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Internet Classroom Integration Research Skills for Todays Communication Age.

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1 Internet Classroom Integration Research Skills for Todays Communication Age

2 Technology Allows Students To: Excel in achievement in Content Area Develop Higher-order Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Develop Creative Artifacts, Unique Products, and Service Projects Develop Workforce Professional Skills Develop Information Literacy & Communication Skills (Research Skills) Apply learning to Real-World Situations Develop Organizational & Teamwork Skills Produce, Preserve, Present & Publish their work Investigate beyond their community experience Produce a Complete & Complex Project Share their experiences, findings, questions and concerns with others in the global learning community

3 Technology Allows Teachers To: Provide Digital Up-to-Date Resources Develop Better Communication & Assessment Skills through Electronic Syllabi, Rubrics, Lesson Plans, Parental Communications, Online Collaboration Distribute Information through Web-based pages accessible from home or anywhere Organize Lessons and presentation and distribute for slow or absent learners Provide Remediation Materials Online Provide Student Samples & Electronic Portfolios

4 What is the INTERNET? ommunication/internet/index.we ml ommunication/internet/index.we ml

5 What is Needed to Connect? Computer, cellular, pager or TV Modem, Ethernet or Wireless Card Telephone line, Wireless or Cable Line Internet Account Software (Browser)

6 History of the INTERNET tml tml

7 TERMINOLOGY Other Terms: –Popups (popup stopper) –Virus, Worm, Trojan –AUP –Email & Attachment –Plug-ins –URLURL

8 Popup Stoppers Zero Ads Pop-up Killer & Ad Blocker – Kill pop-up windows, remove banner ads, boost surfing speeds, increase privacy, and more. Pop-Up Stopper Basic – Block pop-up windows in Internet Explorer. Pop-Up Stopper Professional – Block pop- up windows in every browser on every Internet connection. Guard-IE Pop-up Killer and Privacy Suite – Remove ads and pop-ups, clean browser history and cache, kill scripts, manage cookies,... Steganos Internet Anonym – Quickly & easily block pop-up ads, ensure Web surfing safety/anonymity and destroy Internet...Zero Ads Pop-up Killer & Ad Blocker Pop-Up Stopper Basic Pop-Up Stopper Professional Guard-IE Pop-up Killer and Privacy Suite Steganos Internet Anonym

9 Virus, Worm, Trojan Virus Alerts – McAfee, Symantec Virus Hoaxes Email Spam is a Form of Virus (takes up valuable resources, time, and energy & can over extend a mail server) Chain letters Mass mailings Unsolicited Email

10 What is an AUP? Acceptable Use Policy are designed to protect students, staff, and resources –Typical AUP Issues The use of the Internet is a privilege and not a right. E-mail is not private. All Internet & Network Resources in the school should be used for educational purposes. 3 Rules of Thumb: Monitor, Monitor, Monitor, student use of the Internet Copyright Issues Federal, State, & District violations may result in imprisonment, fines, and loss of certification CIPA & COPPA Engaging Parents & Safety IssuesSafety Issues

11 COPPA PROTECTING CHILDREN Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act COPPA wanted to prohibit Web sites from making it possible for children under 13 to disclose personal information to others on the Internet without parental consent. This is costly to child- oriented Web sites Educational Web sites are shutting down the areas in question for children cause it is so hard to comply with the law

12 COPPA Personal information cannot be collected on the Web from children under age 13 without permission from a parent or legal guardian. Parents have the right to know what personal information their children are being asked for and how it is to be used.

13 COPPA Parents can review the personal information collected from their child, determine who it can be given to, and have the right to have it deleted. Children cannot be required to give out more information than is reasonably necessary… to use in contests or games Permission from parents and guardians must be verifiable, for example, a signed authorization form mailed.

14 COPPA Web sites and online services must prominently post a clear privacy policy EXCEPTIONS TO REQUIRING PARENTAL PERMISSION Collecting a childs email address for one-time request – homework Entering a child in a contest or sending an online newsletter

15 What are Inappropriate Sites? –Some –Some categories include: –Adult sites –Weapons & Crime sites –Sites that promote the use of illegal substance –Some entertainment sites that are not suitable for students –Gambling sites –Intolerance sites –Some vacation & travel sites –Some clothing & shopping sites –Most advice & horoscope sites –Job Databases –Sites that show or advocate violence or hate.

16 The Most Popular Tool : Email Can be effective communication tool if used correctly –Net-etiquetteNet-etiquette –Reread before sending –Over explain –rather than under explain

17 Email Attachments Properly forward messages (attachments VS repetitive forwarding) Properly attach documents Be aware that Email attachments are usually: –Suspect for Virus Transmission –Limited in Size by the Network Administrator

18 Browser Plug-ins Media available on the Internet is becoming more varied in type and requirements Plug-ins are software programs that work with your browser to enable it to view or experience different types of media. Plug-ins are usually downloaded from the Internet from reputable sites

19 Media Media TypeViewerEditor Graphics –.jpg –.gif Native to Browser (no plug-in needed) Image composer PhotoShop Paint Movies –.mov –.avi –.ram QuickTime MS Media Player Real Player - Final Cut Pro -Adobe Premier Real Producer

20 Media Media TypeViewerEditor Flash Movie Shockwave Flash Player Macromedia Flash Audio –.wav –.mp3 –.ram Native (ms media player) Mp3 Player Real Player - Cool Edit -Music Match Real Producer

21 Citing Internet Resources strict/TRAINING/citing_Internet_Re sources.pdf strict/TRAINING/citing_Internet_Re sources.pdf

22 Copyright Issues Copyright Quiz (Handout)Copyright Quiz Crash Course in Copyright IssuesCrash Course in Copyright Issues Copyright for Educators Software Piracy

23 Evaluating WWW Data, Data, Everywhere…and NOT a Drop of ThinkData, Data, Everywhere…and NOT a Drop of Think SNAP

24 Six Life-Long Skills SCANS Discuss: What is it you want your students to be able to do? 6 Life-Skills – Skills that NEVER go out of date Discuss: Critical Attributes of Good Research Skills

25 Engaged Learning The Question IS THE Answer! Never Accept a Students First Attempt The Question IS THE Answer!

26 Engaged Learning K-2 & 3-5 K-2 Projects –The ZooThe Zoo 3-5 Projects WebQuests, MoreWebQuestsMore START Sample Lesson Plans

27 Changing Role of the Teacher Constructivist PowerPoint Rubrics – Teaching with a PurposeRubrics Teaching in Centers

28 Does & Donts pt/Dont.htm pt/Dont.htm "To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." Theodore Roosevelt, 19th/20th century American adventurer and politician, Nobel Prize-winning U.S. president RESOURCES

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