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The World of Print, Outdoor & Transit Advertising.

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1 The World of Print, Outdoor & Transit Advertising

2 P r i n t M e d i a Small Format : Flyers, brochures, direct mail, postcards, programs Large Format : Billboards, vehicle/bus wraps, building faces, stadium signage

3 Types of Media: Print 3 Newspapers Magazines Direct Mail Outdoor Advertising Station Posters Stadium Signage Local; targets customers in home town Regional or national; large specific audience Personalized message; may be considered “junk mail” Geographically selected audience; short message Geographically selected audience; short message; aimed at travelers Seen by people at an event and television viewers; often used by sponsors

4 Print Media Vocabulary Headline – the phrase or sentence that captures the readers attention, entices them Illustration – the graphic (photograph drawing) element used in an advertisement Copy – the selling message of a written advertisement, should appeal to senses Layout - a plan or sketch of an advertisement or page of newspaper or magazine. Print Media Vocabulary –

5 Print Media Vocabulary – Cont. White Space - the unprinted area of a piece of printing, blank space of a poster or newspaper page. Proof - a trial sample, check to correct errors and make alterations News Release – an announcement that is sent by a business or organization to media outlets promoting event. Signature – identification symbol for a business, logo

6 Resolution - the degree of sharpness of a computer-generated image as measured by the number of dots per inch on a print or the number of pixels across and down on a display screen. Billboard - a flat surface or board, usually outdoors, on which large advertisements or notices are posted. Print Media Vocabulary – Cont.

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8 See if you can Identify the elements in this ad: Illustrations – White Space - Headline – Copy – Slogan – Signature - The strongest wetness fighting order-stopping power. Simply outstanding protection.

9 ANSWERS: Illustrations – White space - Headline – Copy – Slogan – Signature - The strongest wetness fighting order-stopping power. Simply outstanding protection.

10 Sample Outdoor Advertising: Discuss use of color, font size and placement.

11 Sample Outdoor Advertising: What techniques are used to attract attention?

12 Sample Outdoor Advertising Is it important to coordinate elements in advertising?

13 Approximate Costs of advertising $$$$$ Prices vary with companies, locations, times, supply & demand 2 inch newspaper ad run once$ 300.00 Quarter page magazine ad for one issue $ 1000.00 Billboard face and rental for 1 month$ 2,000.00 30 second radio spot played once$ 2,500.00 30 second local television spot once$ 5,000.00 Web site design$15,000.00 Web site maintenance$ 2,000.00

14 News Release Send out to newspaper, TV & radio organizations to publicize Release should include: who, what, where, why & when important facts that are developed within a few paragraphs contact information of organizer for questions See Sample on next slide

15 New Release: For Immediate release Women Invited to Trades and Technology Event Dateline: Monday March 29 th, 2010 Contact Name: Emily Okerlund Contact Number: 555-5555 Web Address: Ogden, UT – On Monday, March 29 th, 2010 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Ogden Weber Applied Technology College will host a Women in Trades & Technology conference beginning in the Union Building. This free event, for women 14 years of age and older, will introduce participants to career opportunities in: composites, industrial maintenance, engineering, electronics, machining, computer science, graphic design, sheet metal, plumbing, cabinetry, masonry, drafting, and welding. Sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education, Career & Technical Education (CTE), OWATC, DATC, and Weber State University, this annual event strives to educate women about the many career opportunities available in non- traditional occupations. According to the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, women working in non-traditional occupations earn 20-30 percent more than those in traditional occupations. The conference will begin with a mentor panel consisting of professional women in these occupations. Other activities include a hands on workshop where participants will make a desk clock to take home with them as a reminder of what was learned that evening. “We want to give women a chance to learn about these fields hands-on. This project will illustrate how fun and exciting the world of trades and technology can be,” says Emily Okerlund, CTE Pathways Coordinator. Registration is limited to 200 participants. Go to to register or call 801-626-7785 or email

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