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IEEE GLOBECOM 2010. Miami Status ICC08 May 2008 Beijing, China.

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1 IEEE GLOBECOM 2010. Miami Status Update @ ICC08 May 2008 Beijing, China

2 Outline Progress since Washington DC Progress since Washington DC Executive Structure Executive Structure Conference Venue Conference Venue Conference Theme Conference Theme MoU – Partnership Agreement MoU – Partnership Agreement GIMS/GITC Decision Matrix GIMS/GITC Decision Matrix Preliminary budget Preliminary budget

3 Progress since Washington DC Executive structure is setup Executive structure is setup Conference venue is finalized Conference venue is finalized Preliminary budget re-visited based on the inputs from GC07 Preliminary budget re-visited based on the inputs from GC07 Conference Theme is initialized Conference Theme is initialized MoU with the local IEEE sections MoU with the local IEEE sections

4 GLOBECOM 2010 Organizational Structure Symposium 1 Symposium X Symposium 2 Workshop1 Workshop X Workshop 2 General Co-Chairs* David Sincoskie Demetrios Kazakos General Vice-Chairs* Niki Pissinou Jie Wu *Executive Committee member

5 Executive Team Executive General Chair Executive General Chair –Prof. Kia Makki, Florida International University, USA General Co-Chairs General Co-Chairs –Dr. David Sincoskie, Telcordia, USA (Senior Vice President) –Dr. Demetrios Kazakos, Texas Southern University, USA (Dean) General Vice-Chairs General Vice-Chairs –Prof. Niki Pissinou, Florida International University, USA –Dr. Jie Wu, NSF, USA Technical Program Co-Chairs Technical Program Co-Chairs –Dr. Haohong Wang, Marvell Semiconductors, USA –Prof. Mukesh Singhal, University of Kentucky, USA Conference Operation Co-Chairs Conference Operation Co-Chairs –Prof. EK Park, University of Missouri, USA –Prof. Kami Makki, University of Toledo, USA

6 Executive Team Symposia Co-Chairs Symposia Co-Chairs –Prof. Vahid Tarokh, Harvard University, USA –Prof. Xiaohua Jia, City University of Hong Kong, China Tutorial Co-Chairs Tutorial Co-Chairs –Prof. Xuemin Shen, University of Waterloo, Canada –Dr. Khaled El-Maleh, Qualcomm, USA Workshop Co-Chairs Workshop Co-Chairs –Prof. Forouzan Golshani, CSU, Long Beach, USA (Dean) –Prof. Xiaobo Zhou, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA Publication Co-Chairs Publication Co-Chairs –Prof. Ophir Frieder, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA –Prof. Senad Busovaca, CSU, Sacramento, USA Student Travel Grant Co-Chairs Student Travel Grant Co-Chairs –Prof. Guoliang Xue, Arizona State University, USA –Dr. Shamila Makki, Florida International Univeristy, USA

7 Executive Team EXPO Co-Chairs EXPO Co-Chairs –Mr. Hart Rossman, SAIC, USA (CTO, Integrated Security and Systems) –Prof. Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Univ. of Okalahoma, USA Keynotes Co-Chairs Keynotes Co-Chairs –Prof. Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Illinois, USA –Dr. Mei Wang, Cisco, USA Patronage Co-Chairs Patronage Co-Chairs –Mr. Matt Meyerson, Mobile FYI Inc. (CEO) –Dr. Jin Li, Microsoft Research, USA Exhibits Co-Chairs Exhibits Co-Chairs –Prof. Wuxu Peng, Texas State University, USA Business Forum Co-Chairs Business Forum Co-Chairs –Prof. Moh Melody, San Jose State University, USA –Prof. Song Ci, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

8 Executive Team Local Arrangement Co-Chairs Local Arrangement Co-Chairs –Prof. Osama Mohammad, Florida International University, USA –Mr. Michael Corbit, InternetCoast, USA (Executive Director) Financial Chair Financial Chair –Prof. Stavros Georgakopoulos, Florida International University, USA –Prof. Kang Yen, Florida International University, USA Treasure Treasure –Bruce Worthman, IEEE ComSoc, USA Publicity Co-Chairs Publicity Co-Chairs –Prof. Arunita Jaekel, University of Windsor, Canada –Dr. Jacky Shen, Microsoft Asia, China –Prof. Christos Douligeris, University of Piraeus, Greece –Dr. Lin Guan, Loughborough University, UK

9 Venues (Hyatt + InterContinental) Hyatt Regency Hyatt Regency ($189 Per room/night) ($189 Per room/night) –612 Guest rooms –100,000 sq ft meeting space –Located in Downtown Miami –A Breeze away from the South Beach –Close to golf courses –Water sports nearby –Close to Bayside Market Place Please Click for Video

10 Venues (Hyatt + InterContinental) InterContinental Miami InterContinental Miami ($269 per room/night) –641 Guest rooms –66000 sq ft meeting space –Located in Downtown Miami –A Breeze away from the South Beach –7.5 miles away from the Miami International Airport

11 Venues (Other hotels) Other Downtown Hotels (30+ hotels, 5000+ rooms) Other Downtown Hotels (30+ hotels, 5000+ rooms) –Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay (599 rooms) (599 rooms) –Radisson Miami Hotel (528 rooms) (528 rooms) –Mandarin Oriental Hotel (327 rooms) (327 rooms) –Marriott JW Hotel (278 rooms) (278 rooms) –Courtyard by Marriott Miami (258 rooms) (258 rooms) –The Conrad Hotel (203 rooms) (203 rooms) –Inn Marina Park Port of Miami (200 rooms) (200 rooms)

12 Conference Theme MIAMI – Moving Into the Age of Mobile Interactivity MIAMI – Moving Into the Age of Mobile Interactivity Other Potential proposals: Other Potential proposals: –Moving Into the Age of Mass Innovation –Motivating Innovation for the Advanced Mobile Infrastructure

13 MoU – Partnership Agreement IEEE Miami Section IEEE Miami Section IEEE ComSoc Miami Chapter IEEE ComSoc Miami Chapter –Financial support –Support with registration –Recruiting volunteers Other Local Support Other Local Support –Florida International University –University of Miami –Florida Institute of Technology –Florida Atlanta Unviersity

14 GIMS/GITS Decision Matrix CalenderConferenceDeliverableGIMSGITSStaff C-48GC07 MOU – Primary Policy Requirement Approved C-42GC07 City Location Approved C-36GC07 General Chair Approved C-36GC07 Conference Dates Approved C-36ICC08 Conference Hotel Need Approval C-36ICC08 Conference Center Need Approval C-36ICC08 Significant Supporter In Progress C-30ICC08 MOU – Partnership Agreement Need Approval C-30ICC08 Technical Program Chair Need Approval C-30ICC08 Technical Program Leadership Team Need Approval C-30ICC08 Vice Chair Need Approval

15 GIMS/GITS Decision Matrix CalenderConferenceDeliverableGIMSGITSStaff C-30ICC08 Financial Chair Need Approval C-30ICC08TreasurerAppointed C-30GC07 GIMS Advisor Need Appointment C-30GC07 GITC Advisor Need Appointment C-30ICC08 ComSoc Project Manager Appointed C-24ICC08 MOU – Meeting Management On-going C-24ICC08 Conference Theme Need Approval C-24ICC08 Conference Logo On-going C-30ICC08 Advance Loan On-going C-30ICC08 Preliminary Registration Fee On-going C-30ICC08 Preliminary Budget On-going

16 RevenueExpense Registration$800,000 Committee Expense $80,000 Industry Forum $100,000Administration$50,000 Tutorial/Workshops$100,000 Promotional Marketing $120,000 Publications$20,000Publications$60,000 Patronage$150,000 Venue Services $127,000 Miscellaneous$30,000 Venue Food & Beverage $301,000 Attendee Gifts $50,000 Honorarium/Speaker Travel $20,000 Financial & Audit $35,000 Miscellaneous$50,000 Total$1,20,000$893,000 Surplus26%

17 See You in MIAMI! GLOBECOM2010 Nov 28 –Dec 3 2010

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