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Human Resource Management Business Concepts and Careers.

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1 Human Resource Management Business Concepts and Careers

2 Human Resource Management The policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’: ◦ behavior ◦ attitudes ◦ performance

3 HR Responsibilities Job Analysis Recruiting & Hiring Employees Training & Development Performance Management Pay & Benefits Employee Relations Establishing Policies Following all Labor laws

4 Job Analysis Getting detailed information about a job Writing a job description

5 Recruiting and Hiring Employees Recruiting ◦ Finding qualified people to apply for job Hiring ◦ Selecting the best person ◦ Does this person have the necessary  Knowledge?  Skills?  Abilities?  Characteristics?

6 Training and Development Training: Helping employees learn job- related ◦ Knowledge ◦ Skills ◦ Behaviors Development: Improving employee’s training ◦ What if job changes?

7 Performance Management Keeping track of employee performance?

8 Planning and Managing Pay & Benefits How much should the job pay? Should there be bonuses? What benefits should be offered? How much money is available for pay?

9 Maintaining positive employee relations Providing handbooks & policies Employee newsletters Communicating with employees ◦ Benefits & policies ◦ Discrimination ◦ Safety hazards ◦ harassment

10 Establishing Policies Hiring Discipline Promotions Benefits

11 Following Labor Laws Are all labor laws being followed? What is process to make sure?

12 Companies with effective HRM: Employees and customers tend to be more satisfied. The companies tend to: ◦ be more innovative ◦ have greater productivity ◦ develop a more favorable reputation in the community

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