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Easing Transitions Using Collaboration Teaching the Millennial Generation Using Current Technology.

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2 Easing Transitions Using Collaboration Teaching the Millennial Generation Using Current Technology

3 Your Panel… Chris Plaia Jeanne Swedo Founding Chair/English Dept. Library Media Specialist JSerra Catholic High School Dr. David V. Loertscher Professor, School of Library & Information Science San Jose State University San Jose, CA

4 The Millennial Generation Expect service Entitled ShelteredPressured Negotiate with you Doing is more important than knowing Have zero tolerance for delays Are consumer & creator Deploy their attention as needed

5 So, they are different But, are they smarter? Differences Globally aware Different skill set - multitasking Learn what they need when they need it (vg) Learn by doing More open online Gravitate toward group activity Work habits Skim, power-browse Poor writers Cannot analyze or integrate multiple sources Dont see the need to authenticate or credit sources Poor note taking & time mgmt skills

6 They Believe… Education is a commodity to be consumed Tell me what I need to know so I can get out of here (Dr. Michael Wesch, U.S. Prof. of the Year, 2008) Kansas State Univ., Cultural Anthropology

7 How can this be?

8 Educational Disengagement Digital native: …born into and raised in the digital world. The technology that was supposed to make young adults more astute … had the opposite effect. Diverted DistractedDevoured Is Google Making Us Stupid?

9 High School to College 65% of professors say college freshmen are unprepared U.S. HS grad rate~70% Denmark-96%; Japan 93%; Poland 92%; Italy 72% (2008)

10 Studies indicate: Your First College Year (Higher Education Research Institute UCLA 2006) 44% are bored disengaged never discuss material with professor U.S. Dept. of Educ. (2008) 25%-50% of 1 st year college students end up in remedial courses because of poor preparation in high school

11 How they search.. 89% of college students use se to begin info search (1 st Google then Wikipedia) 93% satisfied w/ results (OCLC study 2006) (OCLC survey 2008) They search horizontally, bouncing thru websites rather than vertical in- depth searches

12 What is College Prep? The Big Four Key Cognitive Strategies Formulate, Investigate, Evaluate, Understand, Analyze non-routine Key Content Knowledge For success in entry-level college classes (Conley 2008) Key Self-management Skills Track info, organize, prioritize, est deadlines study alone & in groups Key Knowledge about College Choosing, applying, selecting, FA, then adjusting to college

13 Why Change? 26 yrs after A Nation at Risk (1983) study about educational reform Many 17-year-olds do not possess the "higher order" intellectual skills we should expect of them. Nearly 40 percent cannot draw inferences from written material; only one-fifth can write a persuasive essay; and only one-third can solve a mathematics problem requiring several steps. 5 yrs after NCLB High school achievement has not improved

14 The New Blooms Taxonomy Create Evaluate Analyze Apply Understand Remember

15 Integrate Cellphones Student response polling or pop quizzes Use sms to find definitions, currency conversion, math equations, translation & more Internet browser to access info Research Read news articles & current events Read books Google Maps & use as GPS Digital or video camera for school projects, publishing, etc. Appropriate & acceptable social use Use voice tech to share lectures or lessons Toys to Tools Kolb, ISTE (2008) Technology Integration Matrix:

16 Send text message to99503 Question: Where are you from? Orange County: text17294 CA, not OC:text17295 U.S., not CA:text17296 Outside U.S.:text17293 K-12 plan: Up to 32 participants/free except text msg fee

17 Integrate Video YouTube MIT (Open Courseware 1800) Discovery Streaming TeacherTube Library of Congress Your own videos – have them do a video on something theyve learned in class this term Goomoodleikiog GoogleLitTrips Glogster S-next

18 Integrate Games -- MMORPG Problem solving, decision making, rapid feedback Second Life/Teen SL UCSC NMSU PSU ( Univ of Memphis (2004) compared Bates taxonomy of games to Blooms taxonomy CrazyTalk and iClone GoogleForms Surveys 500/17

19 Library Jeopardy OPACDewey DSDatabases Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy JSERRA Writing Stds Aeries

20 Alliance Virtual Libraries Reference Desk With Jecy, the Reference Librarian on duty.

21 Between the two main Alliance Virtual Libraries They take donations, offer special exhibits, and do fundraisers.

22 ALA Main Street Classes, meetings, fairs, virtual conferences are held at ALA Main Street.

23 SJSU Virtual Campus Dr. Loertschers office in Second Life.

24 Penn State University Virtual Campus Meetings, socials, and classes are held here.

25 ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education ISTEs SL broadcast studio for live streaming virtual meetings.

26 ISTEs outdoor arena Meeting space where slide programs and voice can be done.

27 DEN – Discovery Education Network The DEN holds socials, meetings and classes in SL.

28 The Global Classroom Use an aggregator: Join an SNS: Microblog NextGen Teachers Women of Web 2 OnlineProjects4Teachers Speed geeking Skype Ning LISTSERVs Classroom 2.0 Publish student work Wikispaces

29 Campus-Based Collaboration Freshmen integration – first year experience Syllabus studies Team teach Include AssessmentCourse Catalog Works cited surveys Curriculum committee Integrate Standards Teacher PD Best Online Collaboration Tools 2009

30 OUTREACH Vertical Learning Partnerships K-8 Visitations Secondary Post-secondary Ed Tech professionals OCDE OCDE Discovery Education

31 Start Something The number of people who are willing to start something is smaller than the number of people who are willing to contribute once someone else starts something (Shirky 239).

32 Where do these Collaborations take place? The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win! By Dr. David V. Loertscher, et al. (2009) [End Slide]

33 $100 Question from OPAC What does OPAC stand for? Click Picture to go to Answer

34 $100 Answer from OPAC What is: Online Public Access Catalog Back to game

35 $200 Question from OPAC What do you need to access the JSerra Library OPAC? Click Picture to go to Answer

36 $200 Answer from OPAC What is: A computer and an Internet connection. Back to game

37 Final Jeopardy Who is your librarian?

38 Answer to Final Jeopardy Batgirl. Watch the Batman episode where Batgirl the librarian is introduced: Use your library.

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