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IEEE ICC 2008 Wrap-Up Report May 22, 2008 Beijing, China.

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1 IEEE ICC 2008 Wrap-Up Report May 22, 2008 Beijing, China

2 Conference Committee Conference Venue Local Arrangement Conference Marketing Patronage & Exhibit Finance Contents

3 ICC 2008 Organizational Structure Conference Organizing Committee Co-Chairs Rulin Liu Mengqi Zhou Registration Chair Jian Song Local Arrangements Chair Kunlun Wang General Co-Chairs Qinjian Lou Anmin Sun Deqiang Zhou Jintong Lin Xiaochu Wang Jianzhou Wang Chunjiang Zhang Xiaobing Chang Conference Organizing Committee Chair Qianjian Lou

4 Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) – 24 meeting rooms Crowne Plaza – 9 meeting rooms, 661 room nights Beijing Continental Grand Hotel – 2187 room nights

5 Sleeping Room Block BEIJING CONTINENTAL GRAND HOTEL 5/15026 5/162836 5/1718880 5/18163242 5/19200333 5/20200348 5/21200348 5/2290317 5/2335188 5/24079 5/25046 5/26030 5/27025 5/28023 5/29022 5/30022 5/31022 1,1042,187 Room Rate: CNY 880 = US $125

6 Sleeping Room Block CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL Original Block Pick Up as of 5/19 5/162714 5/1711217 5/1818782 5/19200121 5/20/200130 5/21150130 5/2275104 5/231553 5/2401 5/2501 5/2604 5/2701 5/2801 966661 Room Rate: CNY 1,500.00 = US $215.00

7 Sleeping Room Block Utilized opportunity to reduce room block by 5% at each of the two cut off dates. No attrition penalty involved even though we did not reach our room block because of the following: ComSoc returned concessions LOC was able to give the hotel two additional events (Awards Luncheon and Conference Banquet)

8 Local Arrangement On-site management & On-site Staffing –An excellent local organizing team –Strong support from volunteer students

9 BICC Lobby

10 Registration Area

11 Poster Area

12 Internet Café

13 Welcome Board

14 Local Arrangement Social Events DateSocial Events Food & Beverage MondayWelcome Reception1100 TuesdayAward Luncheon Exhibition Reception Organizer s Dinner 600 700 185 WednesdayConference Banquet680 ThursdayStudent Night200

15 Opening Ceremony

16 Conference Banquet

17 Tours OT-01Tian'anmen Square & Lao She teahouse 15 OT-02The Respectful King Mansion 2 OT-03Forbidden Citv. Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace 24 OT-04Beijing Badaling Great Wall & Ming Tombs 51 OT-05The Old Beijing Alleyway Tour 7 OT-06Peking Univ Tsinghua Univ. & Zhonqquancun Science Park 5 OT-07Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City & The Capital Museum 5 OT-08The Lama Temple of Peace & Harmony N. Sea Jing Shan 5 OT-09Forbidden City &Temple of Heaven 16

18 Lessons Learned Pre-posting tour information early on the website Remind attendees to apply for VISA at least two month before the event Schedule conference call with ComSoc more frequently Backup plans for social events

19 Conference Marketing Placed advertisements in IEEE communications magazine Sent emails to ComSoc mailing lists Excellent conference Brochures and gifts distributed at ICC 07 and GC 07 Saved money by not sending out advance programs via postal service Developed a local promotion plan Developed a special promotion program for Six Primary Patrons. Arranged press conferences to increase our efforts in publicizing the event.

20 Patrons Six Primary patrons Other Patrons

21 Patrons Made patron prospectus two years ago Six local companies were purposely selected as primary patrons Exceeded the revenue forecast for sponsors ($470K vs 404K)

22 Exhibit 23 Exhibitors: –14 companies –4 publishers –1 ComSoc –4 future conferences

23 Exhibition Hours Tuesday 20 May 8:30am-6:00pm Wednesday 21 May 8:30am-5:00pm Thursday 22 May 8:30am-4:00pm Tuesday Exhibition Reception 6:00pm-8:30pm Coffee Break Hours Tuesday 20 May 3:45pm-4:15pm Wednesday 21 May 10:15am-10:45am 3:45pm-4:15pm Thursday 22 May 10:15am-10:45am 3:45pm-4:15pm

24 Exhibitors Cambridge University Press Elsevier B.V. John Wiley Seninode Springer IEEE ComSoc IEEE GC 2008 IEEE GC 2009 IEEE ICC 2009 IEEE ICC 2010 China Telecom China Mobile China Netcom China Unicom Huawei ZTE Datang Nokia Orange Sang Fei Anyka TRguard Netqin

25 Lessons Learned Hard to attract more exhibitors: ICC is recognized as an academic conference, it is not a well known event in the industry in China Lower the booth price Recruit more patrons, offer complimentary exhibition space.

26 FINANCE Revenue US $ vs. RMB Registration –Total paid attendance revenue was 1% higher than budget –Tutorial/workshop revenue was 15% lower than budget Patrons/Exhibitors –Patrons exceeded budget by 18% –Exhibits exceeded budget by 100%

27 FINANCE Expenses Categories above the budget –Travel, Committee Expenses, Promotion, Exhibition, tutorial, Finance & Admin

28 FINANCE (US$) RevenueFinalBudget Variance Registration$872K$850K $22K Tutorial/Workshops$71K$84K ($13K) Publication Sales$25K$20K $5K Exhibition/Patron Sales$493K$404K $89K Other Revenue$59K$33K $26K Total$1,520K$1,391K $129K

29 FINANCE (US$) ExpensesFinalBudget Variance Travel & Sustenance$80K$66K $14K Other Committee Expenses$29K$21K $8K Support Services$98K$114K ($16K) Promotion$67K$55K $12K Production$4K$10K ($6K) On-Site Publications$23K$54K ($31K) Exhibitor/Patron$61K$3K $58K Audio Visual$45K$56K ($11K) Venue$687K$688K ($1K) Tutorials$23K$7K $16K Finance & Administration$39K$8K 31K Total$1,156K$1,082K $74K

30 FINANCE (US$) Financial Summary FinalBudget Variance Revenue$1,520K$1,391K $129K Expenses$1,156K$1,082K 74K Contingency$35K$32K 3K Surplus$329K$277K 52K Surplus Percentage 28%25%

31 Thanks to all for a successful IEEE ICC 2008!

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