW to GUSTO: Stealth and the Design of the Lockheed Blackbird Lee Todd re: Heavy Lift Competition OS-61 FX Glow Fuel Engine - $189.99 (to be used for future competitions) Futaba FUTK6900 2.4 GHz TX/RX - $219.99 (to be used for future competitions) SAE does not sponsor any of the AeroDesign teams MMAE is contributing $3000 (building materials and travel expenses) All participants (Lee Todd, Craig Blackburn, David Newcomb, and Charles Andrews) are AIAA student members University of Florida (Rick Lind/Jason Panzarino) UCF to assist UF in adopting the train-the-trainer model Orange trophy for UCF/UF bragging rights Students to design trophy to kick-off competition

10 10 Subcommittees Pre-College (Jerry Lutz) Orlando Youth Aviation Center classes begin in January Veterans Day parade (Saturday) participation? Career & Workforce Development (Jerry Lutz) See ASM/CWD Communications (Brent York) Section email solution… Meeting minutes posted to site Education (Glenn Gebert) Job shadowing at Lockheed-Martin…

11 11 Subcommittees Honors and Awards (Andrew Joslin) Members receiving anniversary awards are recognized in April the following year. 25 and 40 year members receive certificates 50 year members receive Emeritus status (no more dues) + crystal paperweight 60 and 70 year members announced in Aerospace America + ??? recognition We can recognize anniversaries at the Section-level after April Other AIAA Awards… George M. Low Space Transportation Award Mechanics and Control of Flight Award Space Automation and Robotics Award DeFlorez Award for Flight Simulation

12 12 Subcommittees Membership (Aaron Blevins) Educators Associates: UCF masters in education program sponsored by Lockheed Martin for STEM educators offers EA membership campaign base (Similar programs may be identified at other local universities.) Communications have been established, POC/ Program director needs to be contacted… General Membership: Membership welcome kit/ packet as recommended by Mike Maynard is in concept phase. Hope to have general outline of content (digital download or physical mailing??) by next monthly council meeting for discussion…

13 13 Subcommittees Programs (Gino Bonfanti) Thank you for your assistance with the local events! Public Policy (Randy Allen) Inquired about a stipend for CVD $500 per person, need to fill out paperwork Technical (Clint Plaisted) Young Professionals (Tom Bargnesi) Alaina Reres?

14 14 Miscellaneous Rocket competition at LMMFC Water rockets ( Estimate aerodynamics and propulsion to determine CEP Then, assign a launch elevation Whoever predicts CEP closest wins Date? Aviation Magnate School (completion at Sun n Fun) Ernie Sanborn (863) 712-3000 Referred me to Jim Bernegger Jim Bernegger (863) 644-2431 Left voice mail

15 15

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