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Sensor Systems Technical Committee Procedures July 2009.

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1 Sensor Systems Technical Committee Procedures July 2009

2 SENTC Procedures July 2009 2 CONTENTS Purpose and Charter Example activities Membership, attendance, participation Organization, Officers, Subcommittees, TAC Subcommittee Functions Supported Activities -- How Tos Membership Solicitation and Retention Yearly Calendar of Events Appendices

3 SENTC Procedures July 2009 3 Purpose This briefing is meant to serve as a guide to new and continuing Sensor Systems Technical Committee (SENTC) members. It contains descriptions of SENTC activities, expectations of members, guidelines for conducting committee business, examples of typical activities, and reference info It is based on standard AIAA TC guidelines as given in the TC Chair Handbook, as well as recent usual and customary activities as conducted by SENTC members It will be updated periodically as SENTC activities evolve

4 SENTC Procedures July 2009 4 AIAA Description of SENTC Scope SENSOR SYSTEMS TECHNICAL COMMITTEE Scope: Systems and technology for sensing of phenomena on and near aerospace systems, in space, on and under the surfaces, and in the atmospheres of Earth, lunar and planetary bodies.

5 SENTC Procedures July 2009 5 Abbreviated Charter -- from the Membership Call SENTC members foster the research, development, manufacturing, application, and operation of advanced sensor systems and sensor technologies throughout the aerospace community. We promote the advancement of sensor systems by facilitating information exchange and by providing informed positions on emerging sensor system issues. Our members are involved with a broad array of technologies covering: Sensor-based systems for remote sensing, in-situ measured imagery, and related data In-flight measurements associated with on-board and environmental conditions Sensors necessary to navigate, orient, position, and control aerospace vehicles Sensors providing information on the health and safety of passengers, crew, and vehicles Sensors for terrestrial, oceanographic, atmospheric, interplanetary, and deep space phenomena Sensor and systems for the detection, recognition, and tracking of moving objects Applications of photonics, nanotechnology, and MEMS devices as primary sensors

6 SENTC Procedures July 2009 6 Examples of Recent SENTC Activities Conferences Aerospace Sciences (ASM) – January Infotech@Aerospace – date varies, approx. every 18 mo. Space 20xx (new starting with Space 2009 ) – annually in September Potential new conference – Joint Propulsion Conference (annual, summer) Infotech@Aerospace Conference Procedures SENTC members participate in drafting and editing a conference planning guide (ongoing) SENTC members are also part of the Infotech@Aerospace (2009) Conference Planning Committee, including Technical Co-Chair AIAA Awards – Information Systems Joint Award bi-yearly (odd years) with Computer Systems Student Paper Awards New award started 2008, given for best student paper at ASM Journal Special Issues – JACIC New activity -- Special issue, Sensor Technology in Aerospace Systems, 2008 Publications – Aerospace America yearly topical update (December issue) Courses/Workshops New – Electro-Optics course planned for Infotech@Aerospace, April 2009 Liaisons with Other TCs Aerodynamic Measurement Technology (AMT); Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C); Space Systems (SS); Space Exploration Program Committee Liaisons with Other Professional Orgs IEEE, SPIE Student Activities -- Not formally supported but Encouraged – example, Judges for Student Paper Contests Local Section Activities -- Not formally supported but Encouraged

7 SENTC Procedures July 2009 7 Membership Requirements AIAA Requirements SENTC Membership solicitation Candidates for the Sensor Systems TC should be professionals with experience in sensor systems or sensor technology. We encourage the nomination of young professionals as Associate Members. We encourage the nomination of International members. Candidates may self-nominate via the AIAA website.

8 SENTC Procedures July 2009 8 Participation in SENTC Committee meetings – attendance SENTC typically holds 1-2 live meetings per year in association with major AIAA conferences. In recent years these have been at ASM and Infotech. Members are requested to attend at least one live meeting per year, and should solicit support from their management to attend. In addition, quarterly telecons are held (typically in June, September, January, and April) unless a live meeting is planned during that quarter. Members should attend all telecons if possible. Subcommittee support and participation All SENTC members should join at least one Subcommittee and participate in its activities. Members may join multiple Subcommittees. The Chair may solicit additional members from the TC as needed to support a particular Subcommittee in order to execute that Subcommittees activities. Subcommittee Chairs may conduct their own Subcommittee meetings as needed. The Chair and Secretary should be provided with any minutes or lists of action items resulting from such meetings. TC Member biographies All incoming (new) members should submit a brief one-paragraph professional biography to the Chair. This should include educational background, current professional (work) affiliation, research or technical interests, and related outside organizations (e.g.,IEEE) in which the member plays an active role. Contact Information Members should keep their AIAA contact information up-to-date, especially phone and email addresses. Much TC business is conducted via phone and email. AIAA Membership All TC members must maintain membership in AIAA – this is an Institute requirement.

9 SENTC Procedures July 2009 9 AIAA Technical Activities (TAC) Organization Engineering & Technology Management Aircraft & Air Transportation Systems and Operations Propulsion & Energy Space & Missiles Aerospace Sciences Information Systems James Neidhoefer Structures, Design & Test Technical Committees Program Committees Sensor Systems (SENTC) Computer Systems Digital Avionics Intelligent Systems Software Communications V.P.-TAC (Laura McGill) Notes: Deputy V.P. – TAC is Basil Hassan AIAA Staff Liaison for Technical Activities is Betty Guillie,

10 SENTC Procedures July 2009 10 AIAA TAC -- Information Systems Group Current Director: J. Neidhoefer Member TCs: Sensor Systems Communications Computer Systems Software Intelligent Systems Digital Avionics

11 SENTC Procedures July 2009 11 General Membership Guidelines This is YOUR committee: Help Improve It! Dont be shy -- Speak Up & Be Active Dont be afraid to ask Dont be afraid to suggest

12 SENTC Procedures July 2009 12 SENTC Meetings Quarterly meetings Sit-down meetings at 1-2 AIAA conferences/yr As of 2009: ASM, Infotech Telecons to make up remainder of schedule Subcommittees Meet by agreement or conduct business via email, telecon cc: Chair & Secretary of meetings & resulting actions/decisions

13 SENTC Procedures July 2009 13 SENTC – Committee Organization Officers Chair Chair-Elect Secretary Immediate Past Chair Subcommittees Steering Membership Honors & Awards Publications Conference Support Subcommittees Ad-hoc Committees formed on as-needed basis See list on following page Liaisons Other AIAA TCs/PCs and Outside Prof Organizations (see list, following page)

14 SENTC Procedures July 2009 14 SENTC -- Officers Chair Responsible for overall direction & conduct of TC activities Approves new membership requests Appoints Subcommittee Chairs Heads Steering Subcommittee – ex officio members: Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Secy, Subcommittee Chairs Chair-Elect Available to act in absence of the Chair Close coordination with Chair to learn TC operations Conducts Strategic Planning (w/Steering Subcomm.) in advance of Chairmanship tenure ex officio member of Membership Subcommittee Secretary Responsible for recording minutes & maintaining official TC documents Immediate Past Chair Corporate Memory of recent TC activities & events; advise & counsel Other as requested by Chair (e.g., liaison with other TAC activities)

15 SENTC Procedures July 2009 15 Future TC Chair Training Held yearly in conjunction with Aerospace Sciences Meeting in January TC should have (at least) 1 representative there every year Chair-Elect or other Officers unless training already taken Other TC members with interest in future role as Officer and/or Chair Chair will send email to solicit request for attendance when notified by AIAA TAC (typically, in late Fall) Note, in recent years some travel assistance (funding) from AIAA has been available; limited to 1 person per TC per year

16 SENTC Procedures July 2009 16 SENTC -- Subcommittees Steering Membership Honors and Awards Publications Conference Support (Ad Hoc by conference) Currently (Jan 2009): –ASM –Infotech –Space (new) –GN&C (support role)

17 SENTC Procedures July 2009 17 SENTC -- Liaisons with Other Organizations Other AIAA TCs and PCs Aerodynamic Measurement Technology TC GN&C TC Space Systems TC Space Exploration PC Conference planning Infotech, JPC Other Information Systems Group TCs Informal liaisons but important (see list on following page) via ISG Committee meetings (semi-annually), direct contact Outside Organizations IEEE

18 SENTC Procedures July 2009 18 Subcommittee Functions – Steering Responsible for overall guidance & nurturing of TC Also responsible for Strategic Planning for TC (~3 year horizon) Headed by Chair ex officio members: Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Secretary, Subcommittee Chairs Charter: Identify New initiatives for SENTC Identify changes in TC structure to meet future needs Identify TC weaknesses and recommend plans to address Meetings: On an as-needed basis, called by Chair

19 SENTC Procedures July 2009 19 Subcommittee Functions -- Membership Prepare and distribute calls for membership at major AIAA conferences Identify potential new TC members, International Members, and Associate Members from participants at sponsored conferences, authors, personal contacts within industry Encourage interested applicants to apply or to contact Chair ex officio members of Subcommittee: TC Chair & Chair-Elect

20 SENTC Procedures July 2009 20 Membership Solicitation and Retention -- Details SENTC is always looking for new members. Please mention us to your Colleagues. Be sure to brief your Management on your activities in SENTC. A Call for Membership flyer is available from the Chair, Membership Committee, or Secretary Members attending any AIAA conference that is not normally supported by SENTC are requested to leave some copies of the Call in the registration area. Please notify the Membership Subcommittee Chair or TC Chair so they know you are doing this. At the conference, be sure to coordinate with local AIAA staff in the registration area when leaving flyers. Colleagues who may be interested in joining SENTC should be referred to the Chair or a Membership Committee member for a follow-up contact General TC membership info and application forms are on the AIAA website Formal membership start/end dates are by the AIAA calendar, but the Chair can extend provisional membership to potential members who have submitted an application Colleagues who may be interested in SENTC may be invited as (non-participating) Guests to a TC meeting. Please notify the Chair if you wish to do this. SENTC members who must leave the TC early or suspend their participation for any extended or uncertain duration should notify the Chair as soon as practical. If you are leaving the TC early, it is a very good idea to find and nominate a colleague to replace you.

21 SENTC Procedures July 2009 21 Subcommittee Functions – Honors and Awards Joint Award Information Systems Award, joint w/Computer Systems TC Presented bi-annually in odd-numbered years Student awards Best student paper award at ASM sessions SENTC Membership recognition Please solicit support from TC Chair for applications for grade elevation at AIAA or formal recognition to supervisor, if needed

22 SENTC Procedures July 2009 22 Subcommittee Functions -- Publications Aerospace America article Inputs usually due around 1 Sep every year Planning starts at ASM (Jan.) every year Website Other publications as needed

23 SENTC Procedures July 2009 23 SENTC – Ad Hoc Subcommittees: Conferences Ad Hoc subcommittees formed as needed to support conferences, with a lead as required for each activity Lead attends any required planning meetings/telecons Lead responsible for contact/liaisons with other TCs, as needed For ordinary course of business activities Unusual and/or new arrangements ask TC Chair for help Lead solicits members directly to support preparation of CfP, review of abstracts/papers, formation of special/invited sessions, session Chairs and Co-Chairs cc: TC Chair on all requests Chairs Directive: TC Members, Support our Conference activities! Outgoing lead solicits replacement directly or asks TC Chair to solicit

24 SENTC Procedures July 2009 24 Supported Activities – Conference Support Details Ongoing Conferences (examples: ASM, Infotech) SENTC provides one (or more) Topic Area (TA) Chair(s) to help draft the Call for Papers for the next conference TA Chair follows Call for Papers revision cycle and release, participates as needed TA Chair should receive CAS (Conference web submission tool) username and password for viewing abstracts submitted After abstract due date, TA Chair reviews number of abstracts and solicits SENTC members as reviewers –TA Chair assigns reviewers a CAS username and review due date; alternately (small number of papers) TA Chair can send out PDFs of abstracts and mark their status when reviews are received TA Chair participates as directed by Conference Planners in partitioning accepted papers among sessions and ordering the sessions TA Chair solicits SENTC members to be session Chairs/Co-Chairs –In some cases (Invited or Special sessions) the Session Chairs may be selected in advance of the abstract deadline If participating in a Joint session, TA Chair must coordinate with counterpart on the other TC(s) TA Chair attends conference and ensures Session Chairs are available; arranges for substitutes in the event of emergencies –Note: Session Chairs are responsible for enforcing the AIAA no paper, no podium rules TA Chair nominates a successor from within SENTC for the next conference The successor TA Chair may be requested to attend a planning session (typically, at the current conference) for next years conference –The successor TA Chair starts the cycle anew (go to top of this list)

25 SENTC Procedures July 2009 25 Ad Hoc Subcommittees: Other TC Chair will form other Ad Hoc subcommittees as needed for special activities, and solicit or assign membership

26 SENTC Procedures July 2009 26 Supported Activities – Other Student Activities TC members are encouraged to participate in student activities, e.g., Judges for Student Paper competitions TC members are encouraged to visit and/or brief local university student chapters SENTC currently has no involvement in DBF (Design-Build-Fly) activities Local Section Activities TC members should make local sections aware of their participation in SENTC activities TC members are encouraged to participate in local section activities Public Policy No recent activity on behalf of SENTC

27 SENTC Procedures July 2009 27 SENTC Calendar of Events (typical) DateNotesWhos Responsible Jan(*) TC meetingall Begin prep for AA annual articlePublications Subcomm. Begin solicitations for joint awardsH&A Subcomm. 31 JanOfficial rosters & TC annual report dueTC Chair April (*) TC meetingall 15 AprilAssociate Fellow nominations due 1 MayAIAA official beginning of TC year June (*) TC meetingall 15 JuneFellow, Hon. Fellow noms. Due (approx.) 1 SepAerospace America article draft duePublications Subcomm. 1 AugNew TC member applications period openNew members Sep (*) TC meetingall 1 NovNew TC member applications dueNew members (varies)Conference support activitiesTC members as assigned (*) = approximate, at Chairs discretion

28 SENTC Procedures July 2009 28 APPENDICES

29 SENTC Procedures July 2009 29 Sensor Systems Technical Committee (SENTC) Official Charter The Charter of the Sensor Systems Technical Committee (SENTC) is to foster the research, development, manufacturing, application, and operation of advanced sensor systems and sensor technologies throughout the aerospace community. The committee promotes the advancement of sensor systems by facilitating information exchange (via technical correspondence and conferences), and by providing informed positions on emerging sensor system issues. Sensor Systems technologies are broadly defined to include sensor-based systems utilized for (1) acquisition and interpretation of remote sensing or in-situ measured imagery or other data forms; (2) in-flight measurement and definition of physical phenomena associated with on-board and external environmental conditions necessary to navigate, orient, position, and control the vehicle and provide information about health and safety of the passengers, crew, and vehicle; (3) measurement and definition of physical, electromagnetic, chemical, biological or other related data characterizing terrestrial, oceanographic, atmospheric, interplanetary, and deep space phenomena and effects; (4) detection, recognition, and tracking of moving objects in the atmosphere or space from ground- based stations and airborne or space borne platforms. The Sensor Systems technologies include also applications of photonics, nanotechnology, and advanced micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) devices as primary sensors in the Sensor Systems defined above and in other related technology areas. -- from the SENTC website

30 SENTC Procedures July 2009 30 Typical SENTC Meeting/Telecon Agenda Minutes from previous meeting Reports from Conferences currently in work i.e., status of abstracts/papers/session planning Reports on other activities currently in work i.e., awards currently in solicitation/evaluation i.e., publications currently in work Reports from other Officers and Subcommittee Chairs (as needed) Status reports from Other TC/Outside Liaisons Update on TAC news (Chair) Other news/announcements (Chair) New business Setup of side meetings/Subcommittee meetings Plans for next full SENTC meeting

31 SENTC Procedures July 2009 31 AIAA Membership Call Flyer (for Conference Distribution, 2006) excerpt (see Chair or Secretary for full copy) SENSOR SYSTEMS PROFESSIONALS HELP GUIDE THE FUTURE OF YOUR SPECIALTY Join AIAAs Sensor Systems Technical Committee (SENTC) SENTC is recruiting additional members. We can add additional Members as well as Associate Members (under age 35). Nominations can be submitted at any time. Why you should join Meet regularly with other sensor system professionals (usually at AIAA conferences) Swap ideas, news, and help formulate positions Organize technical conference sessions Develop SENTC publications Evaluate candidates for sensor and information systems awards

32 SENTC Procedures July 2009 32

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