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Key Features of Staff Development & Technology Integration.

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Key Features of Effective Staff Development that Promotes Student Progress Presented by: SEDL & SUPERNet Consortium.

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1 Key Features of Staff Development & Technology Integration

2 Changing Role of the Teacher MANAGER MENTOR MODEL MOTIVATOR

3 Changing Role of the Student through Technology Integration Knowledgeable Researcher /Extender Life-Long Learner & Explorer Effective Communicator Competent Creative Thinker /Problem-Solver Quality Producer Collaborator / Manager /Strategist Skilled Technician /Systems Thinker Responsible Citizen / Quality Character

4 Changing Role of Staff Development Just-in-Time / On-Demand "Content" Appropriate "Process" Appropriate "Context" Appropriate "Learner-Centered / Subject Integrated Job-Embedded / Real-Time Mentor / Coach Nurtured "Self Evaluated / Self Valued

5 Role of Technology in the Classroom To Promote: A Collaborative Learning Environment. A Character-building Environment Project-based, Research-based Curriculum Authentic Assessment Multiple-Intelligence's 5 Levels of Mastery

6 Districts Role -True Integration Begins with Values, Beliefs, Planning, Policies, and Procedures Asks, What are student needs? Asks, What are teacher needs? Promotes a problem-solving mentality -- How do we make it happen? Expects on-going responsibility from parents to administrators


8 Engaged Learner Model

9 Learning Approaches BIRD HOUSE Approach SKILLS-BUILDING Approach Eclectic Approach Innovator Primary Adoptor Wanna Be / Intender Laggard / Some Day --Need to Change Resister / Dont See the Need Rock

10 True Integration Utilizes a school-wide coherent strategic plan Dedicates 3 - 5 years span for significant reform Changes on-the-job behaviors Spreads Accountability throughout the system Affects student Learning

11 The DONTs of Technology Integration -- Societies Role There are many wonderful learning environments that technology tools can assist us in generating.....There are also some things technology can magnify which are not desirable. Lee Steinberg, Troy Aikman's agent, has been quoted in the Dallas Morning News this past year as having stated...

12 "I am increasingly disturbed by what I see in young people today.... specifically because of their: incessant demands for instant gratification appalling lack of impulse control pervasive coarseness characterized by MTV- driven life styles short attention spans need to be super-charged by high sensory stimulation & addictions self-absorption which makes it impossible for so many in this generation to contemplate in silence

13 inability to place themselves into another person's realities lack of patience to live with the natural ebb-and-flow processes in life.

14 DON'T use: Technologies designed for the very BASIC mastery levels which are "super-charged" REFLEX- based rather than REFLECTION- based. Stick a computer screen in each child's face for one-on-one computer time that isolates students with meaningless reflex- based tasks.

15 DO move your students TOWARD more: REFLECTION-based, project-based, collaborative use of technology. Place several students at one computer to negotiate, collaborate, communicate, and deliberate creatively through the following research-based process Research, Collect, & Verify Information Organize, Eliminate, & Prioritize Information Categorize and Summarize major issues Delineate & Develop a Reporting Agenda Collaborate & Negotiate through a Presentation Process Design & Deliver Meaningful Information Explain & Defend.

16 is seen in the NOT in the


18 For Dewey, students natural instincts to investigate & create provide us with clues for how to adapt lessons based on what interests & engages them. Methods which arouse thought (& not memory work) are permanently successful in formal education…..go back to situations which cause reflection ….

19 …give pupils something to do, not, something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking, Or the intentional noting of connections; …. Learning naturally results.

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