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AIAA Central Florida Section Council Meeting Randy Allen Chair 14 June 2012.

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1 AIAA Central Florida Section Council Meeting Randy Allen Chair 14 June 2012

2 2 Agenda Action Items Calendar Subcommittee Updates

3 3 Action Items Upcoming Events N/A Audit Committee Jose, Amanda, and Yunjun volunteered Budget Review Randy and Jim to meet Student branch funding $500 to each university (UCF and UF) Fall and Spring Need to justify allocation of funds

4 4 Action Items Review By-Laws Council to read and provide feedback to Randy Discuss RAC Report 2012_06_RAC-2 Section Status Report_Central_Florida.pdf

5 5 Agenda Action Items Calendar Subcommittee Updates

6 6 JUN: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Audit, Budget, and Annual Reports (due 30 Jun) CAT II Section Awards (due 30 Jun) Annual Goals Career Enhancement, Membership, Pre- College, Public Policy, and Young Professionals Educational, Technical Update Officers Online Appoint RLC Attendees (2-3 Aug in Atlanta, GA) Josh, Jose $500 reimbursement

7 7 JUL: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Attend Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) 2-3 August 2012 in Atlanta, GA Complete Committee Staffing for the Section Complete/Submit Section Insurance Form (due 1 August) Summer Camp @ UCF (Thursday, 19 July) Need student volunteers

8 8 AUG: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) August is for Aerospace UCF Aviation Design (quantitative requirements) Publish a Newsletter Distinguished Lecturer (Fall) John Anderson (Clint) Distinguished Service Award Nominee Notify Headquarters of Insurance Deductions (due 1 August) AIAA Engineer of the Year Award Nominee

9 9 SEP: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Contact Student Branch Faculty Advisors (Mutual Programs) Coordinate Membership Development Technical Committee Nominees

10 10 OCT: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Receive Rebate from HQ (Audit, Budget, and Annual Report) Forward AIAA Engineer of the Year Award Nominees to Regional Director

11 11 NOV: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Wings n Things (Saturday, 3 November) Senior Design Reviews (UF/UCF) Submit Category III Incentive Rebate Request to Regional Director

12 12 DEC: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Distinguished Lecturer (Spring) Paul Zarchan

13 13 JAN: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Finalize Plans for Engineers Week YMCA Rocket Launch (Abi Rutledge,

14 14 FEB: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Seminole County Science Fair Student Paper/Presentation Reviews (UF/UCF) Engineers Week

15 15 MAR: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Congressional Visits Day Sun n Fun Begin Nomination Process for Section Officers Associate Fellow and Fellow Nominees

16 16 APR: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Student Conference NC State in 2013 Awards Banquet Recognize 25-, 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-year members Membership upgrades Special awards (e.g. member of the year) Review Nominees for Council Positions Honorary Fellows Nominees

17 17 MAY: Calendar Year (1 JUN – 31 MAY) Begin Transition of New Officers Audit & Budget and Officers Roster (due 30 June) Annual Report and CAT II Section Award nominations (due 30 June) STEM K-12 (Wings n Things, E-week YMCA, Sun n Fun, Southwest Middle School, Lyman High School, Educator Associates) Public Policy (Almost A4A, CVD) Membership (Retention, Membership upgrades) Communication (Electronic announcements, AIAA banner)

18 18 Agenda Action Items Calendar Subcommittee Updates

19 19 Region II Deputy Directors Career Enhancement Activities Cynthia Williams: Membership Activities Joseph Sims: STEM K-12 Activities John Fay: Public Policy Steve Justice:

20 20 Region II Deputy Directors (continued) Young Professional Activities Christianne Hamilton: Educational Activities Cassy Dellinger: Technical Activities Tom Mensah:

21 21 Central Florida Section Facility Representatives Lockheed Martin (MFC) Glenn Gebert Others?

22 22 Career and Workforce Development: Jerry Lutz Time Management Workshops Career Transition Workshops Career Benefits Workshops (health care reform, financial planning, etc.) Technical vs. Management Career Path Workshops Resume Writing/Interviewing Skills Employee Assistance Programs (Job Fairs) Announcements of Job Openings

23 23 Membership: Aaron Blevins New member recruitment Students –UCF/UF encourage national membership (benefits) Educator Associates –A mixer to share STEM ideas, and Teachers to learn more Professional –LM Facility Rep to meet with new-hires (benefits) Retention campaigns

24 24 Membership: Aaron Blevins Member upgrades sponsored by the section Number of RAC meetings Number of section officers attending RLC Number of National award nominations submitted by section members

25 25 STEM K-12: Morgan Ewen Increase educator associate members and educator conference attendance Expand recognition of teachers for efforts contributing to a stronger aerospace workforce Expand online K-12 materials Section Member participation in competitions and programs as coaches, mentors, judges, hosts of local events and directly working with students in classroom environment

26 26 STEM K-12: Morgan Ewen Southwest Middle School (LEGO Mindstorms NXT) Jack/Kathy Colpas: Reach for the Stars Natl Rocket Competition Wings n Things Engineers Week / YMCA rocket launch Aero Academy (Lakeland) Educator Associates Seminole County Science Fair Orange County?

27 27 Public Policy: Amanda DePreta Events Section participation in Congressional Visits Day Section participation in August is for Aerospace Special Public Policy Section Events People Congressmen/women Senators Industries Modeling and Simulation Missiles and Fire Control

28 28 Young Professionals: Jose Castillo Speak at a Student Branch meeting / share experience (Amanda?) Other young engineers at your place of employment Identify Lawrence Sperry Award candidates Young Professional's Aerospace Career Handbook (Student Branch meeting) Awareness of Advice to Rocket Scientists Associate Technical Committee Membership Half-price dues program

29 29 Education: Yunjun Xu UCF (Yunjun Xu: Advisor, Josh Giffin: President) UF (Rick Lind: Advisor, Joe Veingrad: President) Professional development (members only) LabVIEW, StarCCM+, MATLAB/Simulink, etc. Student development Foundation Design Competitions Scholarships (AIAA and CFS) Regional Student Conference (papers, judges) UF papers cross-pollinate UCF activities C Programming class at UCF

30 30 Technical: Clint Plaisted Technical activities within our Section Technical activities with other Sections Cape Canaveral Palm Beach Technical Mini-Symposia Modeling and Simulation Missiles and Fire Control

31 31 Programs: Gino Bonfanti Distinguished Lecturers and other Section events SpaceX tour (Clint/Amanda)

32 32 Honors and Awards: Randy Allen Sustained Service Jim/Jerry, nominations due 1 Jul, references due? Associate Fellow Yunjun (Rick), nomination due 1 May, references due 1 Jun

33 33 Communications: Brent York Newsletters Web sites Electronic Announcements (i.e., e-mails, fax) Advertising/Public Affairs Use of the AIAA Table Top Display, AIAA banner Use of Company's TV monitors and posting services Articles to Regional newsletters, AeroSpace America magazine, local newsletters

34 34

35 35 Miscellaneous Category Funding CAT I: Membership CAT II: Section awards CAT III: Regional Directors discretion CAT IV: Vice President, Member Services discretion CAT V: Section start-up Region/Section Leadership Manual AllItems.aspx

36 36 Membership

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