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Models of Teaching Objectivists Constructivists. Objectivist Model.

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1 Models of Teaching Objectivists Constructivists

2 Objectivist Model

3 Teacher Centered I give you my knowledge. You have to absorb it.

4 Very structured which often leaves no room for creativity.

5 Presentation Teaching Model Help students acquire, assimilate and retain information.

6 The Direct Instruction Model Promotes mastery of simple and complex skills and declarative knowledge that can be carefully defined and taught in a step by step lesson.

7 Concept Teaching Model Helps learners acquire conceptual understandings of the subjects and to provide a foundation for higher- level thinking.

8 Constructivist Model

9 Student centered learning. Giving students the opportunity to learn from experiences.

10 Cooperative Learning Aims at instructional goals beyond academic learning, specifically inter-group acceptance, social and group skills, and cooperative behavior.

11 Problem-based Model Investigate Gain experiences Gain Confidence

12 Discussion Lesson Model Improve student thinking Promote involvement and engagement in academic materials Learn important communication and thinking skills

13 I believe that in a perfect situation, classrooms would be a balance on the objectivists and constructivists models. Teachers must strive to incorporate techniques in these styles to create an enriching environment for all learners.

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