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1 Plants

2 Define cuticle and stomata.
Cuticle: waxy layer on leaves to prevent water loss. Stomata: pores in leaves for exchanged carbon dioxide and oxygen.

3 What does Gymnosperm mean in Greek?
Naked seed, like pine cones

4 Define xylem and phloem
Xylem: Vascular tissue that conducts water up a plant. Phloem: Vascular tissue that conducts sugars both directions in a plant.

5 What is a fiddlehead? The young, coiled frond of a fern.

6 What is the function of petals?
To attract pollinators to the flower.

7 What are the male parts of a flower?
Stamen: Anther: makes pollen Filament: stalk that holds up anther

8 Both mosses and ferns produce __________________.

9 Asexual reproduction produces new plants that are genetically ______________ from the parent plant.

10 Angiosperms have what? Flowers Fruits
Angie is a girls name. Girls like flowers. Jim is a boys name (Gymnosperms).

11 What are three types of plant tissue?
Vascular Ground Dermal

12 The conducting cells of phloem are called
sieve tube cells.

13 Label the diagram. A. Ground tissue B. Xylem C. Phloem

14 Cactus spines are modified _________________.

15 Define Biennials require two growing seasons to complete their life cycle.

16 Do plant shoots show negative OR positive gravitropism?
Negative (they grow against gravity).

17 The first sign of germination is the emergence of the embryo’s

18 As a member of the grass family (monocots), the veins in wheat leaves are

19 What do wheat flowers lack?
sepals and petals, because they are not pollinated by insects or birds.

20 No Journal. Count and put the number on top. Pass them in.

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