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What Drove the Sugar Trade?

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1 What Drove the Sugar Trade?
Mr. Scott

2 What did it take to be a successful sugar merchant?
Capital Rich People Were Sugar Traders Land: It took a lot of land to grow sugar cane

3 What were the other major items traded at the time?
Coffee All 3 of these were addictive substances Tea ADDICTIVE Tobacco

4 Who did the work to Produce the Sugar?
Slaves African Slaves did the Work Planted the sets Cut down the Sugar Cane Crushed the Stalks Collected the Juice Made the Rum Made the Molasses

5 What happens when you eat too much sugar?
Dentist Too Much Sugar will cause tooth decay

6 What was Mercantilism

7 What was the Triangle Slave Trade?
Merchants from the US and European countries Purchase rum, molasses, other trinkets and sail to Africa Africans trade other Africans to Europeans for rum, and other trinkets African Slaves who survive the middle passage brought to Caribbean from Africa and seasoned, broken and sold to other places

8 How is Sugar Produced? Slaves cut sugar cane Slaves plant sugar cane
down Slaves plant sugar cane in fields Slaves Crush sugar cane to make juice Slaves Boil juice to make Rum and molasses

9 How much sugar, water, and fiber in a single stalk of sugar cane?

10 Questions Based on the Sugar Trade DBQ
Can you answer these “?’s” Can you answer these “?’s” Who dominated the Sugar Trade in the new World? Provide evidence to support your conclusion from the documents. What is meant by the phrase “capital intense”? What impact did the sugar trade have on the slave trade? Why was the transatlantic slave trade so successful? Write the History equation that represents the Sugar Trade DBQ? Explain the equation? What is an “attention grabber” what is it used for? What bucket does document 1, 5, 7, 9 belong? Provide evidence from the document do you have to support your choices?

11 Questions Based on the Sugar Trade DBQ
Can you answer these “?’s” Can you answer these “?’s” What is a DBQ? What does the bucket P? Define the bucket E? Define the bucket A? Define the bucket C? What is found on the source line? Define the concept authors bias? Define the concept of main idea? Draw and explain the Triangle Slave Trade. Define the Columbian Exchage.

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