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Mnemonics Jaclyn Mather.

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1 Mnemonics Jaclyn Mather

2 Mnemonic Device A mnemonic device is a tool that helps someone to organize and remember information Take the letters, normally the first letter, from the terms to be remembered and create a sentence or word to easily remember Example: colors of the rainbow-ROY G BIV

3 Types of Families Nuclear Family Single-parent Family Blended Family
Extended Family Cooperative Family Family without children

4 The Families Nuclear family Single-parent family
a mother, a father, and one or more children Single-parent family only one parent, and one or more children

5 The Families cont. Blended family Extended family
two parents, and one or both parents have children from a previous relationship stepparents, stepbrothers, stepsisters Extended family includes immediate members of the family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can live together or nearby each other

6 The Families cont. Cooperative family Family without children
Nonrelated people who live together and raise children together Example: two single parents with children move in together to share responsibilities Family without children A married couple who have no children

7 Create Your Own Make your own mnemonic device for the types of families! An example: Newly - Nuclear Single - Single-parent Boys - Blended Eat - Extended Chocolate - Cooperative Frosting - Family without children

8 Share!!!

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