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Propulsion and Energy (P&E) TCs

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1 Propulsion and Energy (P&E) TCs
Ashwani K. Gupta Director, P&E Group August 2, 2009

2 Agenda Introduction Updates from Staff JPC 2009 - Dan Lichting
JPC 2010 – Tech Chair: Lance Chenault, Exec Chair: Dr. Woodrow Whitlow) – (sponsorship: Jacobs Technology/ATA, NASA Marshall, NASA GRC, NASA Stennis) + Seeking support from GE Aviation, Honeywell, Aerojet, Lockheed Martin Company, ATK, Rolls Royce, Moog , ..) JPC San Diego (Tech. chair, General chair, sponsorship,…) - all JPC steering committee chair - Keith McManus JPC 2012 – Location? (Tech. chair, General chair, sponsorship,…) Educational – Ian Halliwell Update from May meeting TC chair reports - 5 minute each Other Business

3 P&E Organization Director Propulsion & Energy Ashwani Gupta
Deputy Director Air-Breathing Propulsion Jeff Hamstra Deputy Director Rocket & Space Propulsion I-Shih Chang Deputy Director Energy David Lilley Gas Turbine Engines TC High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC Air Breathing Propulsion Integration TC Hybrid Rockets TC Liquid Propulsion TC Solid Rockets TC Electric Propulsion TC Aerospace Power Systems TC Terrestrial Energy Systems TC Deputy Director Advanced Propulsion & Technologies Selma Goldstein Green Energy Tech. (GET) Working Group Bill Lear / V. Lyons Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion TC Energetic Components & Systems TC Propellants & Combustion TC

4 P&E Group Directors Director – Ashwani K. Gupta
Phone: Deputy Director, Air-Breathing Propulsion - Jeff Hamstra Phone: Deputy Director, Rocket & Space Propulsion - I-Shih Chang Phone: Deputy Director, Advanced Propulsion & Technologies - Selma Goldstein Phone: Deputy Director, Energy - David Lilley Phone:

5 TC Chair (* = New TC chair)
Name Position Affiliation Energy TC's Dr. David Lilley Chair – Terrestrial Energy Oklahoma State University Harout Ayvazian Chair – Aerospace Power Systems The Boeing Company Past Chair: Mr. Michael Piszczor, NASA Glenn Research Center Propulsion TC's ABP Dr. Ray Best Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration Hawker Beechcraft Dr. Robert Bruckner Gas Turbine Engines NASA GRC Dr. Marty Bradley High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Boeing Phantom Works Past Chair ABP, Dr. Clarence Chenault, Ohio Aerospace Institute Rocket * Prof. Lyon King Chair - Electric Propulsion Michigan Tech Univ Space Past Chair, Dan Goebel, Jet Propulsion Lab Prop. * Arif Karabeyoglu Chair - Hybrid Rockets SPG Corp Past Chair: Dr. Andrew Prince, ATK Thiokol * Mr. Scott Miller Chair - Liquid Propulsion Aerojet Corp. Past Chair: Carl Engelbrecht, Johns Hopkins Univ/APL * Mr. Clyde Carr Chair - Solid Rockets ATK, Baltimore, MD Past Chair: Thomas Moore, ATK Tactical Prop & Controls, Baltimore, MD Advanced Karl RInk Chair - Energetic Components & Systems University of Idaho Prop Past Chair: Dr. Barry T. Neyer, Perkin Elmer Optoelectronics * Mr. Bryan Palaszewski, Chair - Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion NASA GRC Past chair: Benjamin B. Donahue, Boeing Prof. Fred Gouldin, Chair - Propellants & Combustion Cornell University Past Chair: Dr. Keith McManus, GE Global Research

6 TAC Organization - 2008 Interaction Vice President Staff Liaison
Deputy VP Groups of Discipline and Technology Committees Groups of Technology Integration, Systems, and Program Committees Database And IT Interaction Committee Liaisons New Initiatives New Programs

7 Future JPC Planning JPC Locations 2004 Ft. Lauderdale, Pratt&Whitney
2005 Tucson, Raytheon 2006 Sacramento, Aerojet 2007 Cincinnati, GE Hartford, Pratt & Whitney Denver, LM Nashville (NASA GRC, Jacobs Technology/ATA, NASA Marshall, NASA Stennis) – update from AIAA San Diego, (sponsorship??) – update from AIAA TBD Charleston, Montreal, Boston, Baltimore, Savannah (P&E 7/20/08) TBD Seattle, Anchorage, Albuquerque, San Jose Cleveland

8 JPC Statistics

9 IECEC Statistics

10 IECEC and JPC are co-located in Denver
What does this mean? Program structure is the same for both conferences which makes merging conferences relatively straight forward Each conference will have its own assigned rooms Both Planning committees will meet in Orlando to work on finalizing the program and co-sponsored sessions Both conferences have the same deadline dates and registration fee, and those that purchase the proceedings will have access to all papers Each conference had it's own call for papers, including a line by the title of the conference that says “including (other conference's name)” Listings will be combined for prel. and final program to give people the best outlook to what they can expect the program to be on-site. Hopefully with the strength of both programs we can increase the over all Conference attendance * International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC)

11 Passport to the Future Teacher Workshop (3-4 August)
Objective is to provide K-12 teachers materials to explain the aerospace industry and demystify math and science for their students, Concurrent sessions will focus on hands-on standards based activities. Participants can network with other educators from across the country and share ideas on how to inspire your students. This event was created for teachers who are interested in astronautics and aeronautics and want to learn about the technical side of hands-on activities. The grade level focus is from kindergarten to grade 12. Teachers may attend technical exhibits, plenary session and technical sessions. Contact: Lisa Bacon at (AIAA Manager, Pre-College Outreach/Student Activities

12 JPC Conference Sessions - Topics
Aircraft Propulsion; Air Breathing, Combined Cycle Systems and Components Air Breathing Propulsion Integration (ABP - 7 Sessions) Gas-Turbine Engine (GTE – 14 Sessions) Hypersonic and Combined Cycle Propulsion (HYP - 16 Sessions, includes 1 panel) System Concepts and Supporting Propulsion Technology (SCP - 10 Sessions, incl’s 1 panel) Rockets & Space Propulsion Space & Earth-to-Orbit Vehicle Systems (VS - 7 Sessions, includes 1 panel) Electric Propulsion (EP - 21 Sessions) Liquid Rocket Propulsion (LP - 31 Sessions) Hybrid Rocket Propulsion (HR - 6 Sessions, includes 1 K.K. Kuo) Solid Rocket Propulsion (SR - 15 Sessions, includes 1 K.K. Kuo) In-space Propulsion Technologies (ISP - 2 Sessions, includes 1 panel) Advanced Propulsion & Technologies Advanced Propulsion Concepts for Future Flight (APC - 6 Sessions) Energetic Components & Systems (ECS - 4 Sessions) Ground Test (GT - 8 Sessions) Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion Systems (NFF - 6 Sessions) Propellants & Combustion (PC - 17 Sessions, includes 1 K.K. Kuo) History & Education History (HIS - 2 Sessions, plus 2 joint with LP) Propulsion Education (EDU - 2 Sessions)

13 45th JPC VIP Guests/Speakers
Position Speaker/Panel Chair Candidate Monday “Innovation in Launch and Space System Propulsion” Conf. Opening Activity Apollo Anniversary Panel – Coordinated & Chaired by Bob Dickman, Exec. Dir. AIAA (Arnie Aldrich, Gerry Griffin, Glynn Lunney, Frank Van Rensselaer, J.R. Thompson, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, Bob Sieck) JPC Welcome to Colorado – “Workforce Development and the Future of Aerospace in Colorado” Colorado Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien Exec Dinner Host John Karas, Vice President LM Space Systems Co., Humand Flight Systems Tuesday “Innovation in Aeronautical and Exo-Atmospheric Propulsion” AM Keynote Speaker Dr. Werner Dahm (USAF Chief Scientist) Evening: Denver Museum of Nature and Science Wednesday “Innovation’s Future” Brian Duffy (LMC, VP): Innovation’s Future - Constellation Initiatives Luncheon Speaker Gen. Bob Kehler (USAF Space Command) Intro by Mike Gass (Pres. United Launch Alliance)

14 45th JPC Panels, Chairs, and Members
Position Panel Chair Candidate Contact Lead Status Monday “Innovation in Launch and Space Vehicle Applications” Monday AM Panel “Innovation in Launch Vehicle Applications – Boosters” Co-Chairs: R. Johnson (The Aerospace Corp.) R. Kendall (Aerospace), J. Sponnick (ULA), B. Tiller (NASA/MSFC), M. Vozoff (SpaceX) Monday Early PM Panel “Innovation in Launch Vehicle Appltns - Upper Stages” Chair: G. Sowers (United Launch Alliance) K. Chojnacki (NASA/MSFC), B. Kutter (ULA ), M. Vozoff (SpaceX), M. Wilkins (ULA), Monday Late PM Panels a) “Innovation in In-Space Prop., Customer Views” b) “Industry Challenges for the Next Generation Tactical Propulsion System” a) Chair: J. Henderson (LMSSC Prop.Fellow) & W. Smith (Aerojet, Exe.Dir.BD) P. Garrison (JPL), Col. J. Maestas (USAF/SC), D. Bair (Echostar) b) Chair/Coord: J. Neidert K. Maikis (NAMMO), C. Shanholtz (Raytheon), K. Tappe (ATK), F. Tse (NSWC), B. Waltz (Aerojet), K. Naumann (Bayem-Chemie), J. Fleming (Roxel UK), J. Hurdle (GD-ATP) Tuesday “Innovation in Aeronautic and Trans-Atmospheric Applications” Tuesday AM Panel “Commercial Aero-space – Towards Greater Fuel Efficiency” Chair:, Dr. J. Sabris (Chief Engineer, Systems Analysis & Aerodynamics, PW) L. Bruno (Hamilton Sundstrand), C. Colin (Goodrich) Tuesday PM Panel “Addressing Aviation Energy Demand through Propulsion Efficiency“ Chair: Dr. J. Kenyon (Assoc. Dir. Aerospace Tech., Office Secretary of Defense) D. Carlson (GE Aviation) F. Collier (NASA), B. Koop (AFRL), J. Sabris (PW), J. Moorehouse (LM Aero) Tuesday Early PM Panel ““Military Aero – F35 Prop. Integration” Chair: J.D. McFarlan (LM Aeronautics, VP. F-35 Development) T. Johnson (PW), Capt. J. Martins (USAF), J. Gspandl (GE Aviation)) Tuesday Late PM Panel “Where Next in Hypersonics? A View from Industry ” Chair: Prof. Mark Lewis (U. Md., School of Eng.) J. Castro (PW), L. McKinney (McKinney), G. Orton (Boeing) Wednesday “Innovation’s Past and Future Applications” Wednesday AM Panel “Best & Worst of Times in Space Flt.” Chair: Dr. E. Rice (Orbitec) Allan McDonald (Orbitec) and Dr. James Hansen (Auburn) Wednesday PM Panel “OSTP - Biennial Update to National Plan for Aeronautics R&D and Related Infrastructure” Co-Chairs: Dr. R. Samanta Roy (OSTP) and Dr. J. Shin (NASA) A President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy “Public Consultation” session



17 TAC guideline for new awards

18 Conference Costs per Head -BD


20 Keynote Panel & Speakers
Monday AM Technical Conference Opening Activity Apollo Anniversary Panel (in place of Keynote) Chair: Bob Dickman, Exec. Dir. AIAA Panelists: Arnie Aldrich, Gerry Griffin, Glynn Lunney, Frank Van Rensselaer, J.R. Thompson, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, Bob Sieck Greetings from Colorado Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien Tuesday AM Keynote Dr. Werner Dahm, USAF Chief Scientist Wednesday AM Keynote Brian Duffy, Lockheed Martin, VP, Altair Programs Mgr Wednesday Awards Banquet At convention center open to all conference attendees as included in their registration fees Speaker – Gen. Bob Kehler USAF/SC

21 Technical Conference Expectation
Approximately ~835 Abstracts Submitted Approximately 38 Abstracts Rejected Typical 15% Withdrawal/No-Show  Expect ~ 680 paper in 174 sessions Keynotes and Special Panel Sessions Apollo Anniversary Panel (Monday) 2 Keynote (Tuesday & Wednesday) and Awards Speakers 10 Special Panel Sessions Organized by Academic, Technical, and General Chair, and their delegates (including LM Fellows J. Hamstra & J. Clarke) 2 on Public Policy, including a OSTP Public Consultation Session Ad Hoc Special Sessions (Ares, X-51, Prof. K. Kuo [3])

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