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Internet Technical Committee Meeting

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1 Internet Technical Committee Meeting
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2013) June 10, 2013 Budapest, Hungary Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen, Germany) Jaime Lloret Mauri (Technical University of Valencia, Spain) Stefano Secci (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France) ITC Meeting, June 2013

2 Meeting Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Approval of ICC 2012 minutes.
3.    2012 ITC Best Paper Award announcement 4.    Conference updates Global Internet Symposium 2013, 2014 ICC and GLOBECOM 2014, 2015 Endorsed 2013 conferences and statistics  5.    Updates from Special Interest Groups and Standards Activities  6.    Upcoming election of new officers: call for nominations 7.    Upcoming fellow/senior member and DL nominations 8.    Publication activities 9.    ITC recertification status 10.  Open Discussions and Other Business 11.  Adjourn ITC Meeting, June 2013

3 Structure: IEEE, ComSoc, and TAC
1. introductions Structure: IEEE, ComSoc, and TAC IEEE IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) One of the 38 societies of IEEE ComSoc Technical Activities Council (TAC) Members: VP Technical Activities, TAC Vice-chair, TC Chairs and Vice-chairs 24 TCs, 14 Emerging Tech. Subcommittees, 1 Tech. Sub Committee: Internet TC is a joint tech. committee of ComSoc and ISOC ITC Meeting, June 2013

4 1. ITC Officers Officers (2011-2013): Previous Chairs (1995-2011):
Chair: Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen, Germany) Vice-Chair: Jaime Lloret Mauri (Technical University of Valencia, Spain) Secretary: Stefano Secci (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France) Elected in Nov. 2011 Previous Chairs ( ): Deep Medhi ( ), Markus Hoffman ( ), Joe Touch ( ), Henning Schulzrinne ( ) ITC Meeting, June 2013

5 1. ITC Community +16% +9% ITC Meeting, June 2013
Subscribing: send an to and type in the body of the message "join itc FirstName FamilyName”

6 2. Approval of ITC GC meeting Minutes
ITC Meeting, June 2013

7 3. 2012 ITC Best Paper Award A new award recently set up by ITC
Committee Deep Medhi (UMKC) - Chair; Jorg Liebeherr (U. Toronto); Lixin Gao (UMass) Eligibility Only papers that have been published in conferences held during the preceding calendar year, which have been endorsed by the Internet Technical Committee of IEEE Communications Society, are eligible for the ITC best paper award Currently the committee is processing on the nominations ITC Meeting, June 2013

8 4. Conference Update IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposiums
IEEE ICC & GLOBECOM 2014, 2015 IEEE CLOUDNET 2013 & 2014 Endorsed conferences (since GLOBECOM 2012): ITC 2013, NOF 2013 Statistics (since Nov. 2011): TCS applications: ITC-endorsed with TCS: Rate: 22% Open CFPs ITC Meeting, June 2013

9 4. IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium
New rule of the composition of the GISC The ITC chair acts as GISC chair one from each of recent 3-4 editions of GI, considering the institution/country/continent diversity New GISC Xiaoming Fu (U Goettingen) Marcelo Bagnulo Braun (UC3M) Tilman Wolf (UMass) Colin Perkins (U.Glasgow) Joerg Ott (Aaalto U) Thank former GISC’s contributions: Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia U) Dinesh Verma (IBM Research) Georg Carle (TU Munich) Kevin Almeroth (UCSB)

10 4. 16th IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium
16th Global Internet Symposium at IEEE INFOCOM 2013 April 14-19, Turin, Italy TPC co-chairs: Marcelo Bagnulo Braun (UC3M), Rod Van Meter (Keio U.) 28 submissions, 13 accepted, 20 attendees (Note: GI was on Friday + high registration fee) Report: ITC Meeting, June 2013

11 4. 17th IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium
17th Global Internet Symposium at IEEE INFOCOM 2014 (?) April 27 – May 2, 2014 – Toronto, Canada TPC co-chairs: TBD; suggestions welcome! ITC Meeting, June 2013

12 4. IEEE GLOBECOM 2012 GC’12 Next Generation Networking and Internet
James P.G. Sterbenz Professor, U. Kansas, USA Number of submissions: 152, accepted 59 ITC Meeting, June 2013

13 4. IEEE ICC 2014 Accepted nomination
Next Generation Networking and Internet Antonio Pescapè Assistant Professor U. Napoli – Federico II, Italy ITC Meeting, June 2013

14 4. IEEE GLOBECOM 2014 Accepted nominations Next Generation Networking
Yevgeni Koucheryavy Tampere University of Technology Communications Software and Services Antonios Argyriou University of Thessaly ITC Meeting, June 2013

15 4. IEEE ICC 2015 Sent nomination
Next Generation Networking and Internet Shiwen Mao Auburn University, USA Communications Software and Services Periklis Chatzimisios Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece ITC Meeting, June 2013

16 4. IEEE GLOBECOM 2015, San Diego
We are receiving nominations! About the co-chair position: each symposium will have its own technical program committee that is managed by a set of 2-4 Symposium Co-Chairs. The co-chairs retain full responsibility for all aspects of the symposium technical program, including the shaping of its technical program, managing the review process, selecting accepted papers, and organizing its sessions. Symposium co-chairs are highly respected leaders in their fields of expertise, with outstanding records of IEEE publications and proven experience in the peer review process. Strongest profiles will be nominated so as to increase selection chances Please send nominations to ASAP ITC Meeting, June 2013

November 11-13, 2013 – Hilton Hotel, San Francisco Downtown, USA ITC representatives: Deep Medhi as General Chair, Xiaoming Fu as TPC co-chair, Dijiang Huang and several more New IEEE ComSoc portfolio event, second of a long series! CLOUDNET’14 to be held in Luxemburg; receiving suggestions for 2015 in USA or Asia

18 4. ITC 2013 ITC 2012 September 4-7, 2012 – Krakow, Poland
ITC representatives: Kurt Tutschku, Deep Medhi and Prosper Chemouil Submissions: 91 Accepted: 32 (full – 9 pages) + 7 (posters – 4 pages) 4 reviews per paper ITC Meeting, June 2013

19 4. NOF 2013 NoF 2013: Oct , 2013 – Pohang University, South Korea 53 submissions. Mostly from Asia and Europe. The most recurrent topics of submitted papers : Technologies for Future Internet, Network protocols and architectures, Cloud computing and network virtualization, Security, trust and privacy challenges, SDN ITC representatives: Prosper Chemouili, Antonio Pescapè, Stefano Secci ITC Meeting, June 2013

20 4. SACONET 2013 SACONET 2013: 17-19 June, 2013 – Paris, France
Papers received : 76; accepted : 28 (ratio : 36,84%) # TPC members : 79 Keynote Speakers : Michael Melloul, Juniper: From SDN to Cloud Networking Jim Roberts, INRIA: The Cloud and the future Internet: the challenge of data center traffic control. 6 sessions, 3 Workshops (Monday June 17) ITC representatives: Neuman Souza, Dijiang Huang, Stefano Secci ITC Meeting, June 2013

21 5. Special Interest Groups
ITC gives importance to cutting-edge research areas opening Special Interest Groups and supporting related activities such as: Special Issues, Conferences, Workshops. Large research projects, Standardization. If you are active on any of the active SIG area, please get in contact with the ITC representative to allow listing and reporting. Stay tuned on : ITC Meeting, June 2013

22 5. SIG on the Internet of Things
Resp.: Neuman Souza, UFC, Brazil Vacant seat since Jan  Keep it alive or close it?  We are receiving nominations, to be sent to Report: ITC Meeting, June 2013

23 5. SIG on Cloud Networking
Resp.: Dijiang Huang, ASU, USA, and José M. Alvarez Calero, HP labs, UK IEEE CloudNet series SI on “Communications and Networking in the Cloud”, COMNET ITC representative associate editor: Stefano Secci 45 of submissions received (currently under review) 2012 report: pdf ITC Meeting, June 2013

24 5. SIG on Loc/ID Separation Protocols
Resp.: Luigi Iannone, Télécom ParisTech, France IETF Routing WG activities Open Source LISP router activities 2012 report: ITC Meeting, June 2013

25 5. SIG on Information-Centric Networking
Resp.: Mayutan Arumaithurai, NEC labs, Heidelberg, Germany Call for Papers IEEE Network Magazine Special Issue on Information-Centric Networking Beyond Baseline Scenarios: Research Advances and Implementation Deadline: Oct. 1, ITC representative: Prosper Chemouil 2012 report: pdf ITC Meeting, June 2013

26 5. Call for new Special Interest Groups
New propositions are welcome! A SIG is generally opened on a very recent subjects in Internet-working, if there is a clear activity related to the subject, Conferences, workshops, special issues, standardization, large research projects, etc in which ITC members are involved and willing to report. Please send propositions to ITC Meeting, June 2013

27 5. ITC Activities on Standards
IEEE ComSoc Standards Board Representative: Periklis Chatzimisios, ATEITHE, Greece Report: ISOC/IRTF Representative: Luigi Iannone, Telecom ParisTech, France Reports: Activities include: Crypto Forum RG, DTNRG, ICCRG, ICNRG, SDNRG; NCRG, NMRG, RRG Applied Networking Research Prize ( formed in 2011) ITC Meeting, June 2013

28 6. Publication activities
Any member has organized special issues of COMNET, IEEE Network, TON etc.? Other thoughts? ITC Meeting, June 2013

29 7. Upcoming Election of New Officers
As of ITC by laws: Election made electronically via Internet … rules… Rough planning A nomination committee is to be formed in the coming 2-4 weeks Call for nomination will be issued in 1-2 months ITC Meeting, June 2013

30 8. Upcoming nominations for SM, F, DL
nomination due Aug. 1, to basic criteria: 1) good speaker, 2) research visibility, 3) diversity in topic and region SM/F: A TC may endorse a candidate if a qualified member has contributed to the TC related activities significantly ITC Meeting, June 2013

31 9. ITC recertification Every 3 years
We sent recert materials to TAC in February Len Cimini (VP- Technical Activities): no issue with our TC; formal notification to come ITC Meeting, June 2013

32 10. Other Business Do you have any planned/ongoing activities related to ITC? Do you like to contribute to ITC (and ComSoc in general)? Join us: Join the mail list by sending an to and type in the body of the message "join itc FirstName FamilyName” Participate/raise discussions in the list Provide your inputs and help ITC Meeting, June 2013

33 11. Adjourn Next ITC meeting: IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 Dec. 9-13, 2013
Atlanta, GA, USA ITC Meeting, June 2013

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