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Who Dunnit! Group five: Amber Zevin noey Jordan Rodney.

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2 Who Dunnit! Group five: Amber Zevin noey Jordan Rodney

3 First project We all had our finger prints made. Then we classified them as Whirl, loop, or arch. Last we Added up our classmates finger prints to ours and compared them.

4 Second Project We analyzed all of Mrs. Irwins class finger prints! Then we totaled them up!

5 Third Project We tested the substances Sugar, Salt, Corn Starch, And Baking Power against water, vinegar, and iodine! Then we Wrote down our observations on a chart!

6 Fourth Project We made Teeth impressions on a paper plate. Then one person in our group went out of the room, While one person left in the group bit a piece of Chocolate. Then the person that left the room had to find out who bit the chocolate by comparing the teeth impressions.


8 Sixth Project For the Sixth project we solved a Crime. We Analyzed a Crime scene and picked up clues. We think that Dan the Man Committed the Crime.

9 Our Evidence to solve the crime There was a Powdery Substance that was found which was Baking Soda. We found this out because the substance was tested against vinegar, and it fizzed. Which Happens when the two substances are mixed. Therefore, the only person that carried Baking soda was Dan The Man! We also measured the suspects foot print and did a math equation to figure out some what the height of the suspect.

10 The Height that we figured out was closest to being Dan the Mans Height! We also found a Chocolate bar that had protruding teeth marks on it. The only person with protruding teeth was Dan The Man!

11 Our Conclusions of the project We all enjoyed the project, and enjoyed working as a team to solve the crime. Zevin liked the substance testing, Jordan liked working together, Amber liked making the finger prints, Rodney liked substance testing, and Noey liked Substance testing!

12 The Mystery Has Been Solved!

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