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Chapter Fifteen The British Isles and Nordic Nations

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1 Chapter Fifteen The British Isles and Nordic Nations
Section One England

2 The British Isles Two countries in the British Isles:
The Republic of Ireland The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Five Names for the U.K.: The United Kingdom (U.K.) England Britain Great Britain The four regions of the U.K. Scotland Wales Northern Ireland The Island of Britain: The Island of Ireland:

3 England’s Physical Features
Key Terms: Fertile- able to produce abundant crops. Bodies of water that surround the British Isles: Atlantic Ocean English Channel North Sea Read the text and explain how each of these places is related to the economic development of England: Thames River Pennine Chain Lowlands Midlands

4 Rise of London as a Trade Center
Read and answer the following: Why was London not a major port before 1500? What increased London’s importance as a port after 1500? How have trade routes changed since the 1500’s? How might such a shift in trade affect London’s relative advantage as a port?

5 Economic Activities Key Terms:
Ore- rocky material containing a valuable mineral. Tertiary economic activities- service industries, such as, finance, insurance, and tourism. Read and answer: What impact did technological innovations have on the British economy? What impact did they have on Britain’s physical landscape? What part of England is a center of industry?

6 Quiz Review Questions Define: Tertiary economic activities Estuary Ore
Fertile Euro Describe England’s climate What is England’s most densely populated region?

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