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MUN Overview (Model United Nations)

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1 MUN Overview (Model United Nations)
Preparation for High School Conferences

2 How is MUN Run at JSerra? Class Club Cultural Geography Honors/MUN
Must attend three conferences each year World History Honors/MUN All MUN info is provided in class Club Any other student who wishes to participate in program All MUN info provided at club meetings or in class

3 What is MUN? “Mini” United Nations Conferences with local high schools
Students assigned country and topic Research country’s position on topic Debate with other delegates representing different countries regarding same topic Reach a resolution at the end of the day Awards for performance

4 What Happens at a Conference?
First half of day is spent covering countries’ policies or positions on the topic at hand Second half of day is spend discussing possible plausible solutions to the topic at hand, writing and voting on resolutions Speeches, comments, caucuses Awards Ceremony Best Delegate (gavel) Outstanding Award Commendation Award

5 How Are Conferences Graded?
MUN Club Participants Cultural Geography Honors/MUN and World History Honors/MUN Class Participants Teacher’s notes throughout day – Mr. Misiow Chair’s evaluation/point tally from day

6 Preparing for Conference
Research, research, research!! Write position papers One paper per topic (3 topics, 3 papers) Position paper format set by host school, check host school’s site Come up with ideas for solutions Bullet point information for speeches and comments

7 Research! What is the problem? How does it affect your country?
What has your country done to combat the problem?  What are the various “sides” in the debate?  Which aspects of the issue are most important to your country?  If your country is not involved with the issue, how can it become involved?       How will your country shape the debate at the conference?  What arguments will other countries make?  How do the positions of other countries affect your country’s position?  Is there evidence or statistics that might help to back up your country’s position? 

8 During the Conference General Debate- focus on policy
Speeches Comments on speeches Caucuses (sharing policy) Substansive Debate- focus on solutions Caucuses (writing resolutions) Voting Bloc Vote on resolutions

9 Speeches 1-2 minutes General Debate Speech Substantive Debate Speech
Focus on your country’s previous and current involvement with topic As much detail as possible! Substantive Debate Speech Focus on ideas your country has to solve the topic Be energetic! Be engaging! Be informative! Be professional

10 Caucuses Meet in groups with people with similar policies
Discuss ideas/positions Write resolutions with solutions the group comes up with Be a leader!! Be aggressive!! Be diplomatic

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