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Chapter 22 The Caucasus and Central Asia

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1 Chapter 22 The Caucasus and Central Asia
Section One The Caucus Nations

2 Georgia: Location and Geography
Georgia is located between the Northern Caucus and Lesser Caucus Mountains. It is on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. It is mostly mountainous. There are river valleys in the west and east that have fertile soil for some agriculture….



5 Georgia: Climates and Economic Activities
Black Sea Region: Subtropical with warm winters and heavy rainfall. Production of grapes, citrus fruits, tobacco, tea, peaches, silk, wine and cognac. Many tourists come from Russia and Eastern European nations….

6 Georgia: Climates and Economic Activities
Eastern Region: The climate is more continental with hot summers, cold winters and less moisture. Farm production here consists of mostly grains and vegetables….

7 Georgia: Cultures Population: 5 million
70% Georgians (around for over 2,500 years) The Georgian language and culture has endured many occupations from neighboring nations such as Iran, Turkey, and Russia….

8 Georgia: Cultures Other ethnic groups: Each 8% Armenians Azeri
Russians Abkhars and Ossentians less than 250,000 trying to get more autonomy. Jews: 17,000 left in Georgia…..

9 Armenia: Location, Geography and Economy
Landlocked between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, and Iran Most terrain is rocky Southern valleys have some agriculture. Small factories exist in Yerevan. Rug making is a major craft…..

10 Armenia: History Armenians have occupied the area for over 2,000 years. They adopted Christianity in 300AD, making Armenia the first officially Christian nation in history. The national faith is the Armenian Apostolic Church (Orthodox in tradition)…..

11 Armenia: History Turkey and Armenia have had a bitter history.
World War I: Armenians were massacred by Turks (1/3 were killed) This is known as the Armenian Genocide. Mount Ararat was traditionally in Armenian territory, but is now in neighboring Turkey. For what is Mount Ararat famous?......

12 Armenia: Recent Conflicts
Armenia and Azerbaijan in conflict over territory. Former Soviet Union’s role. Massive migration of both groups in the mid 1990’s……

13 Azerbaijan Locate on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.
It is rich in petroleum deposits, it’s main source of wealth. Half of the population is rural. Many herd goats, sheep, and cattle. Others farm and produce fruit, cotton, tea and silk. Azerbaijan has a mild and dry climate……

14 Azerbaijan: Economic Problems
Azerbaijan hopes to further develop its vast oil reserves. Foreign capital is difficult to obtain for investment due to the two factors: The area is prone to earthquakes. Russian interference. The Russians do not want the competition and have restricted the building of any new pipelines. They can control the only one which now runs through Russian territory and to Russian owned ports……

15 Azerbaijan: Environmental Problems
Severe pollution of the Caspian Sea is a major problem. Air pollution is also a major issue due to overuse of pesticides ad fertilizers…..

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