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Lymphatic and Immune.

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1 Lymphatic and Immune

2 What are lymph nodes? A mass of lymphatic tissue that helps remove bacteria, tumor cells, etc…

3 What is lymph? The watery fluid in the lymph vessels collected from the tissue spaces.

4 List four lymphoid organs.
spleen thymus gland tonsils Peyer's patches

5 List four mechanisms that aids lymph return:
milking action of skeletal muscles pressure changes within the thorax smooth muscle contractions within the lymphatic vessels presence of valves within the larger lymph vessels

6 What organ Filters and cleanses the blood of bacteria, viruses, and other debris

7 What lymph organ programs T cells and functions at peak levels only during youth is the

8 The body's first line of defense against the invasion of disease-causing microorganisms is:
skin and mucous membranes

9 The process by which neutrophils are squeezed through the capillary walls during the inflammatory process is called: diapedesis

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