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TCCC 2005 St. Louis, USA Nov 30, 2005.

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1 TCCC Meeting @GC 2005 St. Louis, USA Nov 30, 2005

2 Agenda Welcome Conferences: Announcements, Reports, Co-sponsorship Report from Technical Activities Council meeting Change in ICC/Globecom Elections Nomination Process Motion on Elimination of Conference Coordinator Joe Evans, NSF: Update on NeTS/FIND program

3 TCCC distinguished service award Goal: Recognize individuals with outstanding service contributions to the TCCC community Mark Karol has chaired awards committee: –Committee made awards for 2004 and 2005: 2004: John Daigle, John Silvester 2005: Henning Schulzrinne, Jim Kurose Proposed procedure: –TCCC chair appoints chair of awards committee –Awards committee makes open call for nominations and makes selection –Award is announced at Infocom opening session

4 Recent endorsement of ComSoc co-sponsorship Qshine 2006 ICCCN 2006 WINET IWCMC2006 WiOpt (not granted) IWQOS 2006.

5 Co-sponsorship of ICC/Globecom symposia ICC 2006: "Network Security and Information Assuran Chair: Bulent Yener (RPI) Co-Chair: Refik Molva (EUROCOM) Globecom 2006: "Control and Management of High Performance Networks" Chair: Ibrahim Habib (CUNY) Vice-Chairs: TBD ICC 2007: Network Services and Operation Symposium Co-Chairs: Burkhard Stiller, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Marcus Brunner, NEC Europe Ltd jointly with: Communications Switching & Routing TC, TCCC, Internet TC.

6 Update on Main ComSoc Conferences Infocom (March/April) ICC (May/June) Globecom (Nov./Dec.) 2005MiamiSeoulSt. Louis 2006BarcelonaIstanbulSan Francisco 2007AnchorageGlasgowWashington, DC 2008PhoenixBeijingNew Orleans 2009TBDDresdenHawaii

7 Reports from conferences CCW 2005, Chair: Magda El Zarki –October 23-26, 2004 at the Hilton Hotel, Huntington Beach, CA. –Workshop chair was Prof. Magda El Zarki (University of California, Irvine). Feedback received from workshop: –CCW is not fully recovered from the interruption in CCW 2003 –Extra effort is needed to re-create an informal forum of discussion for broad range of topics

8 CCW 2006 Proposal by Ty Znati (UPitt) Formation of an advisory board to help with CCW logistics Articulate well-defined themes with potentially well-focused sub-themes within each theme Selected key note presentations about the selected themes (as opposed to sessions with "very narrowly focused" presentations of research results.) Moderated round table discussion, as opposed to classical panels CD of presentations will be distributed to the attendees. Motion: Task Ty Znati with organization of CCW 2006.

9 Update from todays TAC meeting (TAC = Technical Activities Council) IEEE Fellow Program in 2005: –75 nominations in ComSoc 20 elevated to Recertification process of TCs in 2006 –Reorganization of Technical committees Incoming Vice-President for Technical Activities: Sergio Benedetto (Politecnico di Torino)

10 Technical Activities Council Fellow nominations from TCs needed each year: –Now is the time –Process starts February and March –ComSoc committee ranks them Awards Nominations are solicited: –Many awards on ComSoC websites –Nomination forms available from web

11 Reorganization of TCs Reorganization discussed by a committee Vice- President for technical activities. –Organize technical committees (TCs) into groups/sectors –Better coordination of ICC/Globecom Symposia –Better coordination with M&C board about co- sponosrship

12 Issues with ICC and Globecom From the perspective of the TCCC, the organization of symposia at ICC and Globecom is less than satisfactory: –Procedures change from year to year GC 2006: only one symposium can be proposed by one TC GC 2005: Program co-chairs are added without consultation of people proposing the workshops Current status of ICC and Globecom: –Quality of symposia is highly variable –Many technical sessions of symposia are poorly attended –Many TCCC members no longer attend ICC/Globecom (This is bad since almost all ComSoc business meetings are at ICC and Globecom) From TCCC Infocom 05 meeting

13 Change of Organization of Globecom and ICC In May 2005, ComSoc President (Curtis Siller) tasked an ad-hoc committee to make recommendations on re-organizing ICC and Globecom –Committee chaired by R. de Marca –TCCC chair served on the committee Recommendations: –Separate technical and organizational planning of these conferences –Replace the steering committee of ICC and Globecom (GICC) by two committees: GIMS and GITC

14 Change of Organization of Globecom and ICC 1. GIMS: –Committee responsible for strategy and organization –Appoints / approves General Chair 2. GITC: –Oversee and provide guidance to the conference Technical Program Committees –Appoints / approves Technical Program Chair Committees active since Fall 2005: –GITC Chair: Heiner Stuttgen –GIMS Chair: Mike Kincaid

15 TCCC Elections for 2006/7 Nominations Committee: Dinesh Verma (IBM) Chuck Kalmanek (AT&T Research) Call for nominations have been posted on Nov. 4 Nominations can made by email to: tccc.election@ Nominations until Dec. 2, 5pm.

16 Conference Coordinator In the past the conference coordinator was responsible for organizing the review process for TCCC assigned sessions at Globecom and ICC. Since several years, ICC/Globecom no longer assign sessions to the TCs. Instead, the conferences are organized as symposia, with separate review committees. Other TCs who had a conference coordinator (e.g., Internet TC) have eliminated this office. Currently, TCCC is the only technical committee (of about 30) that still has this office. Motion: Let the office of the Conference Coordinator expire as an elected office.

17 Other business Comments, questions, suggestions …. Next TCCC meeting at Infocom 2006 in Barcelona.

18 Other business Comments, questions, suggestions …. Next TCCC meeting at Infocom 2006 in Barcelona.

19 Offices (1) Chair The Chair sets overall direction and policy, in consultation with other officers and the TCCC membership, coordinates the activities of other TCCC Officers, chairs the TCCC meetings, represents the committee in the ComSoc Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and initiates elections for vacant officer positions. The chair, in consultation with the other officers, also approves or denies requests for TCCC to technically co-sponsor conferences and workshops. (2) Vice Chair The Vice Chair fulfills the duties of the Chair in his or her absence. (3) Secretary The Secretary maintains the TCCC web page and mailing list(s), deals with questions regarding mailing list postings and web page, arranges for meeting facilities for TCCC meetings, announces these meetings to the TCCC membership, compiles minutes of the meetings, and participates in the discussions of the TCCC Officers. (4) Conference Coordinator The Conference Coordinator solicits reviewers and participation for suitable IEEE Communications Society events. NOTE: There will be a motion held at the TCCC meeting at Globecom 2005 to eliminate the conference coordinator as an elected office (please see related emails for the rationale). Depending on the outcome of the vote, the ballot may or may not include the conference coordinator.

20 Eligibility Requirements Any member of the TCCC can nominate candidates, including himself or herself. At the time of election, candidates must be members of the IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Communications Society Affiliate or IEEE Communications Society Sister Society. Candidates nominated must agree to serve before being put on a ballot. A candidate may run for more than one office. If a candidate is elected for Chair, he or she is removed from consideration for all other offices. Similarly, if a candidate is elected for Vice Chair, he or she is removed from consideration for Secretary or Conference Coordinator. If a candidate is elected for Secretary, he or she is removed from consideration for Conference Coordinator. Votes for candidates removed from consideration for a particular position are discarded.

21 Procedure All nominations must be made via email to the address of tccc.election at The nomination must includetccc.election at –(a) the name of the candidate –(b) the email of the candidate and –(c) the position that the nomination is for. All nominations must be received at the above address at or before 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, December 2, 2005.

22 Elections Procedure Runoff voting ( –For each position, all TCCC members will rank candidates in their order of preference, 1, 2, 3, etc. It takes a majority to win. –If anyone receives a majority of the first choice votes, that candidate is elected. –If not, the last place candidate is defeated, just as in a runoff election, and all ballots are counted again, but this time each ballot cast for the defeated candidate counts for the next choice candidate listed on the ballot. –The process of eliminating the last place candidate and recounting the ballots continues until one candidate receives a majority of the vote. –If the above procedure results in a tie, ties will be resolved by having each tieing candidate be assigned a number between 0 and the number of ties minus one. The candidate number that matches the appropriate module of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for a future date wins.

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