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Treaty of Versailles 1919.

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1 Treaty of Versailles 1919

2 Wilson’s 14 Points 1. No more secret agreements ("Open covenants openly arrived at"). 2. Free navigation of all seas. 3. An end to all economic barriers between countries. 4. Countries to reduce weapon numbers. 5. All decisions regarding the colonies should be impartial 6. The German Army is to be removed from Russia. Russia should be left to develop her own political set-up. 7. Belgium should be independent like before the war. 8. France should be fully liberated and allowed to recover Alsace-Lorraine

9. All Italians are to be allowed to live in Italy. Italy's borders are to "along clearly recognizable lines of nationality." 10. Self-determination should be allowed for all those living in Austria-Hungary. 11. Self-determination and guarantees of independence should be allowed for the Balkan states. 12. The Turkish people should be governed by the Turkish government. Non-Tur Turkish Empire should govern themselves. 13. An independent Poland should be created which should have access to the sea. 14. A League of Nations should be set up to guarantee the political and territorial independence of all states. NOTE SELF- DETERMINATION

4 Negotiations Big Four Others Pres. Wilson—U.S. David Lloyd George—GB
Clemenceau—France Orlando—Italy Others Japan 28 lesser nations

5 III. Vengence & Greed FR & GRBR Agreed to Divide up Germany’s
SECRET TREATIES DURING THE WAR What do you think was their reaction to Wilson’s 14 Point Plan for Peace? FR & GRBR Agreed to Divide up Germany’s Colonies & Take Territory Away David Lloyd George British Prime Minister George Clemenceau French Prime Minister “The only way to ensure a secure France is to Crush Them” Election Campaign Slogan “Make Them Pay”

6 3. PRESIDENT WILSON 4. IF TOO HARSH What Does This Mean?
III. Revenge? 3. PRESIDENT WILSON 4. IF TOO HARSH What Does This Mean? “Go Easy”On GR / AU. “Peace Without Victory” In 1919, the Big 4 met in Paris to negotiate the Treaty: Lloyd George of Britain, Orlando of Italy, Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson of the U.S.

7 Idealism vs. Security

8 President Wilson’s Task
What does this cartoon show?

9 Territorial Changes France Poland Italy Alsace & Loraine
Saar region—15years Poland Polish Corridor Danzig Italy Trentino & Trieste

10 Territorial Changes Romania Bulgaria Transylvania—Hungary
Bessarabia—Russia Bulgaria Lost land to Greece & Yugoslavia

11 Territorial Changes New Nations Austria Hungary Czechoslovakia
Yugoslavia Baltic States Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, & Finland

12 Source:
Pre WWI Europe Click On Map To Go To Source:

13 Post WWI Map 1920: Restructured

14 Mandates France Syria & Lebanon Great Britain Palestine & Iraq

15 Mandates Germany’s colonies Africa Asia & Pacific
France, Great Britain, Belgium, & South Africa Asia & Pacific Japan, Australia, & New Zealand

16 Disarmament & Demilitarization

17 Germany Resented treaty Lost: Demilitarized Impossible reparation bill
Territory & colonies Demilitarized Impossible reparation bill

18 Treaty = League of Nations
Settle disputes Prevent future war

19 Controversy

20 Controversy France feels insecure Germany felt wrongly punished
No peace w/out victory Imperialism? Nationalism? Self-determination ?

21 World’s Future

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