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Global Wireless Emergency Recovery Disaster Preparedness

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1 Global Wireless Emergency Recovery Disaster Preparedness
Tony Anastasio

2 Typical Types of Disasters
Hurricanes, Typhoons Tsunamis Tornadoes Flash Floods or Flooding Fire – Brush, Forest, Building Earthquakes Terrorist Attacks Flood Tornado Flood Fire Earthquake

3 Disaster Preparedness Things to Consider (1/2)
Network installed base information Off site storage of detailed engineering information, equipment lists Off site storage of current nodal backups/images Off site storage of critical database information (subscriber info) Current network interconnect diagrams Prepare for network overload Prioritize service for the 1st responders, 911 Ensure backup power systems are ready to go Generators, battery plants, UPS systems Generator refueling? Portable generators ready and tested? Adequate spare equipment on hand? Circuit packs Antennas and lines BTS’s COW’s Contingency Plans MSC loss (backhaul to another switch) BTS loss (replacement) Backhaul Loss (24x7 contact info and access to backhaul provider(s)) Infrastructure failure (PSTN interconnect, power)

4 Disaster Preparedness Things to Consider (2/2)
Establish liaison with local/regional/state EOC’s Establish liaison with local/regional/state Law Enforcement Required for ingress / egress to disaster zone Establish liaison at the Federal level (as required) with FEMA, National Guard Determine who is the Lead Federal Agency and establish liaison Arrange for on demand security support Site security Personnel security Personnel Safety Lodging, Food, Water Safety gear e.g. Hard Hats, Chainsaws, Steel toe boots, heavy gloves, flashlights, etc Clothing appropriate for the location and disaster Immunizations (Tetanus) Communications First Aid training & kits Nearest functioning hospital emergency room Minimum of 2 personnel per recovery team Know location of Shelters (Fallout Shelters, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc) Plan for Public Relations point of contact for Media inquiries

5 Disaster Preparedness Things to Expect
Plan for Limited or No Access into disaster zone May be restricted or impossible for days/weeks Inability to refuel generators Plan for Loss of Security Lack of law enforcement in disaster area may lead to looting, riots, robberies, muggings or worse Expect to secure your own security teams for sites and technical personnel Plan for Loss of Commercial power Recent experiences highlight long delays in power restoration, in some cases 6-8 weeks Even if access is possible to the disaster zone, fuel may not be available to refuel generators due to lack of power at gas stations, fuel depots Plan to augment/replace local resources with others from outside disaster zone Plan for lack of lodging for recovery personnel in disaster zone Plan for lack of food, water for recovery personnel in disaster zone Plan for appropriate transportation, e.g. 4wd vehicles, boats, RV’s, etc. Plan for secure staging area

6 Disaster Preparedness Nortel Support
Securing replacement hardware Typically not an issue Securing resources for installation and/or recovery Switch on Wheels (SOW) Can be created and made available in 3-7 days Provides limited capacity Requires infrastructure availability PSTN Interconnect BTS Interconnect ER will open a Disaster Response bridge for progress updates

7 Disaster Recovery Steps
If you are involved in a disaster Account for and verify safety of all your personnel in disaster zone Contact Nortel Emergency Recovery to report the disaster, if we have not already contacted you first Work with Nortel ER to assess damage and your requirements for recovery ER will activate the Nortel Disaster Response Team (DRT) involving: Engineering Logistics Installation Supply Chain Customer Operations Account Team Technical Support Network Integration The DRT will secure replacement equipment on a priority basis The DRT will secure resources to install, commission and integrate the equipment The DRT will engage other DRT members as required for each customer and/or event The DRT operates 24x7 until stand down from the disaster is declared Where multiple customers are impacted simultaneously, Nortel will prioritize disaster response actions in accordance with the severity, the highest severity items will be managed first. You should provide a single point of contact (SPOC) for the DRT, acting as your Damage Assessment Prime

8 Execute “prep” steps in parallel.
Disaster Management & Recovery Tornado Flood Advanced Warning Earthquake Hurricane YES Fire NO Early Prep (ER) Send notification to all teams of potential disaster (Kick-off preparedness planning) Consolidate Potentially affected sites & existing equipment (feed to supply chain) Validate logistics (War Rooms, Communications, etc.) Communicate Prep status to executive team Gather resource help (GNPS, GNTS/TAS) Validate Disaster Preparedness documentation Disaster Hit Terrorism Execute “prep” steps in parallel. NO Stand Down YES Early Prep (COL) Collect Potentially affected sites & existing equipment Assess potential damage sites Send Disaster Preparedness documentation to potentially affected customers. ER War Room Hot Line Disaster Preparedness documentation Disaster Recovery (ER) Initiate Disaster Recovery Action Plan (War Room, Recovery, Communications, etc.) Coordinate all incoming calls for assistance (Customer & COL) Send executive status reports Early Prep (Supply Chain) Review Factory inventory and manufacturing capabilities against potentially impacted sites. Disaster Recovery (COL) Assign Disaster Assessment Prime Collect Site impact & Communicate to ER Prime Provide Periodic Status (as defined by communication plan) to ER coordination prime. Early Prep (Government relations) Engage government agencies & communicate plans to ER teams. Disaster Recovery (Supply Chain) Pre-stage equipment Communicate status to ER coordination Prime Disaster Hit Disaster Recovery (I&C) Resource Management Communicate status to ER coordination prime Stand Down NO YES


10 Buras Water Tower Collapsed on top of District 8 Council Building - Buras




14 Dynamics of Disaster Recovery
Equipment Delivery & Installation Challenges (large scale disasters) Access (Road Closures) Security (Social unrest) Logistics (Lodging, Food, Gas) Health Concerns (Contamination/Disease) Evacuee Telecommunications Requirements Cellular Roaming Evacuee Centers “Non-Traditional” Customers FEMA (1-800 Help Line) Government Agency Interaction 1st Responders Support Access Security Logistics Health Re-Home – Containerize – Replace

15 Alternative Solutions Choosing the Best Path
Containerized Systems Network Facilities must be in place at the point of replacement Containerized Solutions are NOT a like-for-like replacement (usually smaller) Environmental conditions must support bringing in containers and Human Resources to set-up and run the temporary facility. Office Re-Homing While Geographic Survivability is not typically part of standard network designs, Tandem office re-homing can usually be accomplished with minimal effort. Only partial Network Facilities required Environmental conditions at point of loss not an issue End Office re-homing (lines) is more difficult, but depending on the nature of the disaster, line “users” are also displaced and land-line facilities are also destroyed. This allows time for more conventional office replacement. Office Replacement If time, physical facilities, and environmental conditions permit, replacing the equipment in the current facility is always the best alternative



416 PSTN T1s or DS3 or OC3 Optera SPM PSTN CDMA HUB site 320 SBS T1s Muxed to OC-3 MW Radio Gear 114 BTS T1s microwave CDMA BSC Optera 11p FP ESEL SBS frames Optera CBRS 48 CMI BTS sites

19 Commercially Available COW’s (Cell Site on Wheels)
Pictures courtesy of Ft. Worth Tower, Inc. and Aluma Tower Co. Inc.

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