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Corporate Membership Committee January, 10, 2012 Nashville, TN.

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1 Corporate Membership Committee January, 10, 2012 Nashville, TN

2 CMC Meeting Agenda Introductions and CommentsJim Maser Overview of CMCMerrie Scott Key Institute Activities Merrie Scott Partnership with the National Forensic LeagueMerrie Scott China Delegation HighlightsSusan Ying New Events Update Basil Hassan Public Policy Update/NASA BudgetRoss Bell CMC Programs and Suggestions for 2012Merrie Scott Comments and Future Vision of AIAAMike Griffin Open DiscussionAll Adjourn for Reception in Exhibit HallAll 2

3 Overview of CMC Established in 1984 96 Corporate Members Chair asked to serve 2 or 3 year term at the discretion and appointment of AIAA President Each Corporate Member to have a primary and secondary (and more if wanted) point of contact. Primary point of contact is a member of the CMC. Each Corporate Member can have designate complimentary memberships (depending on size of your organization) to represent executive leadership Each Corporate Member to provide Washington DC and other points of contact Monthly (at least) communication with primary and secondary point of contacts Three times per year communication with all complimentary members on the corporate roster Special events just for Corporate Member Representatives Corporate Dues are based on Gross Annual Sales in Aerospace 3

4 Corporate Roster 96 on the Roster New Members: Alkyd Astronautics, Bellevue, WA, is a privately funded Seattle-based startup developing technologies for conducting commercial robotic space exploration of the solar system. CENTRA Technology, Inc, with offices in Burlington, MA and Arlington, VA, is a high- technology business providing security, analytic, technical, engineering, and management support to the government and private sectors in the areas of national security research and analysis, homeland security, engineering and program management support services; collaboration, exercises, and gaming; security risk management; information technology; training and program support; and acquisition management. Frontier Wind, Rocklin, CA, is the preeminent supplier of smart blade technology that redefines the wind industry. VanRSpace, West Palm Beach, FA, is an aerospace consulting company formed to provide technical and management and strategic support of space mission in the design, development, test and flight operations of scientific and human space flight. Dropped Members: Acutronic USA, Pittsburg, PA MBDA, Inc., Arlington, VA Star Technology and Research, Inc., Mount Airy, SC 4

5 Recent Programs October 22 – November 1, 2011, AIAA Aviation Delegation to China that included seven (7) manufacturing sites in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. September 30, 2011, Canoga Park, CA, AIAA hosted a facility tour and corporate member meeting at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne that included a tour of the Leadership Center, the Propulsion Museum, the DeSoto Facility and the PWR Manufacturing and Assembly Facilities. September 28, 2011, Long Beach, CA, AIAA hosted an industry partners reception in coordination with the AIAA SPACE 2011 Conference. September 23, 2011, Virginia Beach, VA, AIAA hosted an industry partners luncheon in coordination with the AIAA ATIO/Centennial of Naval Aviation Event. Special guests invited include: Lesa Roe and Jaiwon Shin. September 17, 2011, Chantilly, VA AIAA hosted the NRO 50 th Anniversary Celebration Gala at the National Air and Space Museum, Udvar Hazy Center. September 13, 2011, Reston, VA, AIAA Corporate Member Representatives had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Ron Kurjanowicz, who is Dr. Ashton Carter's (USD(AT&L)) lead on Independent Research and Development (IR&D), provided an overview of the DoD's current IR&D efforts. 5

6 2012 Programs March : Congressional Visits Day, Washington, DC May 9, 2012: Awards Gala, Washington, DC June 6 - 7, 2012: CMC Meeting and ATT Meeting, Williamsburg, VA 6

7 National Forensic League (NFL) AIAA Partnership with The National Forensic League (NFL) AIAA is partnering with the policy debate division of The National Forensic League, the national governing body for debate and speech events in the United States. The policy debate division will debate: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earths mesosphere. The debates began in September and conclude at the national championships in June 2012. This partnership offers the AIAA the opportunity to guide over 35,000 debaters for a year on the future of space policy and exploration doesnt come around often – this is the second time in 50 years that the topic has been debated. AIAA feels that this is great opportunity to reach a different audience and ENGAGE our corporate and policy committees throughout the year. 7

8 NFL A upcoming opportunity is identified below: AIAA and the NFL will present a space policy and technology panel at the Harvard University Debate Invitational and Round-Robin Tournament, on the evening of February 17, 2012, in Cambridge, Mass. Interested participants should contact Duane Hyland, AIAA Communications, at, or 703.264.7558. 8

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