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Ellen Walker, Hiram College. Who am I? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Research University), 1989 Research in computer vision, fuzzy logic Graduated.

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1 Ellen Walker, Hiram College

2 Who am I? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Research University), 1989 Research in computer vision, fuzzy logic Graduated 3 Ph.D. students Spent too much time helping undergraduates, outreach (PipeLINK, see Rodger, Walker, SIGCSE 1996) Hiram College (residential liberal arts college, 1000- 1200 students total(!)), 1996 Broadened teaching, research, work with undergrads Full professor, 2002; giving back through service, now.

3 Who Are You? What size is your school? What size is your department? Are you the only woman in your department? What is your academic preparation? What is most important at your school – teaching, scholarship or service? Is your school public or private? What is your teaching load?

4 Training and Education Your institution benefits from investing in you Think of yourself as a $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 investment Youll need ongoing training and education in your research area emerging areas and technology teaching methods

5 Where to Look Attend conferences Read Journals, magazines, books Start or join a reading group Mailing lists Online tutorials (ACM, IEEE, free) Local seminars, colloquia and professional groups

6 Where to Look Attend workshops and tutorials at conferences (SIGCSE, OOPSLA, SIGGRAPH) Apply for NSF Summer Workshops Take a graduate course Hardware and software vendors offer courses Teach a course about something new

7 Consulting Summer faculty fellowships: NASA, Air Force, National Labs, Microsoft, and others NSF panel reviews Allows you to keep with the main trends Will know what the most important issues are Good contacts and networking Provides you with tips on how to write a successful proposal AP Exam grading Worth doing especially if you are teaching introductory CS courses Instead of Summer Teaching

8 The Missing Doctorate Its to your institutions advantage to employ faculty with the terminal degree Its to your advantage to have a doctorate Are you place bound? Look at online programs Look at programs within 100 miles Time and money

9 Ask Dont be afraid to ask for what you need If you are consistently thwarted, dont be afraid to change jobs

10 Improving Your Teaching Teaching may be more important than scholarship at your school Find your local teaching and learning center Attend seminars on teaching techniques Attend SIGCSE, ITiCSE or CCSC conferences Ask your colleagues to share their lecture notes and assignments Ask another good teacher to observe you

11 You need to maintain currency, you need to generate publications…

12 You need recognition, letters of recommendation…

13 Funding Internal sources External sources

14 Internal Funding Sources Individually earmarked funds Travel / Equipment / Startup Departmental funds College / Division / School funds Research & teaching center Travel funds Institution-wide funds

15 Additional Internal Funding Hidden funds at your institution Can you connect with an institutional grant? Can you position your need in terms of institutional priorities? Get to know your development officers May help find trustees or alumni interested in your project

16 External Funding Sources Federal agencies NSF relevant divisions: CISE, DUE, EHR General purpose equipment not supported; tie request to curriculum development Volunteer to serve on panels to learn more Corporate Research & Development Labs Often initiated by contact at the lab Consulting Further your own goals (not only the companys) Be careful about patent and copyright issues Professional organizations such as SIGCSE

17 External Funding Sources (contd) State funds Private foundations Collaborations with others NSF DUE Project Information & Resource system lists funded projects and PIs You might serve as evaluator, beta tester, become involved with dissemination

18 Travel Funding Combine trips Give a talk nearby Visit feeder institutions or alumni Admissions or Development might help? Share costs Travel with a colleague Share driving, hotels Bring students Builds visibility; institutions more inclined to fund!

19 Equipment Internal / external funding sources already mentioned Find someone else to share it with Who already has it Who can help you purchase it Can you trade something you have for something you need?

20 Time for Research Time shift – dont overload Do not teach in the summer Ask for release time (and learn to say no) Administrative responsibilities External professional activities Incorporate research activities in your classes Research-oriented projects Discussions of current literature

21 Recognition Opportunities Seek leadership roles with visibility ACM and IEEE senior membership 5 years of professional experience Grad school counts partially Press releases at your institution Blow your own horn! Opportunities for awards & recognition Be aware: institution, local, professional society Nominating others helps your visibility

22 In Summary Invest in yourself and your career Be proactive and dont wait for it to happen Take advantage of all available resources Take full advantage of the experience that mentors and role models have to offer Good luck! And when you make it, be sure to pay back and help others.

23 Equipment and curriculum development examples HP (equipment grants for education): IBM (equipment through employee donations) Microsoft (research and curriculum development projects) Software and training examples IBM (Academic initiative - software & training) Microsoft (Academic Alliance) Oracle Academy (formerly Academic Initiative) Some companies mainly support their local geographic area (e.g. Dell) Funding from Companies

24 Recruit work study students who have federal funding Consider giving students course credits if money is not available or not sufficient. If you have an NSF grant, you can get funds (relatively easily) through an REU supplement for undergraduate researchers Undergrad Research Assistants

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