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The European Neighbourhood Policy

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1 The European Neighbourhood Policy
March 2005 Alexis Loeber

2 Enlargement is changing the European neighbourhood
EU’s 5th Enlargement (2004 / 2007) is changing political geography of Europe EU 25 now has 450 Mio citizens EU gains new borders New opportunities – new challenges Need for greater engagement with neighbours East & South

3 European Neighbourhood Policy
Principles: ENP is not about enlargement ENP opens doors; it does not close any ENP does not replace contractual framework; it builds on the existing PCA

4 What is ENP? A specific policy for the new neighbours of the enlarged EU ENP addresses neighbours in the East, the Mediterranean, and the Southern Caucasus … but not countries with an accession perspective (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia… )

5 The EU and its partners

6 ENP partner countries Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus
[Russian Federation: Strategic Partnership through the creation of four common spaces] Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco

7 European Neighbourhood Policy
Vision: Ring of friends, sharing the EU's fundamental values and objectives, drawn into an increasingly close relationship, going beyond co-operation to involve a significant measure of economic and political integration

8 European Neighbourhood Policy
Mutual commitment to common values: Rule of law Good governance Respect for human rights The promotion of good neighbourly relations Principles of market economy Sustainable development

9 European Neighbourhood Policy
Method: Reinvigorate existing relations Selectively use experience from the enlargement process Gradual alignment with acquis

10 European Neighbourhood Policy
In June 2004, Armenia (with Azerbaijan and Georgia) included in the ENP Commission was invited to report on progress made. Result: Country Report, presenting: Progress under the existing Partnership and Co-operation Agreement Development democracy, the rule of law, human rights Regional stability and co-operation in justice and home affairs Economic and social reforms Further liberalisation of trade Gradual participation in the Internal Market

11 European Neighbourhood Policy
Based on Country Report for Armenia: European Commission recommends intensification of relations Development of an Action Plan ENP goes beyond Partnership and Co operation Agreement Significant degree of economic integration Deepening of political cooperation It is now for the Council of Ministers to decide

12 European Neighbourhood Policy
Action Plans: Key operational instrument Country-specific, tailor-made political documents Jointly defined priorities for political and economic reforms Short & medium term priorities Guidance for assistance programming

13 European Neighbourhood Policy
Armenia: Commission recommends Action Plan which should include: Strengthening the rule of law, of democratic structures and pluralism Strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms Improvements in the business climate as well as public sector modernisation Further efforts to tackle corruption and fraud Reform of tax and customs administrations and legislation Progress in poverty reduction Progress on sustainable development and environmental protection The decommissioning of the Medzamor Nuclear Power Plant Progress towards conflict resolution and enhanced regional cooperation. It is for the Council of Ministers to decide Key slide

14 Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
Objectives: progressive economic integration and deeper political cooperation address opportunities and challenges of EU / neighbour proximity

15 Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
: TACIS €3,1bn :   European Neighbourhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI) - policy-driven instrument covering (all) assistance to partners with simplified approach for cross-border co-operation, €14,93bn

16 European Neighbourhood Policy
Conclusions: ENP is ambitious offer for new political framework for relations with neighbours ENP is of mutual, long-term interest ENP is an EU priority EU offers considerable financial and technical assistance

17 ENP – More information Dedicated web site on Europa server under “Commission –International Affairs”:

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