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Panel: ICN Architecture Overview Cedric Westphal Huawei Innovations

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1 Panel: ICN Architecture Overview Cedric Westphal Huawei Innovations

2 Huawei Since 2009; 7 people group in Santa Clara Innovation Center; interns + university collaborations Interest in potentially disruptive routing technologies Topics: Security Naming Mobility IoT/M2M Content & Cache Management How to locate content/distribute state information/scalability benefits Architecture How to integrate storage as network elements; content as a network primitive. Page 2

3 Information Centric Networks:
Built upon the need to separate the what from the where Most communications are exchange of data which does not require to set-up a host-to-host path Telephony: host-to-host, circuit switched IP Internet: end-to-end, packet switched ICN: host-to-content Future Networks will be able to store/cache/serve content from a diversity of locations Storage associated with routers, in the network, as opposed to restricted to some edge (end users edge or data center edge) Page 3

4 The Architectural Case for Information Dispersion through Network Coding
By disconnecting the what from the where, ICN architectures multiply the potential locations for data and retrieval opportunities Being agnostic from where the data is coming from mean it potentially comes for multiple locations How to synchronize multiple independent data streams? How to share information on distributed states? In P2P, NC is proven to help to gather data from multiple peers Can these principles be inserted into the network architecture? Page 4

5 CCN in one slide Page 5

6 NC3N C1 C2 C1 C2 C1 C1 C1 C1 Content Store Interest Interest PIT
Page 6

7 NC3N C1 C2 C1 C2 C1+C2 C1 C1 C1+C2 C2 C1+C2 Content Store Interest
PIT Interest Interest Page 7

8 NC3N: Network Coded CCN Gain also when the consumer is sending Interests over multiple interface Additive gain when interfaces are asynchronous, say 3G and WiFi Bandwidth is saved as no duplicate packets over the network Each packet a new degree of freedom Delay is reduced as second interest will be answered directly from the Cache in the middle instead of a repository at the top. Proposal to integrate network coding information in CCN to allow for network coded packets (specific Interest format) Page 8

9 Initial Performance Evaluation
1,000 files, stored in one repository and in the otherwith probability p Zipf distribution of requests Cache with finite size and LRU caching policy Generate 100,000 interest requests Page 9

10 Initial Performance Evaluation
Page 10

11 Thank You

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