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Dusty Arp Elementary 4th grade mid-year G/T November 2001.

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2 Dusty Arp Elementary 4th grade mid-year G/T November 2001

3 Hi. My name is Toby Taliaferro. Im a puny little white mouse. HI!

4 I was driving my old Model T under the boards. I was going to visit my grandma downstairs.

5 Then suddenly I stopped with a screech. Old Nannr Puddin the cat was a few feet away from me. So I drove in a closet real quick. I waited a few seconds. Then I peeked out the door. The old cat was still there. I peeked out a few more times, but no luck. So I laid in the seat and dozed off.

6 While I was dreaming. I dreamed that I was walking down Mouse Blvd., when suddenly a red Porsche showed up. A strange voice inside said, This babys yours! I was so excited.that I drove off in it!

7 When I got on Monkey Lane, girls were swooning all around me. Then hippo handed me an electric guitar. I started singing Im a yankee doodle dandy, Im a yankee do or die! I sang like a rock star in my puny voice.

8 I was thinking of a famous rock star like Michael Jackson. I just kept singing and singing and everybody just kept clapping and clapping. I think I could do this all my life. I could earn enough money to buy a gourmet meal every time I eat. Man this sure is fun.

9 I mean by getting the spot light and everything. I asked the hippo if I could have the guitar, but the hippo said No, that is my personal guitar. I replied I understand. I was so disappointed.

10 Someone in the crowd suggested I put on a concert, but I didnt think it was a good idea. Creeeeeak! Ahhhhh! The cat got in the closet! So I cranked up the motor on my old Model T, and VAROOM, I was off.

11 The old cat started chasing me. I drove under the boards so the cat couldnt catch me. Then I drove off on Giraffe St. and went back home. Thats the last time Im going to make an attempt to see my grandma unless she comes see me, I said.

12 Microsoft Paint Microsoft ClipArt Microsoft ClipArt Gallery/

13 What is this story named? What is the mouse named? What did he get chased by? Where did he go? On what street did he walk on? What kind of car showed up and what color was it? What did the strange voice say? When were girls all over him? What did he sing? Who did he think he was? What kind of car did he have? Was he really a rock star for a day?

14 1. Rock Star For A Day 2. Toby 3. A cat 4. In a closet 5. Mouse Blvd. 6. A Porsche and the color was red 7. This babys yours! 8.When he got on Monkey Lane 9. Im a Yankee Doodle Dandy 10. Michael Jackson 11. ModelT 12. No

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